Love Shines Through the Illusion August 25, 2012

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light

Love Shines Through the Illusion
August 25, 2012

Beloved ones, your hearts are magnificent. They are beautiful, powerful, glorious, astounding. Your hearts are the same as Mine, the one heart of Love, but with your own unique perspective.

Love is a feeling state. It is the joy of the universe — energy in motion. Therefore, your hearts are meant to feel the truth of Love every moment. When you are thinking with your mind, you have stepped away from the feeling of Love, and allowed a distance to come between you and the truth of God.

Your hearts are needed now to feel the truth of Love in all things, regardless of the illusions of the mind. In this time of upheaval and political change, I Am asking you again to hold the highest resonance, to be willing to be the heart of God, to place your heart out there to connect deeply to all things, even those things that your mind would tell you are difficult or something to be rejected.

Your hearts go right through the illusion to find the truth of Love in all beings, in all things. Not only to find it, but to feel it, to recognize and accord it, to rejoice in the Love that is the essence of all beings, every aspect of life on Earth. The moment that your heart feels the truth of life, then that truth is multiplied, given power, given your vote.

So, use your hearts to feel the Love that is behind every illusion of divisiveness, every expression of duality. As you do, you will find My ecstasy. The joy of living in the fullness of Love will fill you, lift you and carry you from place to place, from need to need, so that you are present as the heart of God, the heart of Love exactly where you are needed.

You are here to bring Love forth, to allow this resonance of joy to take over every heart. You are here to acknowledge the truth that only Love is transformative, only the heart can bring about the change that you are longing for.

So when you feel tempted to get embroiled in the world of the mind, to discuss the aspects of the political culture, take a deep breath…open your heart, feel the resonance of Love and recognize the truth that right behind all the things that your mind sees is the truth of the unity of God, reaching forth, ready to be acknowledged.

You will feel it as flashes of joy and you will see it as streams of Light, bursting through the illusions of the world you have known. When you see this, when you feel this Love, your work is to say “yes” to it, to bring it forth in acknowledgement, to unite with it in joy and thus to dissolve all dissonance, all beliefs in other than Love.

It will take practice at first to hold to the truth of your heart and to feel, feel, feel the powerful movement of Love, but as you do, beloved ones, you will be bringing forth the truth of Love, making it stronger, making it ever more visible that the illusions of the world of duality can fade and the truth of Love can prevail.

As you feel the joy of Love acknowledging itself, you will begin to experience through your heart all of the aspects of the Love of God, All That I Am in all the myriad perspectives that I Am. Your precious hearts are each bringing forth a different aspect of beauty, each intensifying our awareness of the heart we share and all that lives within it — the depth and the perfection and the creativity that keeps bringing new expressions of Love into being.

This is who you are — the heart of God — and this is what you are meant to feel every moment — this upliftment, this expansiveness, this ecstasy and this trust in the power of Love to reveal itself in everything. The time comes as you live in this feeling of expansiveness of Love, of joy when you will consciously pick up the little mind, use it when it is necessary and put it away, again consciously, as you fly free on the wings of Light that are your true feeling state.

The more that you feel the truth of your heart, the more that you feel our unity, the more that you live in the world you have agreed to create — the bridge world of perfection, of Paradise on Earth, Heaven in your moments…

Come to Me to know your own heart, for as you feel this communion, as you rise in the blessings of Love’s ability to create, you will find who you are. You will understand the depths of your being and the capacity for Love that you have, the capacity as large as Creation itself, easily sufficient for loving this world.

When you feel the truth of Love behind every illusion, then your heart is doing its work, bringing forth the reality of Love that has been hidden in that person, in that situation, giving it your vote and bringing it into the Light so that that which truly exists can be strengthened, can be lived and can reveal itself ever more fully in a world filled with grace.

Beauty is the natural result of Love. So the more that you feel the truth of Love behind every illusion, the more the true beauty of that person, that being, that situation can come forth, can be revealed, and so you support the awakening of all beings into the joyous feeling state of Love.

Hold the highest resonance. Let it be your experience that every moment the mystery of God I Am is easily revealed, and that mystery is always the awakening of Love into something ever more grand, ever more beautiful, and you are the heart that discovers it. Be a witness to Love, beloved ones, in yourself and in everything that you encounter.

If you hold steady to this choice, you will find that though you might see the illusion of duality for a moment, very quickly you will move through to the other side, to the spark of life, to the truth of God that lives within all things. That will be what you vote for. That will be what you support. That will be your reality and your feeling state every moment, and always you will be filled with gratitude and joy.

I Am with you as I Am in you. The discovery of Love revealing itself as all things is about to begin. Come, beloved ones, and join Me as we celebrate our Love together.