Relationships On Earth

Or Where Is My SoulMate?
Have you secretly dreamed of being in a relationship with your ideal love? Have you wondered in your heart of hearts if this could be possible? Of course you have. We all have! As we explained in our Overview of Twin Flames, these feelings were placed in us by God at the Moment of our Creation when we were created with a Twin Flame.

Love relationships in our Earthly world have been confusing. Every person on Earth holds the dream of true Love. It is constantly portrayed in our media and entertainment. We are told from the time we are children that relationships are meant to last forever. Yet, very few of us have had that experience.

In the Messages from God, there are many references to “the reversal” on Earth. What this means is that the little mind or ego has created concepts on Earth that are “backwards” to the truth. The most pervasive of these is duality: that there can be Love and something other than Love. This causes us to see two possibilities in everything rather than the truth that only Love underlies everything. As we with our God given power believe that there can be other than Love, we create it, mightily.

In the arena of relationship, GIVING, the true flow of all Love, has been reversed to the concept of GETTING something for oneself. Most relationships are, consciously or unconsciously, based on each partner wanting to “get” something from the other — Love, attention, economic and/or emotional security, sexual fulfillment, a playmate and so on. All of this is part of the predominant consensual reality that most of us accept as the way to live our lives. When the demands and expectations one hoped for are not fulfilled, people move on to the next partner, taking their expectations with them. Frequently changing relationships only creates “musical chairs” and does not bring a sense of fulfillment or joy in relationship.

The concept of relationship as fulfilling demands and expectations came from creating life through the mind rather than through an open heart. An open heart has no expectations. The mind leads us to multiple expectations which, in turn, create the human emotions of fear, loss, loneliness, abandonment and hurt when not satisfied. All of these feelings are reflections of our separation from our beloved Creator and our forgetting of the truth of who we are in God. It is all of these fears and hesitations to Love that we refer to as false heart’s beliefs — false because they simply are not true. We have all accumulated many of these false beliefs during our long sojourn on Earth during which most have been turned away from God and their Twin Flame. These false beliefs we carry are what drive us to seek relationships to assuage the feelings.

A great transformation is occurring in our world — a return to the truth that Love and only Love is Real. There is a great ever-expanding out-pouring of Love to each of us from our beloved Creator at this important moment. This is opening hearts rapidly and bringing people all over the planet to feel an increasing desire for deep relationship, true Love, the Love of the SoulMate. People are feeling new experiences of Love in their lives on all levels as never before.

The Love now pouring onto the Earth often reflects as a mirror in our outer physical life by bringing someone toward us as a symbol of that awakening Love in our hearts. If someone has come toward you in relationship, it means your heart is opening! In fact, many people write to us saying that they are feeling Love in a way they never have before. “Is this my Twin Flame?” they write. Read about the mirror or reflection of the Twin Flame in relationships on Earth!

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