There Are No Separate Hearts A Different View of Challenges 4-4-12

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell at
Circle of Light

Dearest Spirit Family:

We here at Circle of Light are truly honored to have been given the gift of the Messages from God to bring forth to humanity through Yael and Doug Powell. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including with any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information.

We hold each one of you in Love. We thank you for being conduits of God’s Love on Earth and wish you joy and blessings never ending. May each of us live the Love and perfection that is given forth through this Message.

Yael, Doug and ShannaPra at CIRCLE OF LIGHT

There Are No Separate Hearts
A Different View of Challenges

Beloved ones, your hearts are being used. Your hearts are being used continually, for you are the presence of Real Love and you are bringing in the vibration of the truth that only Love is Real…simply by your presence here, oh, yes, but also by your consciousness and your choice to meet the illusion of the world, feeling the Reality of God.

Everything you experience then becomes the awakening of the consciousness of unity, that all hearts and all experiences are one. Whatever you face, you face for all and the choice for your heart, beloved ones, makes all the difference, and makes it immediately.

If you find yourself faced with something difficult, you know instantly that you are present in order to transform that perception of being part of duality into the Real experience of being God, joyously living in the Now and loving everything.

The moment that you make this shift, the energy changes everything. The vibration of Love is like a silent river that penetrates beneath the surface of the little minds that are perceiving a world in which things are challenging, are difficult. This River of Love begins to feed each precious soul, seeps into the being of everyone who touches your heart and brings to you not only the awareness of God meeting God, but the result of experiences that are reflecting the world of Love, and not the world of the ego mind.

There can be no separation now between anyone. It is not your problem or the problems of someone else. It is complete connection and service, heart to heart, spirit to spirit and consciousness to consciousness. Thus, you come to every day with a question: What is it that I experience now as an ego? What is it that isn’t flowing, isn’t joyous? Whatever it is, this is where you stand and make the shift to feeling Love in and as whatever it is, until you can walk through the world in ecstasy meeting everything as part of this dance of transformation.

So you are on the line right now, beloved ones, serving the world by dropping your own perceptions as an ego, by releasing your own story line and meeting everything that comes to your world as the presence of Love and nothing else.

In doing this, you will discover a whole new experience of meeting “problems,” of “solving issues.” As you walk as Love, your vibration changes everything, and what might have been the results on the level of ego are lifted up, made smooth and brought into the Reality that Love blossoms continually, no matter what the story is before you…no matter what the little mind creates and no matter whether it’s yours or it is someone else’s. It is before you because you have the strength to stand as Love, heart open, immersed in joy and to meet it head on, until you feel the truth alive in you, beloved ones, that it is only God meeting God.

I have said to you before that when you are in communion with Me, when your heart is that through which you live in the world, then you can walk literally through a mine field. You can stand in the middle of an experience of war. You can move into and out of blazing buildings because the Reality of Love is a different vibration from the reality of the world of duality, and thus, resonates in a different way and cannot be touched by the heart’s belief in other than Love.

It takes practice to be able to hold the resonance of this Love, to keep your heart open and to maintain this communion no matter what is placed before you, no matter what unfolds in your “movie,” no matter what old heart’s beliefs are up for transformation. Beloved ones, you absolutely can do this or you would not be reading these words. You would not feel this call with your heart. You would not recognize yourself when I speak of the heart of God, open, alive and in service.

Therefore, come into your heart and listen. Listen for Me and listen for the vibration of Love. Not only is it uplifting. It is recognized as the Source of your life, as the truth of your being and as the choice that you are here to make, until all that is perceived is God dancing… And dancing, beloved ones, in joy…

Does this seem a far cry from what your eyes now see? I tell you, beloved ones, it is not. It is so close. It is closer than your breathing. The world of Love already exists and the world of Love doesn’t need to change things. It simply is. By the experience, it is brought forth to be recognized as the only truth. Only Love is Real and every aspect is already expressed on Earth.

You have already heard all of these examples that shifting your vibration is like changing the channel on a television, that one moment you can be watching scenes of war. Turn the dial and you are watching a Love story. It is exactly this way when you make the shift to the heart from the ego mind. This is what I call you to this day, this moment, this hour, this Now, continually.

As you practice making this choice, you will be astounded. Things that once seemed so difficult and so intense, you move through now effortlessly with positive results and also with blessings that come through you, stand forth as the Love I Am, to radiate to every life that connects with yours. You will find yourself far beyond synchronicity. You will find yourself guided by this communion we share, moment to moment, absolutely impeccably.

