Giving and Receiving Twin Flames as the Particle and the Wave

Giving and Receiving
Twin Flames as the Particle and the Wave

With each eternal heart beat, each dynamic shared breath, every Twin Flame being is a living double helix, creating more Love. And as every Now Moment you dance this dance of glory, each of you must be willing to both give and receive. For as you move within each other, Making Love that is Real, first you must give yourself so fully that you completely become one. Then you receive all the Love that I Am through your Twin Flame heart.
So the heart beat of life in every Now Moment is the shift between the All of Love and the treasure of relationship, again and again. Thus on every axis, every dimension, every aspect, within every atom throughout the whole of Love, everything lives the dynamic relationship between the whole, the One, the Love I Am and relationship, the dance of awareness within every life of its unique identity of Love in Me, its “part” of the living whole.
Without this relationship “question,” without the movement of My consciousness knowing itself, there would be no “creation,” no “created life.” There would only be the One and it could not be dynamic. There would be, for Me, no expansion or expression of My Love.
In each of you then, My beautiful heart lives this dance and this question, being lived out every moment in your Twin Flame consciousness. There is the blending of the two, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine into a holy union of pure pulsing oneness. But its life, its energy, the atomic power that vibrates in your Twin Flame heart is there because at the very same time you are also moving apart – just enough that you can know and love each other. So you are One Love with two dynamic streams of consciousness as a living rhythm that creates the living co-creative helix through which all Creation is named and all Creation is loved by Me.
To live this dance, to embrace this Love and thus to bring it fully into manifestation here in your life requires both the giving up of your identity and it requires the receiving of Love as who you are – as a conscious stream of life so completely that you express your fullest potential. These two things are present in dynamic inclusiveness, meaning, they are happening at once, all in the same moment. This requires a perfect balance in the dynamic Now Moment, centered in the moment in the River of Life.
So, beloved ones, what I am saying to you is that I must ask you to explore a whole new arena of Love – one that corresponds to the “yes” that is required if Love is to live you in the way that allows you to be the embodiment of Twin Flame Love here in this world. First, it is a “yes” to giving yourself to Love to profound that you, yourself, your whole life, your identity is given and the “you” disappears. You become Love. You become your Twin. You are so fluid, so “released” into Love’s mysterious embrace that nothing is defended as an identity of “you.”
You completely give yourself and the two become one. Thw two remember themselves as one. The two become the one heart, without boundaries, without “edges,” without any identity other than Love. Love and nothing else. And when this moment comes, each stream of Love, the masculine and the feminine, each must wholly give themselves to each other so that the other can fully blend with him or her. This is a “yes” so big that few who are focused here as a person can imagine such a “yes,” such a total “yes” – a release of all holding of any preferences, including the preference of “me” or “I” into a “we” so fully merged there can be nothing else.
Then the double helix undulates and the two streams of Love re-emerge becoming aware of relationship, of the one degree of separation, become aware of being Love themselves, receiving Love from another. Receiving so fully, so completely that each is so aware of his/her uniqueness as a gift from Me that every aspect of themselves is cherished and celebrated. By doing this, feeling this, holding this perspective, a dynamic tension is created again with the pull to reunion, to merging again from this pull and this play between the two positions of the blended Love, the sweet and magnificent All, the resting, the glorious ocean and the pull, the excitement, the tension of being in relationship.
Oh, beloved ones, if you open, you can feel this. You can feel the living movement of the double helix that is Twin Flame Love. You can feel it in your being, feel it bathe you and feel it charge you up. You also can allow it to charge up your life, creating such dynamic Love, such energy and such magnetism that every part of Creation opens itself to you.
You can also explore what this great movement means to you, here, as it comes into you life. If you can unveil it here right now in these moments – oh, beloved ones, it will effortlessly change it all – your life and this whole world and the advent of the atomic power of Love, creating the shift right here and right now while bringing all present here to a whole new experience of life.
