A New Experience of LIFE 10-31-12

A New Experience of LIFE

Beloved ones, as your heart soars, feeling this Love that washes through your consciousness and dissolving eons of fear… As your heart feels the truth of life… you will be so joyously, dynamically present … so fully alive that you will at last realize what you are truly capable of.

I Am pure LIFE and this life in you is ever exploding in pure and limitless waves of ecstasy that ripple through your being and burst forth as your consciousness, supported and directed by your beautiful and open heart.

All the things that you have done — you, collectively, as humankind to make yourselves feel alive have all been an attempt to return to this state of sizzling, electric, dynamic and ever-glorious life. All the mountains that humans have climbed, all the love affairs that weren’t right for you, all the ways that people have used money — the things that have been built and have been destroyed — the pseudo lure of false power — all of it has been an attempt to regain the feeling of LIFE, life in capital letters, LIFE that is so Real, so consuming, so ecstatic that there is never any doubt that you are part of the miracle that Creation itself is alive here as you. This moment is the birthplace of God.

This experience of LIFE is now yours. It is going to pick you up and to thrill you. It is going to shake you awake like you have never been before, until every moment is the dawning of Creation as your consciousness, as you shimmer, glow, explode in joy…as you burst into being with no boundaries to the life you are, as you thrill to the magic of all that comes forth through you, as you SEE what is present, what is coming alive for you, as you recognize what it is you represent — the purest impetus of Creation, alive in the Now as you.

Oh, dearest ones, this level of life has never yet been experienced fully in this world. This is the advent of a completely new experience of energy. It is the revelation of the power and the beauty that creates the life you are, as your consciousness and your heart, working together are the direct experience of the Moment of Creation.

Life in all its beauty, in all its splendor, in all its glory is yours to experience if you only say “Yes,” but it means, beloved ones, dropping the ways that you protect yourself, the ways you’ve become limited by the perceptions of the ego, all of the ways you have stopped down the essence of life that flows through you.

The moment that you agree to experience LIFE to its fullest, you become the center of the whirlwind. You become the very power of God I Am, not only “off your feet,” but instantly beyond all your boundaries and leave you thrilling to the energy that pulses in this moment and grants you the experience of being fully alive.

Oh, beloved ones, the ego and the experience of these separate identities have been mainly to divide you, to separate you from this force, the force of life that allows you to be fully empowered, to stand forth to be Creation, to shake the world to its very foundation, to bring to birth amazing things as the expression of this Love I Am and to recognize that this is you, this power.

You already know how many of societies throughout the world are set up for this purpose — to dissociate people from the recognition of their own power. I Am here to bring you to a greater awareness of the power of Love — more beautiful than anything the mind can imagine.

All of this is coming to bear right now, knocking on the door of your heart, seeking to live you and to thrill you with all that you are, that you might experience this whole world as the expression of life, the honoring of your power, your beauty and your joy, the symbols that express your heart as the miracle of Creation and rush through your being as great waves of perfect Love and indivisible, never-ending LIFE.

Beloved ones, how I want you to experience being alive — not the limited life of a human being but the fullness of the pure life of God that brings you to each moment in reverence and in awe and reveals to you Real life expressing itself, ready to speak in the depths of your being, to thrill to the essence of your heart, to cascade in great waves of wonder and to speak in the language of Love as the one heart of God at last coming to know itself.

Oh, beloved ones, as you choose Real life, as you drop the ego’s dream of protecting yourself and leap into the moment in trust and joy, you will find that you are living in the birthplace of God I Am, everything experienced within your being, everything in communion with your heart.
Every moment will be the most exquisite direct experience of endless joy with no doubt that you go on forever and that everywhere you look and feel and reach and open your heart, there is more LIFE, more joy, more explosions of wonder, more of the birth of Love, fully conscious. More of My awakening, beloved ones, as you.

No one who is yet contained by the consciousness of being human has fully experienced this power and beauty, this LIFE. The only way that you will is to completely give yourselves over to it, to recognize that life truly must choose to live you and in the surrender to this miracle, you are fully alive where every atom of your being is filled with the present — to be acknowledging Me as I Am acknowledging you and looking into each other.

The truth of gratitude dawns, that like LIFE, it is all consuming and it is perfect. As you open to the miracle of life, to the complete immersion in this experience… As you become the limitless Love, you are the tremoring of the universe whose vibration builds in celebration as the glory of life proclaims “I Am fully alive forever.”

It is, of course, something that you feel that speaks in every electron and atom, acknowledging the magnificent oneness as all life says “YES” and becomes the celebration of the heart of God awakening to itself continually.

So much of your time on Earth has been spent with the focus of your attention in the little mind, which leaves you cut off from the tremoring, from the building of the vibrations of Love exploding, that when allowed, are the experience of the true LoveMaking — the forces of God creating more LIFE, the forces of your Source and your being sweeping you away, past every limiting consciousness into endless ecstasy.

Are you ready, beloved ones, to embrace LIFE, to change this world into the full experience of God awakening? I know that you are and I Am here in soul-deep communion, speaking through every pulse and every heart beat and every new manifestation of beauty that is your heart’s creation, the heart that I Am right now.