My beloved Circle of Light Family, November 16, 2012

November 16, 2012

My beloved Circle of Light Family,

Your hearts are all so dear to me and so clear to me whenever I open my heart to this Circle of Love, but never as clear as they have been in this last period of time as I went through the experience of almost leaving the physical plane behind. For those of you who might not know all that occurred: on June 7, I had an aneurism burst causing a very severe brain bleed and neurologically-caused heart attack. It also created essentially a stroke as a result of the blood in my brain.

Thanks to God sending Shanna to find me, I was then air-vaced to a hospital in Springfield, MO where surgery was performed, placing coils in my brain to stop the bleeding. From that point for the next two months, Doug and I were in the hospital spending all of our time working on bringing me back.

What I want you to know is how important, how critical all of your prayers were and all of your Love…not to mention all of your wonderful cards and letters. I read them in my hospital room and every one touched me deeply and gave me courage to continue on.

At first I had no memory of my time in the hospital. As I became more aware, it all felt as though I were in a dream and I had serious memory issues…being unable to even remember where I lived. With hard work and such incredible Love from my beloved Doug, I have been able to return to almost the state I was in before this all occurred. Doug stood by me absolutely every step of the way, taking care of me in some very difficult times and experiences. Knowing that all of this Love surrounded me and held me up made all the difference.

I apologize for not being able to answer each of your cards and letters but I want to let you know just how important they have been, and how incredibly grateful I am to still be here with all of you, serving God and lifting the planet into a world of Love.

After spending the last couple of months recovering, building my strength, strengthening my thinking ability and slowly entering back into my communion with God, I am feeling ready to really begin once again being the conduit that it is my heart-felt prayer to be, a clear and open conduit for God’s Love for bringing the Messages from God to you. (Shanna’s addition)

I would like to ask that you all continue to hold me in your heart, but most importantly, let’s all thank God for this miracle that I am getting to live. So many people who experienced what I did go on into the next realm or have serious and life-long challenges as a result. I am grateful to report that I have been able by God’s grace, to come back so well and to get to live every day in this beautiful and light-filled world of Heaven on Earth that we are building.

Please know how deeply grateful I am for each and every one of you, for your participation in this tremendous change that we are bringing to planet Earth. Thank you, my dear heart family for all that you give to me. I am so grateful. Yours in God’s endless Love, Yael