Your Heart Is the Cathedral of Love In Which Every Life Meets Its Creator 1-29-13

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light

Your Heart Is the Cathedral of Love
In Which Every Life Meets Its Creator

Beloved ones, in the Now Moment, Love is becoming. It emerges whole and perfect and the blossoming of My heart. It is supported by the whole of Creation as knowledge, as the miracle that is you, lifted up into fuller life, more open, more available, and more alive in the power of Love.

Beloved ones, this is you in this moment, bursting forth, complete in total ecstasy, a laughing splendor of My discovery of Love, My All in the miracle of the Love I Am given expression and focus. Every moment Love is becoming you, and every moment life emerges victorious, completely and ever available to be this Love I Am, multiplied, magnified and ever expanding in joy.

Every moment Love is becoming and anything you believe you see can follow those words and you will know that whatever your eyes seem to look upon, in truth is Love, right now being born within you and being reflected as your world.

As you find yourself living in reverence, waiting with your heart attuned to discover the Real life exploding right into view, right now, you will be completely amazed at the majesty and the grace of life expressing itself in that which you call the world. Everywhere that you look with your heart, you find the miracle of God alive. All That I Am as creativity, the expression of the expanding drive to give the Love I Am…

If you live with this attitude, knowing that all is brand new, then you carry no predefined definition of what life is or what is the world, and you are free, beloved ones, to be the witness of what it is that Really occurs as the truth of Love I Am is born in and all around you.

Love is becoming this expression of life, as consciousness reveals itself like a special gift and you watch to see just what Love will reveal, how I Am coming to be the world and to hold all in the perfection in which it is made. If you can be free of the definitions of ego, you bear witness to the birth of the perfection of God and you will find not only the miracle but the sweet joy and cosmic laughter as you see My face, beloved ones, in everything you encounter.

One moment you believe you are seeing a friend, and your eyes may observe a human personage. The next moment your heart reveals to you how I delightfully and joyously come into view, showing Myself in the qualities that are held in the consciousness of just that friend and the luminous painting of the perfection of God as the eye of Love and the heart of the one shows itself right before you, as you wink between the dimensions of Love and the expression of the world.

You have no preexisting definitions of life, beloved ones. You watch Me become clothed in this person, that one, in this joy of Nature and find Me expressing in the voice of the animals and dancing Myself into full visibility as the movement of life in the world.
When your heart is fully engaged, you are beyond what you call multi-tasking. You are completely aware of every “channel” of the instantaneous birth of the whole Love of God, All That I Am, bursting forth to thrill you and fill you and wrap you in magnificence until every breath is gratitude for the miracle of Love becoming this expression of life.

Be free of the ego mind’s programming. Release the need you have given to all things. Stand free, here as Me, and be the witness to the birth of Creation in all of the things that touch you and express your heart. All of Creation lives in you and every bit of it waits upon your witness, to be acknowledged by the heart of God I Am, for all life needs to be seen deeply and with Love.

You see with My eyes, beloved ones. You have full omni-dimensional vision with your heart. When you remember how it has been being human and how much it can mean to have someone acknowledge you, you recognize a fundamental part of Creation. Beloved ones, if I did not need this and want this, then the movement of Creation would have remained still. But dearest ones, it is the glory of relationship and the deep acknowledgement of Love that brings forth the flowering of the heart of God and lets this Love fully be the gift that acknowledges every stream of life, every expression of My Love.

You are the heart that brings this gift, that acknowledges the miracle of everything and weaves it all together into the circle of My endless Love, wrapped in My heart. You have as yet so little awareness of what it is you are meant to do, of the part that you play in Creation, beloved ones, and how important you are with your consciousness of Love – how powerful the need is for your extension that you might touch every aspect of the All, that you might fully fulfill your mission as the center point of All That Is…that all of Creation may see itself in relationship with Me and every life be fulfilled.

It is impossible to express the miracle that the gift of Creation is to Me. But you, beloved ones, are what makes it work. You are My outreach of Love. You are My heart becoming the whole in full interrelated relationship. You are the birth of the circle of Love that makes all of life fully conscious.

