The Shift To The Heart

Would you like to spend your every moment in natural, ongoing communion with the Source of Life/God/All That Is? Would you like to live in a world that is Heaven on Earth, experiencing wonder and magic and miracles as the natural way of life? Are you dedicated to returning our world to Love and only Love? If your answer to these questions is “Yes,” you are ready to

From the Messages from God

“When you shift to your heart and allow the heart to be that through which you live, then everything that is not Love falls away and you become this very portal of Love. You become the vibration of the truth of God and all that is Love is your reality in every moment.”

“All is changed and redefined and all the lines of possibility go streaming forth in a billion ways with the decision to love and be loved, to give Love and to receive it, to allow this burning desire to give to be expressed between us and through the heart that you en-conscious.”

“When you stand in Love, when you stand in Me, when your heart is that with which you are perceiving, then you recognize the illusory nature of all things that pretend to be, that are not made of Love and nothing else.”

The core of this change – this Shift to the Heart – is a shift in all humanity in our instrument of perception. Instead of “seeing” the world from the analytical mind, we are shifting, consciously and unconsciously, to perceiving through the heart. The feelings of the heart become our guides.

When you choose to live through the heart, you become immersed in the highest truth – that only Love is Real!

The shift to the heart lifts us up to such a high vibration that we magnetically entrain all other hearts to Love, just by their being in our proximity! Every aspect of life on Earth is transformed by our Love and brought into resonance with joy, beauty, perfection.


We ask you to ponder these words from the Messages from God.
“Beloved ones, when you live through your heart, your experience of life shall now be very very different. You will experience the miracle of stepping into who you really are, to living this Love as the whole of God, focused here as you.

“In the heart you are living in the fullness of the Now Moment where everything is included — where you are the whole, experiencing every communion of life as it occurs in all dimensions, alive in the resonant field of continually awakening Love.

“This awakening of Love is you, is Me. It is the exclamation of exquisite joy at being born and becoming conscious of All That Is, all at once, in the midst of Love’s expansion, held by Love and moved by Love, increased by Love and being Love increasing itself.”

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Life Through the Heart