Read a Message of Love

Welcome to the Messages of Love. The Messages of Love are brief excerpts taken from the Messages from God throughout the years. One can open the Messages from God almost anywhere and find a paragraph that is a complete statement unto itself — inspiring, guiding, lifting us into the realms of Love.

The Messages of Love began with the purpose of giving busy Spirit Family a touch into the Messages from God, without having to read a long, complete Message. The response to these Messages has been truly exciting. They can be a moment of guidance for your day or the theme for a meditation. The Messages of Love are sent to our mailing list each Monday and Thursday morning, and they are posted on their own page (Messages of Love) on Facebook. If you wish to receive these Messages of Love, simply sign up for our email list.

Some responses from Spirit Family about the Messages of Love:
“Just a quick note to say thank you. I love the colorful short format of the messages. The love coming from them expands my heart every time.”

“I absolutely Love and Adore these messages. They are so beautiful and poetic and love filled. Why not! They are from the heart of God! Thank you so very, very much. I resonate so deeply with these.”

“Are you going into put them into a beautiful book? Much love and gratitude to you for all your work and trusting your sweet hearts!”

“I received the Messages of Love at the end of August last year. I remember the exact time and date when the first one arrived because I was feeling very alone at the time and the Message just was so loving and reassuring, it totally lifted me out of my misery! Honestly it was as if it was written just for me.”

“I have become addicted to these Messages. I love them and I love you for sending them – always so colourful! The Valentine’s message was spectacular!!
A huge thank you for the great work you do and much love to you all.”

“whoa.. the meaning is so deep,profound and beautiful. I was just requesting God to help me reach balance in my Life. sweet. thank you.”

“Powerfully true! This is the key to the balance…..our alignment…..our surrender to Love Alone to be guided by it.”

“I so feel this!! My heart is coming on line! I can tune to it and it instantly is there, waiting to serve, to beam its lovelight everywhere. I am amazed, thrilled, deee-lighted! Thank you for your beautiful Messages.”

“Oh My God – this is speaking directly to my heart. … to say I will be eternally grateful to you for sharing these Messages with me is an understatement -deep changes are occurring within me…I hear this message loud and clear…I open my heart fully to being a vessel of this everlasting love…”