The Third Message for 11:11:11

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell at
Circle of Light

The Third Message for 11:11:11

The Power of Love
Moving Beyond Healing the World

Beloved ones, you are pure beauty. You are sparkling rays of shimmering Love. You are endless joy and perfect freedom. You are Love expressing itself brand new this day.

That is the power of Love. All things are made new in it. The purity of Creation is the expression of Love’s consciousness as it celebrates itself in every way without boundaries. It draws to itself the expression of purity, of the astounding joy of being Love giving itself forth, born anew in this Now Moment to create its experience of limitless life.

This is who you are. Beloved ones, it is now time to live it. It is time to allow the power of your heart to cleanse the perceptions that take you away from this brand new birth of the experience of God in all of the fullness of grace and perfection appearing here now as you.

Therefore, I must encourage you again to release the perceptions of the little mind, to take every judgment into your heart including those that are so much a part of you that you don’t even know that they are there.

Dearest ones, there is not a world that needs healing. That world comes into view this moment as the Moment of Creation flows through your mind and the power of the heart projects it to create your experience of life.

In truth, there is only Love here, waiting to draw unto itself luminous particles of energy and Love to manifest in one pulse of Creation, ecstasy. Your experience as the heart of God giving Love in perfect grace as the movement of Love lives you.

There is a perception in many of you that you are here to bring healing to the world and that you are here to assist others to awaken. Up until this point, these things were valid and were valuable.

Now we are reaching, dearest ones, the end of time, and thus, the end of mind…that you might be the pure experience of Real Love in all of its magnificence, the open heart of God, the power of Love itself, manifesting your experience of a life, a world of perfect beauty that comes forth brand new, in the Now Moment.

You believe in a world that needs healing and thus create the experience of duality. You believe in the need to reverse the aging process and in that process, you create a body that is aging when…in truth, you are Spirit. You are God. You are the perfection and the power of Love dancing through the universe and bringing to yourself the focus of the power of your heart as your experience.

So, dearest ones, I Am asking you to use this power to find the blazing Love that pulses from your center and to bring into this place of pure Creation every thought, every thought that creates the experience of duality…every perception of other than Love, every judgment of something being “less than good.” Every bit of resistance… And beloved ones, your story…all of it. Your picture of who you are… that creates the world that you live in.

Open into the Reality of Love. Burst free from the creation of the experience of other than perfect Love. Wake into this moment of Love’s freedom by bringing every perception of the ego mind consciously into the heart that Love may show you the one truth – THERE IS ONLY GOD HERE AND I AM LOVE.

When you allow this pure, unimpeded flow of life and you celebrate life unceasingly, then the resonance of your choice to live in the truth of only one power, one experience of life, of God, then all separation from this glorious good that we are falls away and you are the heart space giving everything and giving it without limits.

It is going to mean letting go of some very deep heart’s beliefs about life and death, about good and evil, about the resistance to what you experience that creates through the heart’s beliefs in dual possibilities the world that you see before you.

Dearest ones, oh, the power of Love, the power of your heart shines through everything. If you will but allow it, it will bring to you the truth that every disconnection from your glorious perfection, everything that takes you from the Now, everything that is created by a mind that doesn’t believe in only Love… all of it can effortlessly dissolve.

But your part, beloved ones, in this transformation must be to bring that movie reel of thoughts that create the world of your identity as a human…you must bring it all before the power of Love to discover that true humility. The letting go of the egoic mind is the most extraordinary experience of freedom. To do this will take commitment and will take your ability to choose Love, to bring yourself into the presence that you might feel the power of Love.

The fiery furnace of your heart is available to transform everything that you have pushed away, every thread of judgment that sees less than God…all of it delivered consciously into the heart that life is free to live you, that the unity of Love is your experience and that every moment truth is that Love shall live you and Love draws to itself more Love.

Breath-by-breath, moment-by-moment and choice-by-choice, the luminous particles of Light will come to dance around your heart and create the “body” of perfect Love, and the life of God, newly expressed in the shared consciousness of exchanging Love.

It is time to move beyond time, to recognize that something here is changing fundamentally, that the stream of thoughts that have incessantly created your identity as a human being and the story of your life are no longer needed and are impeding you.

