The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light

Dearest Spirit Family:

On our website – — we offer a very powerful page called Ask God a Question. It is located under “Explore” on the top navigation bar. We wish to direct you there because many of the questions that you have asked, Yael has taken to God in meditation and they are answered in this format. We strongly encourage you to visit that page.

In this email, we share with you a few questions from that page with especially timely answers from God for all of us. We hold all of you in deepest Love and thank you for your beautiful hearts and for your dedication to God. Yael, Doug, ShannaPra

QUESTION #23: Though it is not our responsibility to raise the vibration of another, how can we encourage them to truly blossom, when they do not see themselves as we do?


Beloved one, this is a very important question. First, I would say to you: come into your own heart with dedication. Come into this communion continually until you find that you are alive to this Love so fully and so joyously that only the voice of Love speaks through you. Then you will know that just the right words, the right answers, the right vibration and moments of inspiration will be made available to the one that you care for. Your own ego and its judgments will not be involved.

Secondly, when you are in your heart you will find that the heart loves absolutely unconditionally and that when you love with no conditions, with no judgments, with no thought of anything but the other’s beauty and perfection, then what you do is you make this available for them to step into – that they may say “Yes” to Love at any moment.

But if you hold one single judgment of how they should be, then, beloved one, be aware that this is your ego for the truth of Love sees only God, and when you see only God, no matter how another presents, no matter what they are doing, thinking or seeing…no matter how they might be “acting out,” then you know that you are truly supporting them to be the truth of Love that they are. This is all I see when I look at you and it is what your heart sees always in everyone.

The moment that you become this encompassing Love, that the circle of your heart holds this beloved one, truly, then you can trust that they will take every step in perfect order according to the resonance, according to their own heart’s opening, and you are simply thrilled to worship their beauty and to honor them as the expression of God that they are.

Also, remember that what is in your life is a reflection, not only of your own resonance but also of your own heart’s beliefs… So as you open your heart to Me, as you come to accept and live your own divinity, as your resonance becomes this song of Love continuously…then what you see before you, what is in your life will change to reflect your heart in sometimes miraculous ways.

The work is always and the joy is always your own heart. Coming into the beauty and the Love you are…transforming the ego mind and its limiting beliefs that you might be only the presence of Love here in the world. What you will see before you will be the reflection, dear one, of your perfection, always.


The following questions have been shortened, but their essence is clear here. Questions 31 and 32, Ask God a Question.

“I am reflecting on the practice of mining, of coal, gold, diamonds and many other things. Are we hurting Mother Earth when we extract such things from under the ground?…” AND

“I am …. thinking of animals as I see them as expressions of Your magnificence and love. This leads me to great suffering when I remember or contemplate or am confronted with all the terrible things humans do to animals. It is October and soon the hunting season starts here…”


Beloved ones, I am answering these questions together because the answer for each of these is the same. There are two worlds that are present here, especially now in this time of change. There is the world that is created by the ego mind. It is the world of which you speak in your questions. It is a world that is full of pain and suffering. It is a world that is based on bad and good. It is the world that is perceived with the two eyes of the ego. To live in this world, to use the mind, it cannot be any different, for duality is the play of opposites.

At the same time, in the same space, woven into everything that the mind sees is the glowing world of beauty, the world of Love, the world of God, the world that is seen through the heart. This world is every bit as real…more Real, beloved ones, than the world you see. More Real than these issues that cause such distress when you approach them in the dichotomy of the ego.

And you, beloved ones, are so important. You are the key to change because you stand right now on the cusp between these two worlds, and you are the power and the Love of God…the creative force of life present here to choose which world shall be experienced by WHERE YOU PLACE YOUR FOCUS.

Your focus is absolutely creative. If you focus on these things that cause the stress, if you focus on the lack, on destroying the Earth…if you focus on the hunters taking life, causing pain…beloved ones, you are contributing … You are making your choice. You are creating more of the same.

But if you rise above, if you change your vibration, if you open your heart and see with the eye of Love, your experience of the world will be an experience of the extraordinary interweaving of conscious life, of living Love that is birthed continually in the Now as the expression of the only truth and that truth is that only Love is Real.

Everything else, all of duality, is what I call a sub-creation. It is the story line created by millions of minds joined together to pretend that you can somehow be other than Love. So, standing on this cusp, I ask you to lift up, to shift your vibration, to feel the Love, to do whatever you can to become the open heart that perceives what I am calling “Heaven on Earth,” the bridge we are creating to the truth of Love which is consciousness, which is Spirit, and which is true power, the power of Love.

So, dearest ones, as long as you see duality, you will see these stories of the ego. If you shift to your heart, then you serve the world in the most powerful way, by being the power of Love, by remembering that only Love truly exists, and that by changing the vibration in which you live, YOU CHANGE EVERYTHING. And it is done from the LEVEL OF THE SPIRIT. It is not done from the level of the world.

Remember what even Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem on the level of the problem.” You must lift it up through the resonance of your heart. You must become the source of magnetic power. You must place your creative focus, beloved ones, on what you want…not on what you don’t want. These things you already know. What you don’t realize is that the world of Love is more Real than the world of illusion, and that the power of your hearts is far, far greater than the power of your ego…your little mind.

This moment in time is about making that choice. You are on the cusp of freedom. Choose the world of Love, and choose your heart as the instrument by which you see. Lift your attention off of those things that are the heart of your distress and your questions.

Come to Me and I will show you what Love really is, and I will give you the experience of the Real of Love. I will be with you every moment bringing to birth “Heaven on Earth.”