Second Message for 11:11:11

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light

Second Message for 11:11:11

You Are the Hologram Awakening to Yourself

Beloved ones, you are part of a hologram of such richness and depth and magnificence of expression that the whole of Creation is blessed as Love is experienced as you. Your heart that is the whole heart of humankind is completely available on every level, in every aspect of Creation, in every “dimension.”

Every way you turn, there is a new perspective of Love — that every facet of God is revealed in you. Each moment the pulsation of power and Love brings life into view as the intricate, interwoven experience of consciousness and Love that is humanity.

It brings the perceptions of a world that is held with it. Every bit, every nuance, every particle expresses the richness of God bringing new possibilities to the expansion of Love. Every heart beat in the whole is the song of exuberance as the vision of God is expanded and the power of Love amplified, and the breath and the heart beat of Creation are made manifest as humanity.

Dearest ones, you have no idea what it is that lives within you. This point in time is the return of consciousness and Love to the truth that God I Am is being born again right here, right now, as you.

In this moment when the heart remembers, the clarity of the Light can dissolve every pocket of energy where the flow of Creation is suspended or in any way decreased. The power of this Love that is your heart now becomes acknowledged as your experience. The great explosion of life moves from the center outward and purifies and awakens every heart. It returns the hologram to true expanded consciousness that I can call you to stand for truth and to feel humankind as part of you and from the perspective of the hologram, to recognize the power of life waking itself to remembrance that only I Am alive and all of Creation is pure good.

Thus, the whole of God I Am is in every part when you allow the blaze of Light full rein. When the crystalline grid of your heart’s truth brings you online as the consciousness of Love, you will be the experience of humanity, experiencing only the truth that only Love is Real.

When you are awake, beloved ones, you feel every vibration as part of you and the heart of Love responds to every nuance automatically creating homeostasis. In other words, it brings what is needed to every precious person who is part of the hologram. Understanding the heart field, you serve to facilitate the entrainment of every heart into the truth of this unity and the pure crystalline field of God consciousness.

There is so much fear at the moment being seen through two eyes, through the misperception of two powers or possibilities. Yet, all that you are is the depth and the riches of the universe, waiting all the while for the truth that has ever been alive within you. It is time, beloved ones, to celebrate your freedom and to rejoice in your ability to be the experience of Love in absolutely every expression.

All the diversity of life that lives in this world is the diversity of God, waiting to be seen rightly and experienced through the heart. The beauty of this field of Love that is the shared heart of humanity and the consciousness of Love moving is now becoming available for each of you to joyously experience. The awakening of this comes on 11 11.

That which lives within is now expressed outward. Your hearts then are seen as the world. One moment of release from the consensual dream and the magnificent, indescribable matrix of Real life, consciousness and heart as the Moment of Creation is exploding forth to be expressed as you… honored, celebrated and ever deepening the ability to live this unity and to experience yourself in and as everyone.

Come into the Now Moment. Gather together on this day that brings into the field of the world the truth of God I Am as power and Love. It is manifesting in and as you, as living Spirit, as life, as the whole of God I Am fully conscious, present and joyously giving.

Hologram means every part contains all of it. I want you to imagine what this means about you. On this day that is set aside through your own plan, the dissolving of the veil will find you ready to experience the unity of God I Am as your heart, interwoven with humanity in endless acknowledgement and reverence.

The astounding diversity of life that returns to the center, to the wholeness of Love is indescribable in its beauty and its power. The riches of Creation are you. Are you ready to experience them? And to allow Love to live as you, to be the expression of power and beauty, to be, beloved ones, the invitation to the shared heart of humanity to awaken? This is who you are and I Am Love, living in the world as you and expressing your consciousness, your power and the beauty of your heart as your experience of this awakening of Love.

It is being named a date and a time and being perceived by some as outside of you. In truth it is an invitation to experience the Moment of Creation that is your true identity and to allow this to take up residence, to inform the one heart of humanity and to become the venue for Creation itself to dance the laughter of the cosmos into being — not as a physical world but as spirit rejoicing and encompassing all of it in Love.

I Am with you as I Am in you as I Am this Light that activates all your hearts together, that brings to your awareness who you are and celebrates the experience of your precious life as the whole, as the hologram and as this heart, the unique facet of the diversity of God I Am.