God said:

Beloved ones, when you stop being focused through the little mind, you discover that your awareness becomes holographic. You are alive to the energetic Reality, the truth of Love, the whole of God, and it is ecstatic. And when you see, beloved ones, with your heart, you see the great living circle of life, how everything is moving and all is embraced, and the Love that I Am is current, and present, and alive.

And you are alive in it. Every spark of life, every pulse of Love, is not only felt, but it fully communicates. The moment that your heart touches any, even tiny, movement, the hologram reveals all of its gifts. The presence of Love is tangible and alive, always delivering its gifts.

So in this moment now, gently make the shift to your heart. The moment that the little mind is disengaged, that very moment you can feel the energy, you can hear with your consciousness, the electric vibration of Love. You can completely embrace the movement of life, which is the opening of Love. And you can feel the awakening of all that I Am consciously in this moment.

Everything is so alive in you, that you are the fulness of life being born in wonder. And you are especially attuned to the movement, the trajectory of the Love you are meant to expand now. But everything is part of the package of information, the vibration of life that you are immersed in as the wondrous gift of the Love I Am.

The more you gain the awareness of your heart, the more open you are to wondrous truth of life, the more powerful the gifts, the more alive the presence, the more tender the communion, the more exciting the ecstasy — until you are completely awake to the expansion of the hologram, to the bursting forth of the gifts of life becoming manifest as energy now.

Often your heart receives these messages. It is constantly aware of the gifts of My presence. When you find that you are in attunement with this blessing, all that you receive brings you true mastery of the energies of Love.

So this moment is the moment of your heart. It is glorious engagement with the truth. It is the wonder of your presence as the movement of Love that brings forth the possibilities of your great and glorious heart. And it is easy when you are alive to your presence, to receive the gifts, to rejoice in the life, and to be completely fluid and flexible, that you might fully engage with the blessings of All That I Am, right now.

Life on earth, beloved ones, is a particular focus. You could call it a cosmic address that perceives this experience of Love as being locked down and solid, limited and inflexible. It is ideas of the mind that have been focused upon so often, so regularly, that it has become a particular “place”. It has become what you call a planet. It has become an address of mind that has superseded the fluidity of the heart, and keeps you here experiencing yourself as a human being.

But the truth of the heart is calling you, or you would not be receiving this message. The truth of your heart says to you now, “you are truly a cosmic citizen; you dwell here and there; everywhere there is Love, you are”. And therefore, your consciousness is free to interact with the whole of God.

So your work, beloved ones, is to remember your fluid state, to remember the great love-making that is life, to remember to keep your awareness grand, to allow the whole of Love to be at home in you, and you at home in it, to release those things, those old heart’s beliefs that keep you believing in a solid state.

And instead to reclaim the glory of Love, to reclaim the gifts of a fluid awareness, to take up residence in your vast feeling-state, that you may be granted the ability to fly free, without any particular attachment at all.

Therefore, beloved ones, turn to Me and make the choice to shift to the heart. Come to Me as you reach out to Love, that it may awake as your consciousness and your true and flexible state.

You are aware, at least to some degree, of experiences that people have had when they leave what you name the physical plane, and go on to the realms of heaven and Love. What you understand is that you are available to create the symbols of your life instantly, to name with the names of Love, that which you are ready to be. You are aware of the light, of the movement, the grace that allows you to choose what you desire to experience. And to expect the appearance of the symbols of that choice, instantly and effortlessly – now.

And so it is, yet it is even more alive and full of movement than you can begin to imagine. And it is also more filled with light, more fluid than you can comprehend. You are ready to fly free of every limited perception, that you may reclaim your life as the open heart of God I Am, as a glorious expression of the living fires of Love, and the power and the beauty of grace, that lets this Love be expressed as your open and glorious heart.

What you are learning here, beloved ones, is how your consciousness works, how Love is made manifest as the energies of God, and how the misperception of life as a limited state, causes you to remain tied down to a physical planet.

Everything is conscious Love. Everything truly is the fires of life expressed, blazing, beloved ones, through your hearts to fully create your experience of life. These gifts are not only freely given, they are the way that you express your energies, your life, and your gratitude for the vastness, the limitless freedom you are.

This is the gift of your heart. For your heart is alive to every nuance of Love. Your heart is the hologram of God, of All-That-I-Am. It is the excitement of creation, packaged up and celebrated. All hearts are aligned on one frequency, and that is the frequency of Love.

Some of you can easily express this grandeur. Some of you already are the movement of Love. And some of you are as yet feeling divided, aware of the energies and how the heart connects with them.

With every movement, every breath, you are gifted with remembering how vast you are as this ocean of Love, how limitlessly free you are flying, how perfectly you can find everything that you wish to create, living in the heart of God, which is the truth of your energy.

So come, My heart, and fly. Come and embrace the powers of Love. Come and rejoice in this gift of this moment, as you are being born as Love’s perfection. And as you are, say “yes” to the gift and the amazement of expressing the energies of pure Love, without boundaries and without limits.

The more you are available for this, the more beautiful your energies, the more perfect the symbols of life that surround you and celebrate this Love, the more you remember, beloved ones, just how perfectly you wield this power of Love.

For Love is the only Real power. Love is the one truth that never changes. Love is the eternal answer to every question. It is your nature, your beauty and your energy. And Love is ready to be served by you now, and to serve you as your recognition of all that you are, as your heart sees creation.

Shift to your heart now and you will find what Love reveals to you. Shift to your heart and experience the universe, not just your life in the world. Shift to the heart and accept the gifts that Love brings. Shift to your heart and recognize yourself as the powers of creation at work and at play. Shift to your heart now, and you will find such freedom and such beauty, that the perceptions of a limited life and a limited world must easily fall away.

Beloved ones, when your heart is open and you can feel the energy, the vibrations of Love, that crackling presence, that vibrant experience of life, you can know that the heart’s focus is creating limitless freedom.

When you find yourself focused in the little mind, and especially when your attention is drawn to the illusion of duality of something you want, or something you don’t want, something that clearly has an opposite, then you can know that you need to make a shift, that your focus is creating a limited world.

Thus, make the choice to shift into your heart and to open to the experience of limitlessness and freedom, until you are fully alive to the fluid nature of Love. And being fluid, you can be aware that that which you are creating, is ever going to be created with movement, and joy and the singular truth of Love.

I Am always with you, alive in you, here to assist you. Your heart will always show you the way. It will show you when you are focused on creation as the freedom and expansion of God. And it will show you when you are focused in a dualistic way that anchors you to the perception of a limited life and a physical world.

In these times where the energies of life increase and the power of Love is creating astounding experiences of freedom, it is so important to recognize the focus and the energy that you are amplifying, beloved ones.

Let the energy of your heart be the vibration of truth, and every moment you are alive to the wonders of Love, and the miracle of movement and grace that it brings.

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light
3969 Mundell Road
Eureka Springs, AR 72631

Circle of Light