Will you recognize that every moment is this choice, to be the heart of God alive in service? To be nothing else but this sparkling joy, this presence of Love, and the conscious acknowledgement that only Love is Real? That perception, right there, is everything. Often it is made on the feeling level, for the mind can’t truly know what Love is. No matter how it wants to believe, it really can’t touch it.

Yet, the reality of the heart is undeniable. It lifts you up and makes you feel free, even though your “problems” haven’t changed, even though the ego is still resisting things, even though the little mind keeps pushing you to get what it wants. When the heart is Real, the desires of the ego become encompassed by your true presence as the heart of Love. When you are here in this vibration, in this “space,” not only are your challenges transformed. The transformation is for the consciousness of humanity that still believes that life is difficult, that these challenges are real and somehow necessary.

Your hearts, beloved ones, know differently, and yet…please listen…your heart doesn’t care if this or that turns out a certain way. Your heart brings to everything the Reality of Love, and thus, embraces all that it finds, lifting up the resonance to what is Real and then moving on. The little mind keeps you constantly working to attempt to control this world of illusion but the truth of the heart simply unfolds by resonance, and it will affect your experiences in the world, most definitely.

But you won’t be attached, because you know that as you stand forth as pure Love, what Love will do as you is paramount. If that means, walking through that mine field, then, so be it. Love will do it perfectly, beyond the story of the wants and needs of the personality.

There is no time for separating out the issues. Everyone now transforms for everyone. Every choice for Love is now so powerful that with every day that goes by, it is amplified thousands of times. Every moment when your heart is in communion with Me and we celebrate the miracle of this relationship, every heart in the world is opened to receive this communion of Love with its Source, and to experience this vibration of glorious unity and the great gift of the facets of God loving each other.

So, is there something before you now that you find difficult? How wonderful! This is the place you serve. This is where you stand on the line and become the heart of Love, become the out-picturing of God, become that which forever exists in timeless joy and can easily encompass the world of duality. Nothing is too difficult for the heart of God, and nothing is beyond being loved.

Walking into whatever it is with your heart attuned to Me, with your energy field vibrating at the highest resonance will part the waters, literally, of the egoic dream; draw to you good just like a magnet; and lift up the whole hologram of humanity to the truth of Love. In that instant, your choice is that powerful.

You can trust that you have agreed to what you are experiencing. You have said, on the level of spirit, that you are “up to this,” that you are willing to stand firm and make the choice for Love, again and again, until it sticks…until you remember not to fall into the ego with its defensiveness, its resistance, its limited beliefs. Rather, to choose the heart until you feel this Love, until you are joy vibrating, until you feel yourself fully alive and supported in the Now Moment as you move forth to love whatever it is…

Do not judge your current circumstances by past results. To do so is to re-instate the old world, to bring back into being your old heart’s beliefs, your limited perception of how things go and of who you are as a personality – rather than moving as the heart of Love from which the ego’s perspective has fallen, washed away in this upliftment. Every step is taken as Love and every moment is Love’s experience being present in the world.

It is no longer time for individuals. It is time for the heart of humanity. It is time to practice holding the resonance of Love. Practice it when there is nothing challenging before you, and when there is, know that Love is up for it, and that Love has no judgment of bad and good… Love simply moves to greet what has been drawn and the greetings change the resonance, for Love is always stronger than duality. The truth is chosen, then delivered…ever new experiences of life, until Heaven on Earth is a Reality – not because it is ego-driven and you’ve chosen it from that level, but because, beloved ones, of the Law of Resonance.

As you live this Love, as you feel it moment to moment, then by that Law of Resonance everything shifts to sing forth the truth that only Love is Real, and that such Love makes manifest such good, such beauty, such an experience of life that it must be reflected as the world around you, even though the heart has no attachment. The heart still loves to celebrate and celebrate, beloved ones, we will and we do.

It is time to let your ego fall away, to shift into this wholeness, to feel this Love, to be aware that growth is Love multiplied, multiplying itself, because you are standing as Love in the world. It is easy to fall back on ego consciousness, to see this life as “your” challenges, to experience the continual judgment of the little mind. But with the shift to the heart, it is instantly different. That which, perhaps, you have been dreading, that which seems perhaps insurmountable, is suddenly a gift, an opportunity for serving as the heart of God, touching, merging and lifting everything that you encounter into the truth of Love.

With so many of you making this choice for the shift to the heart, stepping into your lives consciously, releasing the story line, the ego dream and being present as the Love I Am…that which has been reflected as the world of duality, as the crazy perception that something other than Love could be real…that world is easily uplifted as you walk through any challenges feeling the vibrational truth that Love is your every step, your every encounter, your every breath, your constant prayer of gratitude, that Love looks for nothing special but blesses all it touches easily.