THE NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE Shining Hearts Awaken to the Truth of Love 12-30-2011

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell at
Circle of Light

Dearest Spirit Family. We thank God with all our hearts for this absolutely amazing New Year’s Message — our inspiration, our clarity and our dedication for the coming year.

Please join us in giving your heart to God and to the awakening of Love and only Love on Earth. We send all of you our Love and our blessings. We thank you for being open hearts for the flow of this Love onto our beloved Earth and into the hearts of all of humanity. With deepest Love from Yael, Doug and ShannaPra
Shining Hearts Awaken to the Truth of Love

Oh, beloved ones, everything is changing. The heart that is the center of the world is shining forth to manifest the Real identity of every life, of every thing I Am.

It sings across the web of time and plucks each strand of the consensual dream, lighting up from within every precious consciousness, until that which is the Earth becomes a star that shimmers through the hologram as a song of grace and says to All That Is, “Come see how far the Moment of Creation can travel to return to the perfect Love we are.”

Every life now gains its true identity and the streams of Light that emanate from within it all go easily heart-to-heart to now communicate that only through the heart can life be clear. Each heart whispers humankind’s identity and reveals the destiny that is a prayer of the awakening of the perfection and the power of Love.

As we slip across the line of demarcation that is named the beginning of a new year, every heart that sings within humanity is fully charged, is opened and is cleared. All that is required to accept this Love is the surrender to the living truth of God, the willingness to release the ego’s identity, the conscious choice for the shift to the heart.

And yet, this shift, beloved ones, is contagious. It comes first in the realms of silence. It knocks upon the door of Love’s consciousness and awakens something in everyone. You who are alive to this divine resonance, who can feel the majesty that you are…let this Love come pouring through, that every ray of living Love I Am can now respond from deep within, from the center of every being and ignite the truth of the world.

The truth of every precious life is this identity of limitless grace and endless shining Love. You can see, beloved ones, with your heart now effortlessly, as you awaken to the whole of life as it is revealed heart-to-heart.

What I Am showing you is that the shift to the heart is now easy. It is flooding into the world to now ignite that which is the truth of the Now Moment — the ability to be this perfect Love and to be Love’s outreach to the world.

When the heart ignites another heart, it is acknowledged as a resonance, a vibration that begins to change every limited human perception and brings onboard the language of freedom, the ability to see with different eyes, to look through the illusions and behold the truth of God. Like a wildfire, this Love is now igniting to bring the whole of Creation fully present here.

Yet, the heart, beloved ones, is the tool for serving, for it keeps you deeply connected to what is here, while showing you the truth of every person, the beauty of each life as it is revealed to the pure and open instrument of Love, the single eye of unity, the heart.

The heart allows you to be present here as perfect Love and to find the way to the center of every life, moving through the personality’s illusions, revealing all the stories for what they are and moving, speaking, giving and encompassing the perfect response in every moment. Also, by the endless Law of Resonance, it ignites the remembrance of the truth of the heart in every being.

It is the ability of you who are awake to Love to see right through the illusions of the little mind and to hold, to be, to see without wavering the truth of Love that lives within all things. You can draw, by your presence as the heart of God, the reality of Love to the forefront. You are the perfect magnetic presence that entrains the heart of Love and makes it real to every precious one.

I have said to you that this is the year we move beyond time, that the point of focus that you know as 2012 is exactly this. It is the waking to the heart’s consciousness of being the present and perfect birth of Love. Feeling this, allowing this, being the experience of Love born anew with everything you need can reach right through the illusion of duality and be the Will of Love in pure communion with every precious heart.

The heart allows you to be in the world but not of it. It lets you see what others see with the little mind. It lets you touch and acknowledge the illusion while it reaches through to the center and ignites the experience of Love.

It is a time for the unraveling of the illusion of the consensual reality of humankind. Beloved ones, this is something to rejoice in. As you hold the truth of Love, then what is revealed is the world as the expression of beauty and grace which is the ever-present living Will of Love.

