Connecting with My Twin WITHIN

Most of us have been totally immersed in life on Earth which is about living and creating with the little mind, rather than the heart. We have felt a great separation from God, our beloved Creator. This is the reason we have not been continually aware of our Twin Flame within who is a part of us and who reflects God’s Love for us.

Every being on Earth feels a yearning for the Love of his/her Twin Flame because it is the truth of us. It is completely possible to have conscious connection through the heart (beyond the experience of the body) with your Twin Flame. This can be experienced in meditation or simply in quiet times of repose.

To perceive, to feel the other half of our being with whom we were created, one has to shift out of the little mind, open to Spirit and feel with the heart. This is all part of the transformation now occurring which will return us to the deep Love of our Creator and its reflection, God’s gift to us, our Twin.

The true Twin Flame experience is accessed from within you in still moments through divine feeling, through meditation, through a deep opening of the heart. This sometimes takes the form of ecstatic waves or pulsations of energy moving through the body. Or, you may have the distinct feeling of another being in your energy field or a sense of conversations that may come in word-thoughts or simply through silent unspoken understanding.

The starting point for anyone who truly desires to experience the Twin Flame — both within, and/or reflected in your current partner or someone coming toward you — is to open deeply to God in every way possible. The relationship with the Twin Flame within is the reflection of God’s Love for us, and by the Law of Resonance, whatever is experienced within through stillness and meditation will reflect in the world without, before you.

The beginning of each day is a beautiful time to make this connection. Speak to God and call to your Twin Flame through your heart and begin to “create more and more Love, more and more energy, more and more Light and power, more of that great atomic energy that is the essence of Twin Flame Love.”

Dedicate your Love to the service of God and to humanity for the creation of Heaven on Earth, right here, right now.


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For examples of connecting with the Twin Flame in consciousness, please see
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Twin Flame Hearts in Service