What this means, dearest ones, is that whether or not your Twin Flame is appearing here before you in the symbols of the world, it is time to open to this fresh living pulse of giving and receiving – giving and receiving as you have never done before. Whether present before you or present in the spirit, which means present in your heart and in the streams of living Love that are your being, please begin this rhythm of giving yourself so totally completely that you lose yourself, your identity.
You melt into your shared being, and as you do so, it will feel so good! Because all of the tension of holding together an identity will fall away, and all of the energy spent keeping those images and beliefs in place are suddenly and completely _____. You are wrapped in the Love of your beloved Twin Flame in complete Love and perfect trust, exactly as you must do with Me to really allow Me to love you and lead you. You will realize again how your magnificent Twin Flame is our relationship manifesting in you, as the whole of you and as relationship, and thus manifesting before you (in front of you) in the symbols of this world.
So you are completely given. You are such a “yes” to Love that you are literally dissolved right into it. You are remembering yourself as the dynamic living giving Love. You are merging with your Twin Flame and thus with the dynamic whole.
Then comes the moment “apart” – the undulation of energy where the wave then becomes the particle, and you are suddenly fully aware of “yourself” as a unique pattern of Love in Me with a precious part to play. In this state, this moment, you are Love self-aware. In this state you must love yourself as the unique being I “created.” Created of Love you are beautiful every moment a gift, every facet of your being a reflection, in rainbow colors, of the diamond white light or the soft golden glow that is My masculine or feminine nature. You are a glorious reflection of God I Am and thus it is your work to bring this forth, to polish the gem that this Love may shine more purely, more and more clearly, more living Love…so that when you merge together once again, you will bring more energy to the joining.
The Love of your unique life, your amazing pattern of expressing My Love has nothing to do with your ego-mind and your identity here “on Earth.” Yet if you open to Love, to giving fully of yourself, to, on the next beat of My great heart, cherishing you, your amazing pattern – it will dissolve the whole ego design. It will open you up to the pulsing of Love and to the ecstatic experience fully conscious now, of Making Love as a movement, ongoing of life – life in and as the Real.
Let Me show you, beloved ones. Please open your hearts. Let Me bring you the conscious experience of giving and receiving and the sharing of Love in between. While it is almost impossible to place into words, I want you to experience it because it is very important. So we will work with this together until it becomes a part of your every breath. Your heart beat will be connected and your life will be pure ecstatic joy as you trace the pulse of the cosmos.
First as you give, as you move toward your Love, on this movement of the wave (as in quantum physics), you will feel how much you love him or her as you pour forth your Love to your beloved Twin Flame. Love, so much Love, admiring every nuance, cherishing every aspect of their consciousness, giving Love as you are giving yourself – until there is no self left All is given and it is the part of the heart beat where all is vertical. Everything is one.
Then the movement as the wave again, pulling back into consciousness, until you can feel yourself, beloved one, in relationship with Me and with your Twin Flame. Here is where you recognize how you are the heart of God and thus you are magnificent, filled with all beauty, given all resources of All That Is. And as you feel this fully, your Twin Flame also reflects to you as ever more glorious and perfect. Thus you give yourself some more. This place where you are yourself clearly is the point of the particle, the individuated consciousness and yet a part of the whole.
I will continue this, dearest ones, as I gently lead you into a greater experience of quantum Love, the truth of Twin Flame Love as both the particle and the wave, as both giving and receiving in whole new ways. For doing this, experiencing this is about fully reclaiming the wholeness of your Twin Flame life. Here, as Heaven on Earth, while at the same time being fully aware of the great movement of Love that is the Real DNA, the Twin Flame double helix as the ecstasy of Love.
Giving and Receiving. Open, dearest ones, to these words and you will be amazed. For what I will show you is beyond your most cherished and hopeful dreams. Once again, in another way, as you explore these words, as you feel them, please say “yes” to Love.