The 100%! A Message from God on Creating True Prosperity 2-13-12

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell
at Circle of Light

The 100%!
A Message from God on
Creating True Prosperity

Beloved ones, let Me fill you with this Light. Let Me pour it into your consciousness, that you might see illumination. Let Me fill your very atoms with this nourishment that life is, and deep within your heart, please say “I accept it.”

I Am the Source and I Am giving you the fullness of the very life I Am, that you might express it gloriously in joyousness, that you might whirl and dance and live your life in ecstasy, trusting that I Am the Life and shall ever provide for you absolutely everything that you need. I provide everything you need, not only to survive but to flourish – to be the co-creative heart of God, to sparkle through the universe, to shine into this world, to open and to pulsate with this Love.

I provide everything you need to be the very forces of Creation coming together to create more good. All of it is sourced directly from Me into you and as you, that you might drink in this abundance that Creation is, that you might open your heart and receive this gift, the grand and limitless abundance of your life.

Beloved ones, this world is a spiritual creation. It is not physical. It is dancing electrons of living Light. Even your science now knows this and shows you. Yet, you still believe that your sustenance comes to you from outside yourselves. Nothing is farther from the truth.

I want you to be free. I want you to live in the grace that Heaven is. I want you to drink Love and feast on God and know that I am the truth of your very being. Every moment the grand treasures of God are yours because they are the truth of your being, and they come to you in a flood, continually, limitlessly in indescribable abundance in this very Now Moment.

Now let us look at the mountains of fear that in your world surround the thoughts of money, of sustenance, of prosperity. Beloved ones, come into your hearts and feel the truth. There is no limitation in God. There cannot be. It is impossible, for I Am everything, All That Is. And so are you.

When your open heart is accepting and it is where you live and the treasures of God truly fall from the Heavens and supply your every need…this, beloved ones is where we are going. This is what I want you to feel – to feel the truth that I Am the Source of your life and the Source comes forth from within your heart to be reflected in the symbols of the world.

So when you feel this truth of My limitless Love and you feel the glory of your creation, even the little mind must “bend its knee” and must accept the fact that is indisputable. I Am limitless, limitless life, limitless Love. I Am the Source of your being. I Am your identity. Therefore, you are limitless as well, and certainly, you are provided for. Would not God provide for Herself/Himself???

Beloved ones, this is the greatest lie that has been perpetuated on your planet…that you are at the mercy of forces outside of you for your ability to provide what you need to live, to provide for yourself, to provide for your family and to live a life where all you need and all you want is yours.

There is a movement afoot to take back the power from Wall Street. Beloved ones, even this is backwards. It is still looking at the world as the source of what you need.

I say, take back your hearts. Take back your hearts and be the 100% of God. Not 99%, beloved ones. 100%. There is nothing else. There is nothing I Am that you are not, and there is nothing that can keep you from claiming this if you come into your heart and feel the truth that you are the dynamic power of Love.

You are the pulsing transmitter of the Source of life. When you come to rely upon your heart and to feel Me in this holy communion, you will find that your heart’s beliefs in a world outside of you will dissolve, and what flows forth as the symbols of your life will come directly from the heart that truly knows its Maker and always has.

Take back your hearts, beloved ones. Take back your power, 100%. Come into this place where you can feel the truth. When you feel it, even the mind must acknowledge that a God of Love, a God that infuses everything would certainly, absolutely provide for itself and provide for those extensions of itself that are the outreach of Love named humanity.

So let us start a movement called the 100% that stands on the truth of what Love is – that Love is a substance more Real than the world, that it provides for you breath by breath and heartbeat by heartbeat… that as you count on it, as you trust it, as you come into the Now…and this is very important…then you are in the flow of life. You are alive to the Source. You are aligned with the resonance of God and by the Law of Resonance, it must appear before you as your world and in you as your experience. Thus, proof is offered to the mind that must be sourced from the heart.

Come! Come back to Me! Come back to Love. Come back to Real power, Real abundance, Real life. Take back your heart’s beliefs in the power of life being outside of you, in it resting in the hands of anyone. You are the power of God. You are the heart of the Universe. You are the hands of Love in outreach, in giving and what is given freely as the blessings of life always come back to you.

