About The Messages From God

We would like to welcome you to Circle of Light, the home of the Messages from God. If you are visiting this site for the first time, we would say that God sent you here. We know that the vibration of our hearts and our desires draws us together as Spirit Family. We feel very humbled and honored to present the Messages that were given to Yael Powell during her daily meditations for over thirty five years.

We hope that you will find much here to inspire you, to lift you, to inform you, and to shift your heart and your life to Love and only Love. While she was in a body on Earth, Yael would meditate every day and share the exquisite guidance given to her from God for humanity. Some of these Messages were personal to her, but the great majority of them were given for all of us. In the early years, the Messages often took the form of poetry. Yael, who was a “universal communicator,” also spoke with Nature Spirits and animals as well as with our beloved Creator. At that time, she called these visits “Meditations.”

In 1986 when Yael met Doug, her husband and Twin Flame, the Messages deepened and began speaking of the truth of SoulMates, Twin Flames as well as a myriad of other topics about who we truly are as “cells in the heart of God.” At that time she was assured that these Messages truly were from God and she was encouraged to make them public and to call them “The Messages from God.”
There are over 100 notebooks of handwritten Messages and countless tapes, so there is much to explore. The Messages are described as “through Yael and Doug Powell.” As a Twin Flame couple, they are one energy. It was Doug’s beautiful task to be the grounding for the receipt of these Messages and caregiver for Yael for their life together. We have created an Archive of the Messages from God on this website. Do enjoy exploring The Messages from God and consider joining our email list. We send two full original Messages each month to the list, and two Messages of Love, which are short excerpts to the list each week. This is a beautiful way to stay in the vibration of God.

The Heart is Everything

God is a Oneness, a great and glorious unity of Love, a vibrant, magnificent, ecstatic Whole. We are the center of the heart of God. At the same time that God is Oneness, the whole, God is fully present and conscious in every tiny part of the whole, the heart of God. This is sometimes referred to in the Messages as “both/and.”

In a mystery that our minds cannot comprehend, God is a wholeness, the “Ocean of Love” and yet, knows and communes with each of us individually as well. The mystery of “both/and” allows us, too, to be both part of the Ocean of Love ever merged in the Oneness, and, at the same time, to touch and be touched by God individually, to have relationship and communion.

Where this vast, vibrant Love of which we are the heart makes itself known to us in our life is through our heart. Our heart is the point where we can know ourselves as Love. It is the point where we can know the heart of God. The heart is everything.

As we connect to our heart and open it, the great Love we really are comes pouring forth, through our heart into the world. This stream of Love then magnetizes to itself all that reflects it here in our life. It draws to us all beauty and wonder, abundance, creativity and our Twin Flame relationship. When we are in communion and our heart is open, it becomes the true center, and our life becomes a whole of Love. The heart is everything.

The Messages from God are a step-by-step progression into a shift in awareness of how to open the heart. Through the Messages, God gently shows us the ego, the little mind, and the ways that it always creates separation. God then tenderly helps us change our perspective to the heart, which shows us we are Love, and a world of joy, connectedness and unity is our birthright.

Choice by choice and revelation by revelation, God leads us to a heart-centered life and shows us that the heart is everything. God shows us how powerful we are as a child of God and how our heart always creates our reality. God’s covenant with us is that whatever we hold in our heart, our “heart’s beliefs,” will manifest in our life. Thus, if we believe that life is painful, Love is dangerous — if we accept the ego’s fearful view of the world — this is what we will have as our experience. As we follow God’s guidance and open the heart to the Ocean of Love, the experience of Love we really are, this is what shall come forth as our world.

Welcome to Oneness, a heart-centered life, filled increasingly with joy and the experience of living Love. The most important thing for each of us is knowing that we have a personal relationship with God, and knowing that it is through our hearts that we will find it.

Understandings We Have Gained

Love is all there is. God is only Love. Everything is made of Love. Everything is God. So are we. The heart is everything.

This includes all of the things on Earth that do not appear to be Love or loving. The energy underneath them which supports them is still Love or they would not exist. The transformation now happening on Earth will return our world to Love and only Love. We can play a great part in this.

Anything in our world that seems to be other than Love appears so as the result of our perceiving through the little mind, rather than through the heart. We on Earth have seen things as dual — as either/or, bad/good, black/white, always in duality. This has created a world on Earth that in the Messages is called “the illusion.” Most of our planet is living in this illusion. It is an illusion or dream because it is based on the false belief that there is something here other than Love. Our hearts know only Love but our ego or little mind has convinced us that duality is real.

How did this occur? How did we come to forget that we are only Love? At the Moment of Creation God gave us a great gift, the opportunity to individuate and learn to become co-creators with our beloved Creator. At that moment God moved us “one degree” out of the “Ocean of Love” in which we are all Oneness. This slight movement was to give us the ability to know relationship — relationship with God and relationship with our Twin Flame and to practice co-creating with God, observing and knowing our creations.

Some of us misunderstood this tiny separation from God and the Ocean of Love and felt confused. Some felt abandoned or pushed away by God. Some turned their backs on God, the Source of our life. Over eons of time, this misunderstanding has created a false belief in separation from God, in duality in our world and in all parts of our lives. This has led to all of our pain. The false belief that God rejected us has caused all other forms of abandonment, pain, loneliness, loss, sadness, low self esteem and anger. It has created a planet filled with lack, hurt and hardship. We have forgotten who we truly are.

The truth is we are children of God, cells in the heart of God. Our thoughts are creative and every moment our thoughts open endless possibilities and probabilities for our lives. If we think we are separate from God, lonely beleaguered humans, that perception will create circumstances that match that thought.

At any moment, we can return to our original closeness, our Oneness with God. All of God’s gifts are waiting for us. We have to decide we want this, speak our desire for it and enter into communion.

The Love pouring onto the Earth at this time is bringing to the surface everything that is not Love and is making each of us aware of the false heart’s beliefs we have been carrying. We are becoming aware of the difference between thought, the mind and ego and the perception of our heart. The heart is the vehicle for pure Love.

The moment we as children of God speak to God in communion, asking for Love to return to our lives, our lives begin to reflect the Love, joy, ecstasy and grace that are the hallmarks of God.

God is now calling us Home and asking us to remember who we truly are and that we have never been separate.