When you feel this vibration of living Love resonate through your being and empower your heart, beloved ones, give yourself over and live in awe as Love moves you to extend this circle of My “living arms” – that every life, every stream of conscious Love, every part of this continual explosion knows itself as knowledge and is lifted up….Knows itself in relationship with Me, knows intimately the miracle and the gift of the Moment of Creation touching all things with this intimate and personal Love.

It is possible to be the All, to feel Creation move within you, while in your heart you are given the instructions of Love…filled with new awareness of the birth of new vision of exactly how to love this Creation I Am and to be My heart in outreach…part of the gentle explosion, full of the acknowledgement of heart-felt communion, the gifting of My Love to All That Is, intimately and tenderly.

When you drop the barriers of the little mind, the restriction of an identity that is human, you will be able to tune into the Love that you are and all that you accomplish in this moment, as you are moved to be My acknowledgement of all the Love that lives within you, that you might know the exquisite interaction of God, heart to heart, spirit to spirit, giving textures to the whole of Love.
As you breathe in the gold of the Spirit, the shining treasure of unlimited consciousness, you become the acknowledgement of that treasure of Love that is All That I Am, interacting in this heartfelt moment.

The meeting place of Love is you, beloved ones, where that which is created meets its God, where every “en-conscious-ment” of every aspect of the Love I Am comes into communion with Me. You, beloved ones, are available at last to be My heart, limitless and free; to be the pure joy of giving My Love and feeling the great gift of its return when the circle of Love is fulfilled once again.
You are the center of the living whole of Love. You are the place where every life finds Me. You, beloved ones, are the open heart of God, witness to the birth of the miracle of relationship with Me. Because you are willing to be present, to let Love be that which you are, then you are the manifestation of the holy Now where the purpose of Creation comes into view, where all life finds itself loved by Me through you.

Can you comprehend what it means to be the heart of God I Am? Beloved ones, not from here, not with the little mind; but deep within, your heart knows. Your heart is completely connected to the whole matrix of life, to every magnificent expression of God. Each one is blessed by the willingness to stand as the open heart of God I Am, as the willingness to be My Love in action, the meeting place of giving and receiving, the place where everything can see itself as I see it.

My heart ever sees perfectly. It sees with the limitless eye of Love. It is perfect in its ability to be this expression of tender outreach into communion, and the perfect mirror for every living consciousness to see how much I love it and to experience “both/and” – being the whole of Love and living the gift of our communion.

Love is right now becoming you and you and you. Everything that you touch, everything that your heart feels, everything that you have felt as the world and so very much more. From within the timeless cathedral of Love that is your heart expressing the truth of My own…
Rise, come into precious acknowledgement by God and the way of Love is made clear because you are here being the meeting place that makes “both/and” Real.

When you feel the vastness of the cosmos moving through your heart and your being… When you feel Love being born in you, coming into relationship with humanity… When you recognize this deep tenderness and I reach forth as you and wrap each heart that it might see its place in the glorious kaleidoscope of Love that is the expression of My being…

You can live this Love. You are the heart of God becoming the greater truth that you are lived by Love. You are the movement of God. You are truly My outreach and the sacred place where the meeting occurs, where the dream of separation can disappear, where the unity of Love is made clear and manifest… It is your heart that provides this cathedral where humankind can let go of fear and allow the communion to occur; allow blessings to overflow and erase the belief in anything other than Love.

Beloved ones, when you hold to this truth and your heart knows it absolutely, then you are available to dissolve every wall, providing the sanctuary from the belief in duality. You are Love becoming even more…Love, whole and perfect, the acknowledgement of God I Am as this expression before you…not only as your heart, the conduit for Love creating Love’s reflection in the symbols of the world…
You are also the crystalline mirror that lets every heart see the truth of its purity, its Love, its eternal nature and its endless communion with Me.

Oh, beloved ones, live in this spaciousness within your heart that is so vast that Creation as this world can live within it and know itself as the truth of Love and nothing else.