Your Purpose – 7-7-13

Your Purpose – 7-7-13

Oh beloved ones you are this vibrant life. You are the bursting forth of this endless love. You are the unfolding of My heart. Unfolding in ecstasy in the eternal now to celebrate the gift of our Love. Every moment Love is bursting forth as you. Shining forth as your presence in this world and everywhere opening to the miracle of being alive and celebrating our communion continually. We are together for all eternity. You are the gift of My Love being shown to Me. that you are the perfect truth that I Am everywhere, and that the joy of Love is standing here now as you to celebrate the existence of God, here, in and as the world.

Every atom of your being is this energy of Real life and every heartbeat is aligned with creation. The world of the ego-mind is just a very thin veneer and beneath it this Love is thrumming forth, fully alive and glorious, ready to be extending here and now through you. Beloved ones, this life is so real and so powerful that all the energy of creation is present here as your being, continually awakening to the miracle of creation that is ever and always alive in our communion. The gift of your awareness is real and free and powerfully present in your being. Every moment, beloved ones, you are aware of whether you are aligned with Me by whether or not you live in ecstasy, whether or not joy is singing through your veins and making itself known as your heart. If you feel anything but perfect Love and endless joy, anything but the wonder of this life we share, then you are focused on that tiny, miniscule veneer that is the presence of the dreaming ego-mind. One shift, beloved ones, and you are here, the open heart of perfect love alive as you.

Take a moment to stop and breathe and turn and this vibrant life will remind you and reclaim you. Your experience is based on the truth of God I am ever-present in singing joy. Every atom of your being is bursting forth in ecstasy and your consciousness is interwoven with everything. So even though you have chosen to pretend, for a little while, that you are limited, that you are simply “being human”, the reality of this vibrant Love, the energy of this limitless life, the passion and the power of God I Am as you is everywhere alive in you and it is a miracle of the greatest and unimaginable proportions. That you can see Me and feel this Love and that in your heart I Am given awareness of the unfolding of this love as relationship, beloved ones there is no greater gift. It is the gift of your existence.

Remember this gift when you are imagining this world that can affect you from the outside, can make you even forget your life and beauty. Remember that you are the greatest gift of all to your Creator. Remember that you are dancing through the universe celebrating with Me this wonderful present. Remember that you are the gift that Love is giving: you to Me, and Me to you. Every breath is ever-affirming this, showing you the vibrant life you are and bringing you the power of this love, and the beauty.

Allow your heart to bring this world into perspective. Let it show you just how vast this Love is. Let it bring to you the wonder of our communion that you might feel all creation in your heart. In this awareness the world will fade into something that is running in the background, barely noticeable, as you live the truth of your heart celebrating this glorious love and the miracle that we share.

Your heart will always bring you here, to Me, where I Am real to you and you remember this vibrant life that rushes through your being and sends forth the message of this Love: that all of life is tenderly encompassed in it, that there is no separation from Me. All that I Am is blossoming here as you. And from this place of pure joy and vibrant energy the world of the heart shows up far differently than the world of the little mind.

It is easy now to turn back to Me to remember that truth, and power, endless Love and perfection are yours. And when you hold this pure, all-encompassing vibration, then what shows up as your world comes into alignment with Me and with all the gifts of life that I continually give you, no-holds-barred. To imagine that I wouldn’t provide for you is a mockery, beloved ones. How could I ever be less than the abundance of this endless life? How could I give you anything that isn’t beautiful granting you the power to multiply it and to mold it through your creative heart? This vibrant life bursts forth as your every atom proclaiming that I Am here and I Am joyously giving birth to the miracle of relationships of love: God to God, light to light, ecstasy to ecstasy, with the unfolding of your heart being made manifest in the symbols of the world.

But first, beloved ones, you must feel it. You must feel the truth of God I Am as your heart. You must feel this endless vibration of our Love. You must feel the truth of your birth in perfect joy. And when you feel it, it will be carried forth to appear for you in the world of the senses, the world of the mind. But always, dearest ones, this is secondary to your experience of your heart. So you must place your powerful attention on our communion and on our Love; that what you multiply and what you mold with your creativity is more and more of the truth rather than placing your attention on the world and what you don’t want – and multiplying that. So be careful, be filled with care as you open your heart and choose the reality of God rather than the illusion of separation from Me and the ego’s dream of being less than perfect Love.

