About Shanna MacLean

God brought Shanna to Circle of Light in the year 2000 by a series of unmistakably divinely guided events that would not have occurred in “normal life.” She, Yael and Doug recognized each other immediately as soul family, and Shanna and Yael became instantaneous soul sisters. Shanna took over the management of the office and the wedding chapel business and became the anchor for connection with the public. She transcribed and edited Yael’s hundreds of extraordinary Messages from God, and created a mailing list to receive them. Eventually the Messages were compiled into nine books published under Circle of Light Press.

About 2002 or 3,  Yael and Shanna at Beaver Lake

Shortly before she actually arrived at Circle of Light, while she was first becoming acquainted with the Messages from God on Twin Flames, Shanna experienced a series of extraordinary events. During her meditations, she was spontaneously brought together with her Twin Flame, Pra, who was not in embodiment but in spirit. Shanna first described these unusual visits in a book, ETERNAL TWIN FLAME LOVE, THE STORY OF SHANNAPRA , published by Circle of Light. (These amazing occurrences are described in more detail in Shanna’s current book.) Pra, Shanna’s Twin Flame, did much to guide the work at Circle of Light, giving frequent Messages through Yael, especially concerning the eighteen Circle of Light workshops that were held over the years . Shanna spent twelve years at Circle of Light, helping to form and administer the spiritual center.

Yael experienced a serious illness in 2012. She recovered but finally returned to God at the beginning of 2018. Shanna who had moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to be with family, returned to Arkansas for Yael’s memorial service. For some time Shanna had felt in her heart that her work concerning Twin Flames was not over. Given her experiences at Circle of Light and with her Twin Flame, Pra, she had much to share. In 2018 she began working on a second book. In summer 2019, Shanna published AWAKENING TO THE SACRED LOVE OF THE TWIN FLAME. Authors are cited as Shanna MacLean and her Twin Flame, Pra.

Shanna at the keyboard, Yael on the right. A Christmas party at Circle of Light 

The book contains full descriptions of Shanna’s visitations with Pra; quotes from many of the Messages from God about TwinFlames, as well as a full commentary on the knowledge she acquired about Twin Flames from her Circle of Light work. The book is dedicated to Yael, as well as a dedication to Shanna’s present earth partner. An important part of the book is questions about Twin Flames with answers from Pra, including descriptions of ways to call in the Twin Flame and the subject of bringing the Twin Flame through the person you are with.

The following is inscribed on the back cover of this book:

“My purpose in offering this book is as a reminder of the transcendent information that one tiny, beautiful soul – YAEL HANA POWELL –a transformer living here among us on Earth, struggling with an extreme physical disability in the body but with a determined spirit, a heart completely open to God and in the company of her Twin Flame…was able to bring to the world.

“The seeds of the Twin Flame Message that she brought to the Earth are planted again within these pages and will grow into an exquisite flower garden over the coming years, as more and more of humanity remembers the original purpose for which God created us, and we begin to fulfill it.

Shanna’s vegetable garden at Circle of Light

“This book again brings to life within these pages the seeds of the Twin Flame Message that Circle of Light Spiritual Center – a brief but purposeful manifestation on the Earth plane –brought to those open enough to hear it. The Message is that humanity was created by God to live in beauty, in joy, in ecstatic loving relationship. Knowledge of the exquisite flower, the TWIN FLAME, that is the truth of who we are, will bloom over the coming years on Earth, and the Garden of Eden will once again flourish here in a magnificent Golden Age.”

The above words were dictated to Shanna from Pra, and therefore, she notes at the bottom of the page, “I am humbled at being given the honor at being a messenger for the above words. ShannaPra”

AWAKENING TO THE SACRED LOVE OF THE TWIN FLAME by Shanna MacLean … is available at amazon.com, books, as well as Barnes and Noble and several other book selling sources online. Shanna can be reached at ShannaPra@gmail.com.