The Transparent Heart 5/13/2013

The Transparent Heart


Beloved Ones, when your heart is open and I am all you see, your heart is completely transparent. You are My presence in the world.

When you live as a transparent heart, your heart becomes the window through which all others may see Me and may know the power and beauty of the love they are. As you remember yourself as the pure heart of love, you become the example of the pathway to freedom. Then every moment is no longer a prayer that is the ego’s request to be getting something, but rather it is the divine force of love as an effortless flow of giving.

When you live as the transparent heart of God I am, the flow of love is unimpeded. Sweet and effortless communion becomes your experience as soon as the heart is clear. Then there is nothing to impede this effortless exchange between every heart and the reality of Me.

Live as the transparency, the pure and open heart of love, and you experience freedom. Freedom from the desires of the ego, and perfect trust in Me that every moment I am placing you where you need to be for your heart to be gloriously effective. I am placing you in the perfect position to recognize yourself as only one thing: My Heart – fully present here. So, beloved ones, let this truly be your only prayer: “God, let me be the transparent heart of love”.

As you become this prayer, as it fills your heart to overflowing, love answers you by lifting you up into this glorious vibration of love at the pinnacle of all life. Every aspect of your being recognizes itself as only love. The very electrons of your body rejoice and realize they have never been separate from love.

And the thoughts, beloved ones, within your mind are washed in grace and waves of love until the mind is only the reflection of what flows through your open heart ever outward in giving. You can feel this truth in these moments when your heart is open and surrendered. In such moments, you do not think. Rather, there is only this vibration of endless eternal grace, and light, and the power and movement of love. It is like having “your head in the clouds”, but these clouds are made of pure light. These clouds are created of the outflow of love that appears here as your experience of a transparent heart on earth.

When your heart is open and transparent, that which is of the mind becomes invisible and you can see right through the illusion to that which is eternal. You can feel the pure joy of our union where you are one with the birth of all creation. You are one with my desire to give the Love I Am, and you, beloved ones, are the vehicle.

You are My heart through which I bless every aspect of life in All That Is. And you are needed to love this experience of life on earth and through this love to reveal the truth of God I am in everything. Through your heart the light of love shines so brightly that the illusion of less than love disappears in its brilliance and what is revealed is the truth that only love is real and that it shines as the foundation of everything. Through your transparent heart, love becomes tangible, present and available to all that come before you. Oh, beloved ones, your transparent heart is so important, so needed.

It is time to let go of “awakening” in the way that the mind presents it to you, as a progression through time. It is time to come alive in the heart and to experience the fullness of this glorious now moment as the perfect vehicle for love, and nothing else.

As you experience love that appears before you as a human being there is an exquisite and joyous recognition. It is truly God meeting God. It is the spark of life and light – the perfect Christ. And you recognize in this meeting the power and the movement of love bringing you to this place where you are the communion of the consciousness and the heart of God as everything that appears before the mind.

The ego mind, beloved ones – that great division – is subject to the presence of your heart. Every difference, all division falls away and you are left experiencing the truth. There is only love here. The dance of separation that is the world is born of the ego mind. It is the result of the pure light of God I Am pouring through a heart that has resistance based on believing the stories of the ego. But as you choose, beloved ones, to be this transparent heart, present now, the truth of love easily dissolves every illusion of the ego including the veil around the heart – the false need for protection, and for fear. And when love blazes through you easily there is nothing for you to experience but the truth of yourself as the movement of love and every moment as pure ecstasy. The transparent heart of God I Am is opening on earth – clear, vital, and amazing. You are this opening.

Hold firmly to the truth and allow the heart to show you what is real based on the continuous vibrations of real love. When the resonance of love touches the world it is vibrating at such a high octave that it shakes the illusion and makes it dissolve right before your clear and open eye of the heart.

The mind at first will balk and the ego fight allowing the illusion to fall. But if you keep to your prayer to be the transparent heart, soon you will see nothing at all but the effortless expression of this beauty, this pure and endless light that we share, dancing forth in waves of new creation, manifesting as the world. You are simply the anchor of the truth that every illusion may disappear and the love of God be recognized for what it is: the blended hearts of humankind.

The hearts of all of this creation are part of your own precious center. That which the mind sees as many different things – be they people, nature, animals, in truth they are part of the spectrum of love. Love that is made manifest as it flows through your open heart creating the experience of diversity, of creativity, and many aspects of beauty that right now you name as the world and that the heart sees as the mystery of the expressions of My love

You are the perfect heart of God. It is time beloved ones, to recognize this and to understand that the heart can bless the mind. The heart can wash away the illusions of separation, of less than love and create for you the experience of true life that has no boundaries and certainly isn’t physical. Even while you are appearing here you can be awake and boundaryless as the open heart of real love. As each of you makes this choice and says this prayer, that which appears as the world is transformed. For the power of love always supersedes the belief in separation from Me. Therefore, as transparent hearts abound, that which is created as the light moves through you is the pure reflection of perfect life and the magnetic call to all hearts present here. To look even for one moment through a transparent heart is to recognize the true identity that each of you are meant to see continually. Received always from Me. The constant assurance of what you are as the pure extension of My love, as the expression of the heart of All That Is. And through you even one second of this experience for another who stands before you and the veil comes down for them. That moment plants the seed of what is real and lasting. A seed that has to grow because it’s watered continually and forever by Me.

So what you “do” to transform the world on the level of the ego mind doesn’t matter. And though your mind – your ego – might resist this, the truth is, all is healed by love and nothing else. And even using the word “healed” is part of the illusion. For truly it’s just the recognition of what already is the truth of God, alive as each of you. But what this love flowing through your heart can accomplish is beyond the little mind’s imagining.

Therefore, let this be your goal – to be the transparent heart of love. Then that which you have created as your persona can recognize itself as living love, electrons and molecules of this dance of pure creation. That you might stand as this clear heart and that I might bring hearts into your presence (in ways that don’t need to be “physical”) as the grace of what is real may be glimpsed. You already know that this is all it takes: one turn, one shift, one new decision…and each of you are lifted into the light. You perceive this about those beyond the body but beloved ones, it’s true for humankind. All it takes is a moment of remembrance. One glimpse of My love and that life is turned forever toward Me. That heart becomes open to this communion and your transparent hearts are the vehicle through which love reclaims its own.

Therefore, waste not a moment in choosing to be what you already are: the open, glorious, and limitless transparent heart of God.