Dearest ones, it is time to trust your heart, to trust that Love will live you and live you perfectly. You can take this next step and I will create the path beneath your feet. You can breathe this breath and be God performing the perfect movement at just the right moment, all the while being the heart of Love celebrating life in pure ecstasy – open to what is created by the mystery of the Moment of Creation itself living here as you.

At first trust will be paramount because there will be what seems like a gap between the old world and the new one, between the experience that is mind-created of a body in time, an identity living as human… and the true experience of being born again as pure Love and extraordinary life in the moment.

That trust is going to be the moment you stop resisting those things that your little mind deems less than perfect. You can stand before the world and all of its ills and its trauma and shift into your heart and be without judgment, standing firm in only Love. Until we can live this, live this truth that only Love is Real, then the Law of Resonance cannot create the expression of pure Love for you to experience, because your attention, your focus is elsewhere – re-creating the world of duality.

So I am asking you to step into your heart and to see everything through heart perception. Let the single eye of Love be your only interpretation of your body, your life and everyone’s story, until, beloved ones, you can truly feel it – feel the power of Love shining through everything.

When you can walk into a room where someone is dying and be absolutely present with the timeless heart of God; when you can find yourself in a body that isn’t “perfect” — that is perhaps ill or aging or uncomfortable — and shifting, living in your heart, perceive that what is Really happening beneath the surface is everything. Pure life is celebrating its existence and that in this moment there is ecstasy.

There is nothing that can separate you from your perfection. You live endlessly in our communion, receiving life and your true identity as the heart of The One, the Love of the hologram. In this place where we meet this is the resonance that lives within every illusion of duality. When you find this place of truly living Love, what the mind sees becomes transparent and what the heart sees becomes the focus.

It is not only perfect; it is unlimited in its scope. It is the power of Love present as the heart, waiting to be accepted into the mind, that all resistance might fall away and only Love be present.

You already know all of these things but the truth is, it is so subtle. The things that mind is taught to believe, the ways that you’ve created human identity… When you ARE the heart of Creation itself… When you stand by choice in Love’s power, all you see is this perfection bursting forth complete in this Now Moment without any possibility of being separate.

The heart cannot believe otherwise and in the heart field, neither can the mind. Rather, it becomes that which records the truth and makes available the heart’s experience for sharing.

Beloved ones, hearts communicate perfectly. So when every judgment falls away and all resistance is gone, what remains is the purest form of heart communion in which every life shares its perfection as an aspect of the Love I Am, by bringing that experience into the one with whom it is being shared.

In other words, you become your neighbor’s Love and you become the pure devotion of your dog and you become the celebration of living that is the trees. You are the song of rejoicing always humming along as the song of unity, as the world is magnetized into being by the shared heart of humanity.

The power of your heart to see duality as it truly is, is limitless, amazing, astounding. If you are willing to surrender what you see, what you believe and especially what you judge as less than perfect, you will discover how you all are joined as the heart of God.

Once the gulf is crossed through trust and faith, once you hold this Love without ceasing no matter what the mind sees before you… Once you stand in this place of true power that is your heart and claim it, claim it, claim it as your reality… Once you celebrate life in all its splendor with every breath, then the electrons of Light and waves of Love will gather before your heart in their splendor and create a luminous show of Love.

It is the world as hearts perceive it—the world that is fueled by the one true power; the world that is illumined by the only Light; the world that is experienced as the flow of grace; the world that appears as the out-breath of God, whole and perfect in the moment. It is created out of Love as you are created out of the power. Out of the ocean of inclusiveness comes the experience of life as you are living it, free of the story of a past and free of a future projected by ego, open to this luminous expression of life lived as it appears through the heart.

So when you call for the gathering of people, rather than working on healing the things that are wrong, come into your circles and hold the Love.
Every thought of less than unity, less than the perfection of God, less than our joy together, less than the power of Love creating… bring those things together into the heart you share and let the power of Love correct your experience, lift you into the Reality of only God, of only Love bursting in its vitality, coming forth to effortlessly magnetize the particles, the electrons of Light and waves of Love into the luminous and definitely spiritual expression of a world of only Love.

Stand in your heart’s perfection and listen to the call of Love. Be the power of Creation right here and right now and choose life, choose heart perception and trust that Love will do the rest.