Read a Message From God

Become the Experience of Your Limitless Hearts


Beloved ones, as you move into this glorious awakening of Love, you are going to be hearts bursting into bloom, showers of cosmic Love coming forth into this dimension, completely and totally limitless. You are going, at last, to experience what freedom means. All the dreams that you have held in your hearts through all of this time in the world are at last going to come into fruition. You are going to open beyond all barriers, step through all misperceptions and drop all ideas of limitation, as you recognize at last, all that you are.

It is the time for the awakening of your hearts. But, dearest ones, I must tell you this. It will not be without effort. It is up to you to see through the illusions of separation and fear. It is up to you to make Love your priority. It is up to you to establish this communion with Me that will support you through these great changes and through the blossoming of your hearts.

It is not that your hearts are not already fully present and fully free. It is only that you have forgotten to experience the truth. Now everything comes into place to lift you up, that you might see who you really are with the eyes of Love. Your hearts are unfettered now but to experience your true nature, the freedom of Love, you must be willing to make Love your focus and to leave behind all of your dreams of fear.

I must tell you this. It is far easier than you have ever dreamed to accomplish this. It has only been the tangle of emotions and illusions that have kept you facing away from Me. As you turn, as you say “yes,” as you allow this Light to nourish your hearts and to bring forth the experience of warmth and grace, you will recognize that all the while you have been fully supported and you have only believed in your mind that you were lost.

You have never, ever been lost to Me. Your own heart has always known the truth. But you have come here to walk these steps, to create this pathway, to make a bridge of Light for all of humankind. I say to you, it is time to rejoice, time to allow disillusionment to fall away. It is time to forget the story of the ego’s dreams, time to remember that you are the heart of God.

This time is upon you. Are you ready? Are you ready to give up the story line — that is the question. Are you ready to allow your heart to come Home to Me so fully, so powerfully, so completely that the Light of your Love washes the illusion out of your mind, so that all you see is the truth. All you see when you look upon your fellow beings is the power and beauty of their Love. All you see when you look upon the world is the matrix of Love that supports it.

All that you feel is the glorious and continual blossoming of your hearts into the realms of continual awakening as the heart of God, now. So much joy is pouring to you now. So much joy, so much beauty, so much Love but you must face this way. You must turn your vision away from the concepts of duality to the truth of Love and stake your claim. Let Me be your anchor. Let Love be your truth.

For a little while longer the illusions of the world seem to hold sway. Yet, if you allow yourself to feel the movement of energy and Love through your heart, you will know what is really happening. If you will allow your heart to be your nourishment, to be your oasis, you will find you can drink from the fount of Love and be fulfilled, be joyous and be kindness now — right now in the midst of the change.

So hold firm to Love and beloved ones, feel your hearts. Feel your hearts. That is all you need. The moment that you allow the feeling of Love, it will sweep through your being and it will open you to beauty and to the upliftment and joy of your grace and of your trust in Me.

Every moment the world is reborn based on the positions of your consciousness and your hearts. What will be your position now? How much Love are you willing to claim? How fully are you ready to take your stand for truth, and how ready are you to accept your freedom? The time of freedom, dearest ones, is upon you. You will feel it before it will appear in your mind, so you must come to trust the feelings of your heart, to intuit the movement of Love, and especially to be nourished by pure, true beauty…to be fed by My presence in your life and to rise on the wings of joy as you accept your true name, your true position, that of the heart of God.

Can you feel the expansiveness of this blossoming of your heart? It is right here, right now. It is stretching you and it is moving through all those barriers that you have erected in order to dance this dance of the ego’s world, in order to walk your path of service. But now those barriers can fall away. As they do, the expansiveness of your heart’s wings can at last show you how easily your heart can support you, how far it can take you, how high, how profoundly ecstatic the feelings are that come from the Divine –not the emotions of the ego’s world.

It is time to be drenched in ecstasy. It is time to know that you have no limitations anymore. Dearest ones, don’t look at the world’s needs and try to fulfill them. Go further. Go beyond the needs of this world into the truth of God, into the truth of the Love I Am that is born right now, right here as you, with no limits, no barriers to the full expression of the Love you are.

This is what I want you to take in now. Go beyond creating a good life. Go beyond creating what the world perceives as being supported or abundance. Drop the picture that you hold of a good life and let the heart show you a life of freedom. Real freedom, right here where you stand now. Freedom that is felt. Freedom that nourishes you and freedom that is so far beyond the concepts of duality that it brings you effortlessly the abundance of the world while moving you into the truth of the spirit, into the expansiveness of the heart of God that is easily in touch with all dimensions, that is fully present as the constant and conscious voice of the interwoven realms of Light.

It is the exaltation of life expressing itself as your heart, as your piece of this Divine heart that you are. So many blessings are waiting to be accepted, things that you call miracles can easily be made manifest but only if you look beyond the world, only if you look to Love and let it be your elevation so that you rise higher, expand further than anything this life can offer. The power and truth of your Love can be the fuel for that which you create through your heart.

You have to be willing to leap beyond that which you know, into that which you feel, that which you feel in the deepest center of your limitless heart —

far beyond the emotions of duality into the living motion of the Spirit, the truth of Love.

I Am here, reaching for you. I Am here to show you what your heart is capable of, but I must ask you to trust Me enough to go beyond that which you know, that which you can perceive with your mind…to go beyond the world of the little mind’s imagining into the feeling realm that is the manifestation of the heart of God.

That is the world we are bringing in, and that is the movement of Love that is being born now. Can you feel this Love singing in your heart, singing the truth that you have always known, that you have felt every moment of your life, the truth that you have lamented and reached for, the truth that you have despaired of feeling, of finding, of manifesting.

It is more than possible. It is guaranteed. Beloved ones, it is guaranteed but you must claim it. Are you ready? Are you willing? It is so important that you stake the claim for Love and become the experience of your limitless heart now.