God on Shift to the Heart

It is only through the perception of the open heart that you can become a part of this experience that truly is all movement of life at once, both consciousness and Love creating more of itself. It is continually moving in endless dimensions of possibilities of Love and Light unfolding and enfolding all in this Love we are together. Only your heart can take you beyond the limitation of words.

Your hearts, dear ones, know this song, this relationship, this vibrational exchange of the perfection of Love knowing itself as the Creator and the center of Creation. It is whirling forth forever, in the eternal Now, birthing new possibilities of conscious Love, creating new expressions of the endless and timeless dance that is divine Love-Making, the creative force of life as the union of consciousness or Light and Love.

So as you stand in the world on the brink of transforming into something never yet imagined by humanity, the only thing that can guide you, beloved ones, is your heart. You must allow your consciousness to follow it. Love ever is the priority. It is that which is the primal element that finds in itself that will to know and to give what it is that brings the birth of consciousness. This is the moment that ever lives within you as the Twin Flame heart or center of All I Am as that which receives these forces from Light and Love, amplified from Me.

Beloved ones, making the shift into living with Me, into continually being alive to the guidance of Love, to holding your vibration in the realms of pure Light and to perceiving your continual expanded reality through the heart, it is simply a shift out of the habit patterns of the ego and the continual tracking of the duality dream into a new way of interacting with your life that holds no boundaries and is beyond the pendulum swing of the belief in two powers.

Here there is only the movement of Love and the heart feels the active wholeness. Because the heart is available as the center of the hologram, it is continually alive and in touch with all things that are a joyous part of Me. So the moment that you shift to your heart, you step into a reality of such fullness, of such life force, such miracles as perceived through the mind, that everything changes in an instant. You become not only the open heart of Love but completely integrated into the living matrix, the tapestry of the conscious Love of God I Am in communion with every nuance and continually in communion with Me.

This is why I bring you to the doorway of the heart, that you might the recognize the different quality of Real life and use it to fuel your decision to be free, to leap out of the consensual dream and to open those butterfly wings.

Let your heart show you what it means to love as I love, to become the outreach of Love as modeled for you by Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, and modeled and lived by the Masters who as yet dance into the world as living streams of Love and consciousness, that you might feel the indescribable beauty of each precious person as seen with the heart as the glorious diamond of God, brilliantly shining forth all of My facets in such unique ways that the result is stunning and every moment is a miracle in itself.

Every moment is a miracle in itself. This is the place where you truly stand as that which brings Heaven to Earth, which recognizes the living whole of Love as every life form and every person and speaks the language of the inclusive embrace of All That I Am in fullness continually to every life stream with such reverence that it brings you to your knees just to experience one touch of the luminous beauty of one precious person. One cell in the heart of Love I Am.

…That you might see through the heart this stunning, jewel-toned intricate pattern of every life, radiant, shining, omni-dimensional, that when joined together with billions of other lives transports you into cosmic consciousness in every moment and grace becomes you and moves you beyond all conscious volition, allowing the little mind to simply fall away as your heart listens to Me in continual acknowledgment of divine guidance.

When you choose to live as the open heart of God that is the truth of your very nature, it lifts your vision even spiritually to the realms of highest possibility. This then takes in and recreates in a rebirth of magnificent joy every aspect of spiritual life that becomes the life you are living every moment — erasing every distinction between the world and the Spirit, and bringing into the circle of Love all that I Am waiting to give you. This is more than you can imagine, more than the amazing gift of the Twin Flame heart that is your truth, the glorious relationship of Love that is eternal. The heartbeat of Creation lives in you, one breath breathed between two beings, one being with two streams of energy.

You have the ability to open to the power of Creation and become that glorious God-power, everywhere bringing blessings. If you choose to live through the heart, you see at last the beauty of a world of Love and magnificence that expresses the truth that I Am as your Home.

As you join with Me as the open heart of Love, as the consciousness of the Creator, then every expression of the awakening cosmos is the awakening we share. Creation itself is verified by your heart, accepted by your atoms, breathed back and forth between you as the Twin Flame pulse beat of Love that, shining forth.

You become the ray of Light that holds every life’s illumination, instantly manifests the stepping stones, created of the ethers of the dream to support the personality in its outreach as the symbol of My extension, My embracing of humanity – that I might turn all eyes to the Real of God.

So, in this moment, beloved ones, each of you, attune to Me.

Feel the vastness of your heart and feel the language of the pulse of Love, of divine feeling and of Love’s extension creating your reality, that experience of weaving the substance of life that you call “the world” and living in it, with it, as it, consciously in a dance of harmony and joy.

Let yourselves be the wholeness of this guidance that is truly and always omni-dimensional, that speaks to you of All That Is and opens your heart like the flower of God, bringing you rebirth, remembrance, reconnection and freedom Now.