A Message for Christmas Eve (Jeshua)

I am Jeshua, and I am a vast being of Love who in the container of my consciousness — as I Am one with my beloved, with Mary — holds for God the reality of the heart of Love, the heart of our Creator as it is expressed as humanity.

I am here to acknowledge for each of you the reality of your being — to be for you the affirmation of your own heart, of all of its glory, of its limitless ability to be the rejoicing of the movement of Love as it is expressed through you as one who extends the Creator’s heart.

What I would like to request of you, my dearest and most beloved friends, you who share this wonderment of life as it is perceived and expressed as this beautiful world — I ask you, please, to fall in Love with your own heart.

Fall in Love is another way of saying, release yourself to the mystery of what you are. Fall into the Temple of the universe that is your heart, the center of the whirling cosmos and find within your heart, my beloved friends, the most exquisite experience of fully allowing the Love that you are to become your life experience.

Fall in Love with your heart. When I say this what I mean is for you to fall effortlessly between the spaces of your thoughts. Let go of all boundaries and perceptions of ego, and fall into the timeless place of the eternal experience of the heart of the Creator that you are. The heart is your true identity. Easily it will remove you from the continual push and pull of the world of the ego or of duality in which you are ever reaching to be more than you are or looking back to see what it is that you have been.

Right in the center of that movement back and forth is a timeless magnificence of the Love you are, waiting to bring to you the reality of only Love, of life beyond fear, of life in which you are falling in Love continually. As you fall, you will always be caught, gently, tenderly in the arms of your Creator. These arms are the symbols of being held and cherished and valued beyond all measure. Ever falling in Love with your Real self is the experience of the glorious surrender that brings you your freedom.

In the midst of your striving and your remembering, in the midst of rushing back and forth through time, in the midst of the list of the things to do and in the midst of your memories and those things that identify you as you — right there in the center of it all is the opening into Love that lets you fall in total surrender to the power of the Love you are and the wonder and the miracle of your heart.

I can promise you, as you fall in Love with your own heart — not the human heart that is so beleaguered, that sees itself broken and full of holes — not this — but the true reality of a heart of Love, grand beyond all measure like the sun in the center of the universe, exploding in endless joy and co-creation of the wonders of Love being given and multiplied. This is the heart for you to explore as you fall in Love with your true nature.

Your heart is the center of the All of God. Your heart is the center of the cosmos. Your heart is the vortex through which Creation loves. When you fall in Love with your own truth, the door to the discovery of the power and the tenderness, the eternal, ecstatic and limitless ability to give, to expand and to be the heart of peace is yours. The truth of who you are.

As you fall in Love with your own heart, my dearest friends, it is a Love we share. The heart that can ever be expressed as every element of the Love of our Creator is ever one heart that we share. When you fall in Love, fall into your own heart, you fall into the center of Creation, of the universe, and in this Love we are one and the same. Every heart is yours to explore and to celebrate as deeply as you celebrate your own.

The mystery of the heart of God is yours to unfold. Loving yourself, your heart in a surrender so beautiful, it opens you to perfect Love with everything and everyone, loving all as you love the one, the heart of Love that we share.

Loving your heart is to love every heart everywhere. It is to love every stream of Love expressing from the All of God. It is to love so perfectly from the center of your universe that you are ever in the center of the whole, infused with the invigorating gift of life. It is one heart loving all and at the same time, being yours, free to be the heart of our Creator and free to be the center, away from the storm of the ego’s constant thundering, back and forth, from past to future.

As you see your mind rushing continually and pulling you with it, striving for spiritual awakening, wondering if what you’ve been is inhibiting you, remembering back and forth along the horizontal arm of duality — just remember that right in the center of that road the mind travels, you can drop to the opening of your choice and fall effortlessly like a feather in a breeze into your heart to remember the experience of being the center of peace.

You can live in this life that you are, infused with such wonder and gratitude, so full of the glory of what you are that everything the heart sees is yours to love, even while the little mind goes back and forth and chatters on.

Fall in Love with your own heart. I challenge you to do this. Take the leap out of the mind and free-fall into Love. Find yourself as the heart of Christ, that which we call the truth of humanity in a timeless experience of ecstasy where life is moved by grace exclusively, even while the ego mind carries on.

