The Origin of The Messages From God?

The Messages from God are the product of Yael Powell’s thirty-five years of daily meditation that became a mystical communion with God. In the tradition of Hildegard von Bingen and other mystics, Yael found God’s loving voice through experiences of great suffering transformed into Love. These Messages ended in 2018 when Yael returned to her Creator.

Yael first began meditating as part of her ministerial training many years ago. In 1983 she was diagnosed with a painful progressive disease of the spine. She was in excruciating physical and emotional pain, a true dark night of the soul that ended the active life she had known. In her darkest moment, she called out to God for help. “Suddenly I began to be lifted to a place of great beauty, of sparkling light, and I was filled with an amazing energy that felt like dancing golden rain. I felt the loving presence of God.”

Each day Yael began to receive beautiful visions during meditation which gave her strength and the courage to live in her painful physical condition. She faithfully recorded these experiences with her words, becoming “the pen in God’s hand.” In the early years, the Messages often took the form of poetry. Yael, who was a universal communicator, also spoke with Nature Spirits and animals, Masters and especially Jeshua (Jesus), as well as with our beloved Creator. At that time, she called these visits Meditations. Over the years, Yael was assured that these Messages truly emanated from the Highest Source. She was asked to call them the Messages from God and to make them public.

In 1986 when Yael met Doug, her husband and Twin Flame, the Messages deepened and began speaking of the truth of SoulMates, Twin Flames as well as a myriad of other topics about who we truly are as “cells in the heart of God.” It was Doug’s beautiful task to be the grounding for the receipt of these Messages. During the time Yael hand-wrote the Messages, she filled over 100 spiral bound notebooks. Later, she spoke into a tape recorder.

Words from Yael about how she received the Messages from God:
“The Messages from God are an experience of such Love and such light that they are truly beyond the capacity of words to express. When I sit in meditation, I am lifted into realms of light where, suspended in God’s timeless vast, yet personal Love, I am given the Messages as an experience. Then I place words upon the experience and the words are mine, though sometimes I feel assistance in choosing them. It is important to be clear in this. God does not ‘use words.’ I do not receive sentences or even thoughts. Instead I am given the greatest of blessings — that of the actual experience of remembrance, of returning my life and my will to the One of whom we are a living part.

“The progression of the Messages, however, is not mine. Each concept or awareness is carefully built according to a higher flow and each sentence is filled with Love, to be delivered to those who read (or even hold) the books. Sometimes the entire Message comes into my consciousness complete and whole in one instant flash of communion with God. Then I spend the next two hours describing in words, as best I can, what was ‘dropped into me’ in one timeless moment. More often I am experiencing whatever it is that God wants us to grow into, and I am ‘translating’ it through the mind as it is happening. It can be challenging.

“As you read these Messages, remember that the words are only carriers for the tender Love of God, and remember that God is already communing with you. All you have to do is switch to the heart as your instrument of perception, so please do read with your heart. Your heart, once made the center of your life, will begin to show you everything that is Real. The more you choose your heart, the more clearly you will know the truth that only Love is Real.”