Living in Joyous Communion with Life (The Garden of Eden Experience)

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell
at Circle of Light
February 1, 2012

Living in Joyous Communion with Life
(The Garden of Eden Experience)

Beloved ones, you are meant to live in a world of delight, a Garden of Eden, where every life is in communion with your heart and where you are aware of the life-filled consciousness that is the expression of God — yet each filled with a unique aspect of Love.

The communication, beloved ones, is clear if you are listening. Your heart already receives all of it, but your mind filters it out. This you already know – that the little mind has selective observation and tunes out the things it deems unimportant.

Yet, you are meant to live in communion with this abundance of living Love that is your world, is your environment, is the expression of your heart and it is meant to be heavenly. You are meant to communicate with the tree outside your window, to build with it a deep and powerful friendship that it might gift you with the awareness of the gifts that it has to give, the messages that it contains about how to live with roots deep into the richness of the Earth and branches completely awake to the Spirit.

These gifts are yours if you pay attention, if you open your heart and allow this communion with life. You are meant to experience the message of the Angels written for you across the sky as a sunset, that you might be drenched in inspiration, inspired with all the gifts of an opening vision of life expansion, of limitless possibilities.

This communion with your heart is not simple. It is deep, alive and multi-dimensional, that when you walk this world, you are completely supported in every step, surrounded by Love, intimately expressing itself through this kaleidoscope of God, of All That I Am as it touches you and establishes this communion of the heart.

Oh, beloved ones, let us reclaim the Garden of Eden. Let every moment be so astoundingly full of Love that you are awed by the treasures of this magnificent life as it is born into your presence so fully alive that it nourishes you with Real life every moment.

I want you to feel the difference that awareness brings and how your life, each of you, can open and expand. How the riches of this Love I Am are always shared with you… and every moment is alive with guidance, with messages of Love that are perfect for you, even to the point of guiding your every step – that your every footfall is placed in harmony with life. You can hear the singing of the grass as you touch it… You can feel the movement of the breath of Love inspiring and exhaling with the whole of Creation…

All of it is a gift for you. It is a gift that life is bringing and that your heart wants to experience, that you might drink the food of Love and eat the water of life… that you might release the mind’s perception of how you are meant to live in order to expand what is experienced as the world, in order to live, beloved ones, in gratitude. Gratitude completes the circle of receiving and giving, of the acknowledgment of our communion which is, of course, the communion with everything.

Picture for a moment the difference in these two scenarios. I want you to feel which one nourishes your spirit, which one keeps you alive to the moment and gifts you with all that your life can bring, giving you the energy to give forth that which you are receiving from Me in every moment, in every form, in every slice of life.

The first scenario is probably familiar. It is walking to your vehicle to go somewhere important, completely absorbed in your thoughts, most of which are of limited resonance. You see nothing outside of your head. You don’t feel the breeze or notice the trees or feel the Earth beneath you. You barely even notice the car keys in your hand. Still absorbed in the stream of endless thought, you place the car in gear and leave home, leaving home in more ways than you ever notice, for you are leaving the home of your heart and allowing your focus to be the constant stream of chatter of the mind.

The second scenario is the one in which you live in the richness of God I Am as the heart of Love, open and apprehending the stream of miracles that surround you and the gift of life in all things. This time you begin by deeply breathing in the air and feeling how it fills you, noticing the scent of the flower, the freshness of the breeze as it touches your face. With every step you are filled with gratitude for the beauty that surrounds you, for the awe in which you live, and feeling your heart recognize the touch of Nature, the upliftment of the natural world. Across the sky there wings a bird that sings to you “good morning” and encourages you to spread your wings and to fly higher into the open sky of Love, a message that is received in an instant, and yet fills your heart with joy and possibilities intuited without needing to evaluate any of them. Rather, allowing anticipation to fill you, anticipation for another adventure with the Spirit, fully alive to what the day brings.

The Earth hums beneath your feet and you can feel it. The life within it is so magical and every moment, you feel your body being fed from life directly, taking in the nourishment of the Earth and drinking in the infusion of Love that comes from the Spirit, while every step becomes an experience of pure joy.

The hologram of Nature fills your heart and spirit, sets every cell buzzing with life. The wind upon your cheek brings you a kiss from Me and in the space that your heart intuits, you feel the Will of Love guiding your very steps into the world and into the day, assuring you that you shall be of service, that I will bring you to exactly the right place, the right person, the right heart in the right moment.

As your hands touch the key to your automobile, you are aware of an ever-greater journey that you are on and how the moments of your life are so holy, so blessed that you whisper a prayer of gratitude as you open the door and get in. The instant you are seated, you see the hologram of your day and feel My guidance point you to where Love is guiding you, asking you to trust who you will see and how I speak as you in this communion of Love that is never ending.

As you leave your driveway, you notice that you are escorted by the bird with whom you shared a pure moment of heart’s communion. You laugh at the miracle of living so close to life that you have your own escort as a symbol of the ability to move and to fly in the Light, trusting your destination and trusting Love to live you and to bring the wholeness of God fully birthed as you, now. Your every breath and your every heart beat is in attunement with Me.

This is just the beginning, beloved ones, of how I encourage you to live. It is time to come alive to the guidance, to the Love, to the wonder of the hologram where every moment is holy and every step is taken consciously, that every day is filled with such rewards, such expansion of your heart, such opening into the truth of Love that you are, that there is no longing for spiritual growth, for change in circumstance, for something to happen because you are filled to overflowing with the vibrancy of the spirit.

You are the outreach of God I Am in action.

Which of these beginnings will you choose to start your day? Beloved ones, it is easy to step into the second one. It is effortless to return to the whole and holy communion with every life, with All I Am in its magnificent expression as this jewel-toned extension of grace that is the world.

When you live with your heart open, when you choose to feel this Love, then every moment is Heaven and duality falls away. Your every experience becomes immersed in Real joy until all that you see, even with the mind, is pure beauty and all that you feel is gratitude for life’s gifts.

The life that you see with your eyes is only the veneer of the ego. It is the world that is created by the little mind, that it has convinced you to believe in. Beloved ones, switch to feelings and use your heart to be the censor. Feel for the vibration of Love. Let that be your approach.

As you feel it, do your best to keep the mind empty, that the communion may not only be felt but also may fill your thoughts with the translation into language of the instant and timeless experience of Love that is the world and your life in it, and the meeting place of all dimensions in the Reality of God.

You are here now in the only time there is, and in this moment, all Creation is born and so are you. When you feel the divine and let your heart be the receptor, the first thing that occurs is the upliftment and the feeling of being fed, loved and taken care of perfectly.

As you feel more, the richness of Creation deepens and brings you the awareness of the language of Love that creates more life, that gives everything, gives it without restriction and makes it Real, makes it clear that every breath is a blessing and a message of Love from Me.

The language of Love is omni-dimensional. It comes into your whole being. It nourishes your core, that place of exploding life where you come forth in this Now Moment, whole and perfect and exuberant, the living power of Love. When you are aware of this feeling, when you are complete as part of the hologram…then your every step is life celebrating and bringing forth Love’s intention perfectly.

I Am not only with you. I Am this life. I Am this circle of Love that is the embrace of Nature and Love that is the gift of living each day from the heart.