Twin Flame Hearts in Service

When relationships on Earth are able to reflect the purity of Twin Flame Love from within, the Love that flows is completely focused on giving outward to humanity in service to God.

True Twin Flame Love asks nothing from self, as it contains all that Love is. The Love that flows through the awakened Twin Flame heart is constant, ecstatic, always aware of the infinite possibilities for the expressions of life’s force and always supporting, encouraging, amplifying that life.

Activated Twin Flame hearts are the purest and most powerful receivers here on Earth of the pure Love of the Creator. They amplify and add to the Love received with the fire of their Twin Flame ecstasy. Then, in the giving that is the supreme and natural act of Love, they send Love forth to those around them and to all humanity.

The heart of Twin Flames in union seeks always to serve in any way possible. There is complete recognition that only our Beloved Creator knows “the highest good of all,” and complete trust and surrender to that Good is the focus of the Love that comes forth from the Twin Flame heart.

At Circle of Light Yael and Doug are the demonstration of Twin Flame hearts in physical embodiment, who, through living their life in the physical plane from the heart center, are always in service to God, to humanity, to the world. When they met, they both instantly knew that they were each other’s destiny. However, the task of service that they were asked to walk together involved experiencing all of the permutations of the ego in relationship.

Over 25 years of life experience as husband and wife, they have acquired the ability to choose the heart, to open always to Love and to demonstrate what true giving is. By “walking back to God” with Love and dedication the ego aspects of their relationship, the Twin Flame heart that is Yael and Doug has emerged as a deep, pure and powerful living Love, the basis of which is their Love for God, for each other and their dedication to serving the awakening of Love in the world. This demonstration is their service, as well as their gift as conduits for the Messages from God.

Yael and Doug also actively work with couples to share what they have experienced, encouraging couples to hold the highest vision of relationship, to recognize the resonance of a heart-centered relationship and to continually lift the vibration of their relating to the highest spiritual purposes. Through the blessing of the Messages from God, they expand in Real LoveMaking as they join their hearts and open to coming together in an orgasm of the heart that is far beyond the physical.

Shanna and her beloved Twin Flame, Pra, who is not in embodiment, provide a model of Twin Flames who serve in consciousness, through the heart. As they connect in meditation, in the realms beyond the physical, they actively use the ongoing Love that flows through their Twin Flame heart for the purposes of God on Earth and the return of humanity to its natural state of Love and only Love.

From a Message from Pra (through Yael), October 2003:
“In the Real, each wave of Love directs us, Shanna and me. We only ‘know’ what we shall do as the wave of God’s Love comes washing through us. And as we watch it unfold, we sing together great songs of praise for the glory of Creation and the blessing of perfection as it is made manifest through us.

“There is no ‘planning,’ although there is a ‘Plan.’ And every Now, we see the Plan come through us, showing us our part and showing us the whole picture in that moment, showing us every heart on Earth and every pathway for Love – which ones are open, which are blocked, and what has changed, based on free will from the pulsing Love that had gone forth in the Now right before. (I am putting this in linear time for you to be able to grasp it, but of course it is never experienced this way at all.)

“So the whole picture is flashed into our consciousness as the wave of Love comes pulsing through our SoulMate heart – and then we watch where God takes our Love, how God uses us to open hearts, how God builds this bridge of light – and all the while we are singing our Hosannas and our praise for the wonderful magnificence of the Glorious One Intelligence that made All that Is and loves it all so perfectly.”

From Eternal Twin Flame Love, The Story of ShannaPra, by Shanna Mac Lean (2006).
“Day and night our greatest joy together is consciously placing our blessed Earth and all of humanity in our SoulMate womb (heart), while experiencing our passionate, pulsating Love and becoming a pathway, a conduit for the Love of God to pour onto the Earth.”

God on Twin Flame Love