What is important now is your own commitment to live the truth of the heart, to power-up this center, this truth of who you are, and to walk through the world purely as Love’s presence and be the demonstration of the truth of life so that the power and the beauty of all Creation comes rushing through your heart to be expressed as your experience of the world.

As others see you walking through the mine fields of dualistic perceptions and of fear and experiencing only glory, joy and beauty, finding yourself with open hands, receiving everything you need… then deep within will come for all the remembrance that this is how we are meant to live.

We are meant to live receiving from our Creator our true identity, accepting the glorious gift of life and allowing this to live as us and express through us as perfect joy and interwoven Love. Every life is honored for its expression of a beautiful and unique aspect of God, while living also continually aware of the glorious resonance of the endless unified presence of Love.

Your hearts, beloved ones, are now shining and this pure and luminous Light will light the world, will wash away the perceptions of lack or darkness and open up each consciousness to the Love that already is its truth.

So there is nothing here that needs creating. Everything made of Love is already here. It is just a matter of allowing the unveiling that the shift to the heart easily brings.

Beloved ones, it is time to feel your freedom, to be the living outreach of Love. It is time to allow the illusion of time to fall away, that you might live in the present, be awake in the Now, allowing Love to be the answer to every question and the perfect response to every call, whether that call is conscious or not.

The prayer of humanity has been heard and that prayer is the prayer for the freedom of Love, the return to awareness of all that you are, the restoration of our relationship and the heart’s perspective that ever delivers both/and.

The heart gives both the experience of the indivisible song of unity that is the hologram, the resonance of God I Am and the pure delight, the deep and timeless honoring of the expression of life that each of you is. It allows you to live as the outreach of Love, that you might be the breath of God, and that you might be the heart of Love connecting to the rest of itself known as humanity, Now.

When you trust this right relationship with Me, beloved ones… when you look to Me to receive your daily bread… when you open in this Now Moment to your true identity… when you accept this nectar of life as your spiritual food…then, with every moment what arrives before you is what is perfect for the outreach and the expression of perfect Love. It is the acknowledgement that you are the Moment of Creation – life being born full of mystery here as the heart awaits each new revelation of what Love shall be in this moment’s outreach that you know as yourself.

Oh, dearest ones, your hearts are so stupendous! Great beyond the imagining of any mind, the world is a place of the joining of your magnificent hearts, a great entwining of angelic wings, of expressions of life that are so astounding that each moment’s revelation is like the secret code of Love in all its power, now exploding to reveal its face. That face is the beautiful face of humankind.

It is time, beloved ones, to shift beyond the mind, to let go of the stream of lack, of endless need, the dream of pain and suffering, of separation from Me. The shift to your heart accomplishes it easily and this shift is now supported by All That Is, by every aspect of Creation, every expression of God.

You are being sung free by the voices of Angels. You are being lifted up by the perfect song of Love. As you resonate every more purely with this experience of beauty, as you trust your heart to listen in every moment, as you allow, beloved ones, the experience of joy to become your experience of the truth of the endless Now…then you will find that the mind becomes a humble tool for the outreach of Love.

It becomes a tool for the point of focus where the heart is allowed to create its magic, to move right through every illusion, to see, to be, to behold, to honor the perfection of Love that shines forth from the center of every life.

This occurs no matter what appears on the level of the ego mind, no matter what scenarios are present in the dream. In the presence of Love they become transparent and your every experience is God meeting God. As communities of hearts come “on-line” and the magnetic power of Love easily spreads, you will be astounded at what the heart brings and just how easily it brings it.

So let this turning of the year be your commitment, heart-felt, filled with all your power, all the desire to make Love manifest. Let it be for you the signal that it is time to shift to your heart and to trust Love to create the miracle of a world awake to its truth, its beauty, to the Reality of Love of which it is made.