I Am ever here to remind you of this vibrant life. One moment of silence, one breath when you are turned to Me, one minute of real meditation and you are realigned with the truth of God I Am and the reality of Love blossoming as your heart, creating a vortex for our communion where there is nothing in the way. There is only this union, this oneness of love, this great shared experience of life, and the amazing gift that is given to you eternally of your birth into relationship, into communion with Me, your Creator. That we might see, and know, and love each other even while rejoicing in our oneness.

It is the misperception of this gift of the one degree of separation that gives us the ability to know and love each other that comes forth, distorted, as this world. But this one degree of separation that gives birth to our loving relationship, beloved ones, is the only real truth of this world. And the moment you acknowledge this and return to your heart, everything realigns itself with perfect Love and becomes the celebration of vibrant life and only life, joy and glorious ecstasy.

Feel your heart; lift and open; feel the fires of life eternally exploding to light the whole of creation through you to give every life – every life – the gift of this communion. There is no greater gift that you could give Me than this: the remembrance, the recognition of what it is you do. You provide this precious gift of the one degree of separation from Me that every life can see Me and know Me, and thus, beloved ones, know themselves – to truly experience the Love.

When there is nothing but unity, only union, there is no awareness, there is just the living of it. But the gift of this awareness, of a relationship with Me and Mine, with every life that lives within Me is a continual, astounding revelation that fuels creativity in brand new ways, never expected. And brings to all new awareness and far deeper joy.

You know, beloved ones, even in this world, how much greater your love can be when you understand something, when you are touching all the nuances, layers, and levels of that to which your heart responds. Then your Love is deeper; your Love is enhanced. And so it is with this life that we are celebrating: The whole of God I Am has so much more to live and give because of the gift that you are giving as My heart. The gift to every life of being able to see Me and to live with this communion, fully alive consciously, every moment.

You often think that your work is about humanity and about correcting that misperception here in the world. But in truth, though this is the one place that the misperception lives and is obvious, your work is throughout all creation. It is giving the gift of my heart – the gift of the awareness of Me, the gift of relationship with the Creator; the gift that is only given to My heart – the heart, beloved ones, that is you.

So while you stand here in the world blazing the open heart of God I Am unfurled for all to see, though you are here as the powerful and magnetic presence of My Love, the truth of your being is far more vast. You are present everywhere, for everything, to bring the gift of self-awareness and relationship with Me to everything, everywhere, beloved ones, that every life may know how much I love them. And that every heart may see their true reflection in yours and understand the gift that you give.

As you fulfill this dream we always had, that my heart could know and love all that I Am, you fulfill your place at the center of all creation and grant Me this miracle. So dearest ones, I want you to live this ecstasy. I want you to feel your purity and your purpose that extends far beyond the arena in which you’re here – in the world – and which you can always find within you as you open to your own glorious truth and as you claim this very communion that you are here to give to everyone.

As you recognize that which you are and that which you are giving, beloved ones the world takes on its rightful perspective. It’s no longer so big, so huge and the mind is essentially powerless for the heart you are is blazing and it is untameable: it is the light of life, the truth of God, the very powers of all creation. And you are here to bring this gift to everything,not just to those who perceive themselves as human, but to every life appearing here, and everywhere throughout all creation.

Remembering all that you are brings you perspective and returns you to the experience of this Real life we share. It returns you to your element which is the whole of creation. It returns you to this communion of our
Love, it brings you communion with All-That-I-Am and lets you celebrate your perfection, and acknowledge the powerful work that you do, which is your gift, your blessing, and the miracle of your creation. And it has nothing at all to do with the human ego, but rather with living the truth of your heart that is waiting to truly show you all that you are, and to return you to the experience of unending ecstasy, overflowing joy, and to the miracle of knowing your place in the cosmos.

Shall we celebrate, beloved ones, the miracle of your existence? And will you accept My eternal gratitude? Will you come to see your value to all creation and drop the ego-mind’s little identity? That Love may truly live here, right where you stand, and that you might experience your place at the center of everything. Every moment the joy in your heart is overflowing and reminding you that you are this vibrant life. You are the conscious heart of God I Am, the center of All-That-Is. And you are the miracle that gives us this relationship – all of life with Me.

Once you fully connect with All-That-You-Are you can release all confusion. Stop making your way in the world and reclaim your place in the cosmos coming alive to this, our Love. Feel the miracle that you are, beloved ones, to Me.