From your heart, my dearest and most precious brothers and sisters, we share this endless experience of the reality of Love. Recognize the very energies of Creation as dwelling in the center of your being. They are there to stand with all Love everywhere, the perfect recognition of the unity that to be Love and to be in Love with the heart of Creation is to be loved and to be in Love with every created being, every expression of All That Is.

Fall in Love with your own Christ, the heart that is the center of your being. As you light the candle, perhaps to celebrate Christmas Eve, it is your heart that I want you to acknowledge in all of its purity and its perfection — not as the heart of a human, but as the heart of our Creator. To even begin to use words to describe this experience would be to diminish it instantly to that realm of past and future.

I want your gift for each of you this Christmas to be dropping from the head into the heart and to recognize the magnificence of the Love that you find there as the heart of your identity and your experience of the Love you are. I want you to experience Love’s freedom, to be the center of everything, always.

While you live in the world and serve in whatever your purpose is here, all that you do, all that you think, all that comes through your mind happens against the backdrop of eternity, completely encircled by your own heart and loved truly and unconditionally. Every breath and every movement, every moment of your experience occurs in the limitless eternal Now, right in the cathedral of Creation that is your heart.

Fall in Love with your own heart this season. In that falling, you will experience the Light that Love emits when it is moving. As you fall, you are releasing all boundaries and trusting that Love will support you, and I promise you that it will.

Fall in Love, and as you fall, all that is superfluous falls away and you are pure Love, open and available. You are the consciousness of the heart of God embracing what you truly are and letting that embrace create the miracle as the resonance of Love begins to align your world and bring into the center your experience, guided then from the well of perfect Love that is your heart.

To be free to live what life is does not necessitate getting beyond the little mind. It merely requires making the choice to fall to the center of what is your life as you live it day to day on the surface. In falling, release, surrender, trust that your own heart is grand enough to catch you, vast enough to resonate with deep peace, a peace that is connected to all, to everything — beyond even the concept of dimensions or worlds — where all is one. There your heart is and there shall you live in joy and peace, even while you serve humanity.

As you are traveling the mental road of time and inspecting the ideas that the mind offers, recognize, my dear friends, that you can fall off — fall off the edge of the world, just as the old explorers believed you could. Fall off the horizontal beam of the little mind’s attention and thoughts. Fall into your heart and you will know pure Love so perfectly that it can surround every ego identity, acknowledge its usefulness, its place in the extension of the pure Love that is who you really are.

As you fall in Love with your own heart, the experience then is multiplied and bounces back to you from the whole of the omni-verse, the hologram. Each reflection of your perfect life comes to you as the pure movement of God, of the Love of your Creator given to you that you might feel the ecstasy that Creation is beyond all concepts of division — a breathing of Love that is two energies moving back and forth.

So you fall in Love with your own heart, and your own heart gives Love back to you, wearing the expression of your divine counterpart and the heart beat of the hologram sings your name, your true identity and how you are loved by All That Is.

Make this choice to give yourself to give yourself this gift — to fall in Love with your heart and see where it takes you, to become the experience of being free of time, free to be the expression of God’s Love, aware of itself giving Love outward in peace and in ecstasy.

This peace, this joy, this ecstatic experience of Love will be what you feel alive in your heart each moment, even when using the mind. The mind will then be seen in its true context and the heart experience as your true identity.

As you light the candle on Christmas Eve, turn to me and I will help you. I’ll push you off the balance beam of the mind into the timeless wonder of the heart’s reality that you might come to know your own heart and know it well –as you love your heart and I, as your heart, love you.

As you love your heart, since your heart is the heart of the hologram, then every aspect of every expression of God’s Love, loves you as well. Suddenly the ego searching for Love is seen for what it is — an empty distraction to keep you from the real truth that you are so loved that all of Creation loves you purely, tenderly, intimately and universally. So all of the striving to be loved is instantly released and you accept the truth that Love is not only everywhere. It is coming to you from all of Creation.

You are so loved that with every breath you are falling in Love again with all that you are. I shall be the candle and gladly be the one who pushes you to the space between thoughts, to the tune of your heart beat — off of the road that takes you through time and into the glorious free fall of the Now Moment where Love loves you perfectly and every moment is peace and wonder.

Beyond all religions, all definitions, beyond God, the heart of the hologram, the heart of God, the Christos, the one heart that is Love, loving everything is your heart and the heart we share.

(12-18-10 / Christmas)