Soulmate, Twin Flames Overview


A Spiritual Overview
Deep within the heart of every being on Earth is the yearning for his or her SoulMate or Twin Flame (we use these words interchangeably). This feeling was placed there by God. The activation of this yearning at this time is part of the spiritual opening occurring now on Earth in which we are remembering who we truly are. The path to the Twin Flame is a doorway into ourselves, into the very heart of God, the wholeness of God we are.

To understand the Twin Flame, we must stretch for deeper understandings of the truth of humanity. All beings on Earth who call themselves “human” are in their greater being “cells” in the heart of God. This includes every person on Earth, no matter how he/she is expressing in a body or in this Earth life. As cells in the heart of God, we are grand and glorious streams of Light, of consciousness, deliverers of Love.

Being on Earth in bodies is only one adventure we have experienced but we are here purposefully, to return the life streams created on Earth to Love and only Love, the true reality of all life. There is nothing more important for the current transformation on Earth than the opening of every heart to Love. In the past, so many people have been closed to Love. The opening of hearts occurring now is the critical shift which will change our world in the ways that we all desire.

The reason we are drawn to seek our Twin Flame (or SoulMate) is that the Twin Flame IS the other half of the very essence of us, the being with whom we were created in spirit by God at the very Moment of Creation. At the moment of that “Big Bang,” the desire of our Creator to give forth the Love that He/She Is created an orgasmic explosion of Love from which we emerged as the multitudinous facets of that Love.

At that time, each of us was created as a Twin Flame “pair,” a unique and individual cell in God’s heart with its own signature or vibration — one being but with two streams of consciousness. These grand forces called Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are the primal elements of Creation itself, the Father/Mother aspects of our Creator, the electrical currents of Creation. They are present in us as they are in our Creator. This is not, however, about gender of bodies on Earth. We do not speak here of bodies at all. Being in bodies on Earth is only one of many adventures we have all had as beings of consciousness.

So, each being does have a Twin Flame, unique and individual to you. However, this Twin is not someone outside of yourself. Your Twin Flame is an integral part of your own energy field that is and has always been with you — before, during and after your life in a body. Even though you may not see or feel this being at this moment, you have never been apart from your Twin Flame, nor can you be. You were created together and you are the same energy, eternally one.

The Love of Twin Flames is Love in its highest ideal, deeply felt through the heart as pure, natural, completely trusting, tender and eternal. There are no expectations, demands or needs to be fulfilled from personalities nor external criteria to be met. It is based on divine feeling and spiritual truth, and deep inner knowing. It is totally unconditional.

The path of all true Love is giving in an outward flow. God is calling every one of us to be willing to open our hearts to this kind of Love in the deepest possible way to be a part of creating a world of Love and only Love. This is the essence of Twin Flame Love.

From the Messages from God, April 2011
“Only Love can heal the illusion, Love that is Whole, that is One, that is Real — Love that is the truth that I Am Everything. From this Source, the heart is revealed and that revelation is ever brand new in the glorious expression of Creation happening now.

“Until this communion, this receiving of Love is established within each precious one, the search for the Twin Flame creates more illusions, looking to the world to find Love that heals, when the world is the result of the belief in separation to begin with.

“And so it is that I turn everyone within. I turn the heart to Me and ask each to remember that I Am present and that each life is such a gift to be received in gratitude, allowed to bring forth the fullness, the hologram.

“Once the heart is established as the mode of communion and the direction of the search is the Source of all Creation…when communion is established and this inner guidance is received, then the Twin Flame heart is revealed in its entirety as an experience of the fullness of God I Am, uniquely expressed as the forces of Creation, as a heart at the center of All That Is.

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