Let us make this movement to reclaim the truth, the transmission of singing joy and trust. At first it will feel almost impossible because you have been well trained by the ego, which has created this perception of the 99% and the 1% with all the power. In truth, you are giving power to the outer world, 100%, all of the time.

Come back! Beloved ones, come back to Me. Come back into your heart and feel your power. Breathe in this very moment that life is and feel the truth that you are limitless and that your abundance is the abundance of God I Am, the I Am that resonates through your being and brings to bear what you decree.

Decree that you are living in Heaven, that you are the living Light. You are the power of Love and this power, this life supports everything. Beloved ones, shift your ideas of the world. Shift them just a little bit and call it Heaven. See it as a spiritual place. Expand the boundaries of your perception. Stretch out your awareness and feel the support of God. Feel how much I love you. Feel how I Am giving you this very life, All That I Am, and even more, and all you have to do is accept it, truly accept it, beloved ones.

I know this will feel to many of you like a process, but it is a process that must begin. It is the process of the reclamation of your world. The process of the reclamation of your heart. The process of recognizing the 100%. 100% of everyone is God. 100% supported by life. 100% living on the treasures of Heaven. But these treasures come from the inside, not out, and that beloved ones, is the shift.

As you do, as you turn, as you feel your heart, as you recognize the miracle of this gift of Love that is both the in-breath and the out-breath, the heartbeat and the silence, the gift of our communion and the hum of unity…then your heart begins to show you a different world – a world of Light and beauty that is already here, a world that is the bridge world between the world of ego and the limitless freedom of the heart of God I Am.

It is a world, beloved ones, we are now creating. This is the focus that will “save you.” It is the focus that will clean up the environment. It is the focus that will change economics. It is the focus that is the only source of Real life. It is the rightful flow from the Moment of Creation, outward through your open heart to manifest pure life, endless grace and ecstasy — the power of Love in and as this world.

So, open your hearts to receive the treasures of Heaven. Bring this deeply into your being and feel the resonance. Feel it. Feel it. Feel it until you begin to see it before you, and when you see it, the proof becomes self-evident.

It is only this bridge that may seem difficult. Support each other in being the 100%, the 100% of God. The 100% of open-hearted Love. The 100% of the population that looks to the Source for its sustenance and not, dear ones, into the world.

The world of separation is not the truth, for I Am One Love and I Am indivisible. Therefore, it is only when you feel Me delivering to the heart this miracle that life is, that Love is, that you begin to experience how Love wraps everything and changes your perspective. But you must be 100% committed to accepting the treasures of Heaven, even in the face of the ego’s world that you have believed in for so long.

It may “take time” to accomplish this, but beloved ones, nothing is more important. This issue of prosperity, of living an abundant life affects absolutely everyone on this planet, and nothing will change life in the world more profoundly than returning to the Source for your treasures, for your sustenance, for your nourishment, for your truth, for your identity, for your example of who you are, for how to live as beings of vast integrity in which the Will of Love becomes your every move.

Tell Me that you accept your abundant life! And do your best to withdraw your focus from the world as the source of your prosperity. Beloved ones, you of all the people on the Earth know this. You know the Law of Resonance. You know that what vibrates in your heart must be reflected or drawn to you, however you want to describe it.

It is the Law. Resonance is infallible. Therefore, change your resonance to Love. Let the old world fears die of atrophy. Come into your heart until you feel Me. Let Me show you your true identity as the heart of Love, as My heart, beloved ones, and I Am telling you I will certainly and forever take care of My heart. What Creator would not?

You are this creative life I Am, the beauty of this Creation is that we are both deep family, best friends, in heart’s communion, Creator and created, the beloved and the heart that loves, and we are the same breath, the same energy, the same explosion of ecstatic and orgasmic joy.

Let Me show you, for you must feel the truth within you, feel the vibration, feel the resonance. I promise you that resonance is contagious and that the heart truly is the most magnetic. All the studies that are being done of the heart’s influence, the scope of its magnetic field, are old hat to all of you.

Now, beloved ones, let’s extend this beyond the human heart to the heart of God, to the power of Creation that is pulsing forth the whole of this limitless life, this endless abundance…yours to receive. Once accepted, it is yours to reflect in the symbols of your life as the treasures of God made manifest… ready to be given forth to others, along with the gift of magnetic resonance, the heart’s entrainment to the truth.

Are you with Me? Are you ready, 100%? All of you, all of you, Now.

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