Beloved, we are one. Everywhere I exist, you are. And everywhere you shall ever be, there am I, a part of you. We are like this breeze that brushes your cheek; just like the air, we are particles of each other. This air holds many things, all suspended, invisible, within it. There is moisture in it; molecules of hydrogen and oxygen. There is pollen. There is energy. There are many things. Yet none are separate from the other. You feel one breeze.

Just like this, we are. All life is suspended in Me; made of what I Am yet uniquely beautiful, specific, filled with light. Conscious. Life is a seamless whole, a kiss of Love extended so that whole universes know that Love is their experience. Love with Love, dancing, swirling, touching. I Am the Great Lover and each life the expression of how I love.

So we have come to a point where this must become what is real to you. For, of course, it is all that really is real. And, beloved one, knowing that our consciousness is one – one breeze with which to softly stir this sleeping world – then you now know that the moment you are conscious, the moment you accept that it is your consciousness which is real, from that moment we are together. From that moment you will cease believing that you must do anything to connect with Me. You are never disconnected. You only have believed you are.

This brings Me to this world you live in. It is, as you know, the result of this belief. One decision – that we could be separate – one step into the backward Flower of Life and everything that appears to exist as separate from you began. Oh, beloved ones, My precious children, you are the Love that is My breath; you are the air in our analogy. You are that which holds My Love and moves it forth to others. Yet you have decided that you can judge what is real. Believing that you could be separate from Me means you believe you can be separate from Love. And thus have you brought forth a world in which you examine and experience the results of this belief.

A world in which you seek for Love as separate from yourself. Love in people, Love in parents. Love that can be yours one moment and gone from you the next. And believing Love can leave you, that everything including Love lives outside of yourself, then you create a vacuum of what it must be like when Love is gone. And thus a world is woven of a belief that there is Love and something else. Not Love. Emptiness. Loneliness. Anguish. Pain. Anti-Love or evil. Two possibilities; two powers. And believing Love is separate from you, you believe that there is not enough, thus you must compete for Love with your brothers and your sisters, with your friends and even with yourself. And you believe that you must seek for Me, seeing Me as separate from yourself. And, decision upon decision, you have given yourselves some “time” to explore what you decided must be true.

Yet the truth, beloved precious ones, as you are now remembering is that there is only Love. It is all I Am and thus the only power. And all the rest, this great big ball of random possibilities, of Love one moment, anti-love the next, cannot be real. For I Am your Creator and I Am only Love. Yet how you suffer, precious ones. How you moan and cry to Me. Believing I Am somewhere else, believing you must do so much to find your way to Me. And all the while accepting the consensual experience of the split-off part of you, the little mind and ego.

I have explained to you that anti-Love cannot be real in any way, for I Am Love, I Am All and I Am Spirit; Consciousness. Dear ones, I Am not physical nor am I mental. Thus all these things you see outside yourself are projections, symbols of your decision that you are separate from Me. Examining your question of whether there could ever be anything other. Believing I had pushed you out as I gave you life as individual Twin Flames. And choosing to see Love as separate from you meant that you also chose to believe that your Twin Flame, the rest of your very heart, was lost to you, or separate, as well.

One decision and then another, each one weaving “distance” into your belief that Love was separate from you. And thus do you see all the layers symbolized by the ever greater distance to me and to your SoulMate, your Twin Flame. All these layers are symbolized by the complicated systems of belief that there are layer after layer of SoulMates until finally, somewhere “way up there” is your beloved Twin, with whom eventually, after eons of learning and effort, you shall finally be united.

First I ask you to take within the truth that I Am only Love. And to turn to Me again and again until it becomes clear to you that if I Am only Love then nothing else can exist in Me. Then you can begin your remembrance. Remembrance of our Love. Remembrance of this Love’s embodiment as consciousness as you and your Twin Flame. Remembrance that for anti-Love or evil to exist you had to have a place outside of God. That place is this world, held for you by Lucifer so, honoring your free will, you could explore the consequences of your belief.

Now dear ones, I remind you – because it may take a while for you to fully grasp this – you must re-decide. As long as your free-will belief is that both Love and anti-Love, or good and evil exist, then you keep re-creating the experience of both on planet Earth. But, dear ones, once you realize that I Am only Love (and thus are you, in truth) then you will see that anti-Love or evil has no power but that which you give it.

I did not create the split. I Am One and you are part of Me. I Am Spirit, the movement of Love’s consciousness as it dances in relationship within Me. Thus do I request of you, again, again and yet again that you shift your decision back to only Love. Dear ones, you must do this each and every day, every moment that you remember, until you have removed yourself from the belief that negativity has any power of its own or any influence in your life. Remind yourself of what this means. If I Am only eternal Love then all the chaos, the illness, the wars and competition and especially death cannot be real. Not in Me.

Then you will be ready to mend the split between us and to accept that we are only Love together. To allow Me, at last, to love through you, to love as you, and to show you what is real. To prove to you that the River of Life, the living glorious ecstatic Love is your true home. And at last you will begin the return to knowing yourself as Spirit, as consciousness, and its embodiment of all the streams of Love alive within the All of Love I Am.

Everything outside of you is a false perception; it is the manifesting symbols of your belief that life and Love are separate from you. This whole world of chaos is the attempt to make sense out of something that is senseless – the belief that negativity is a part of life. Because separation is the reverse of the inclusive All of Love, the unity I Am, then all things flowing as possibilities from your belief that you are separate are backwards, as well.

Yet I know it seems so real and that for a while it is difficult to return your focus to your heart and back to only Love. So now that you agree that we are a living part of each other, like this very air you breathe, allow Me to show you the truth of everything. Whatever you perceive as outside of you, turn to Me in your heart and allow Me to show you the truth. Allow Me to be the lens which “flips back over” the upside-down perception of the little mind and ego. Allow Me to reverse this reversal and to turn it back to only Love. Allow Me to show you in the wholeness of conscious Love we are what your real relationship with everything is in the truth of Love.

Every time we do this, your free-will attention is placed upon the truth of Love and thus it is removed from the belief in Love and anti-Love, in good and bad and in the ego’s trickery as it tells you it is qualified to tell the difference between the two. For that very act of judgment is the moment of the fall. Eating the fruit from the tree of good and evil is pretty obvious.

The only thing forgotten is that this sentence applies to you. Each and every Now. Every time you agree to this world, to the lie of two powers, of life and death, of health and illness, of Love and loss of Love. Dearest ones, there is only Now. Only one moment when life comes forth from Me again. And what it finds in you, in the window of your heart, whatever your heart’s beliefs is what this orgasmic explosion of life creates around you as your life, and as your world, as well.

Oh, beloved ones, as you realize that your heart is where you are joined with Me and is the living doorway to what is real, you will turn and look within it. And what you’ll find is what I have called the doorway of the Christ. It is the opening into the truth of you, of who you are as a child of Mine. Through it you will return to the unity of All I Am. Through the doorway and you will feel the truth of Love that is who you are. Through the doorway and you will know your heart is as vast as the All. Through this doorway and we are one, joined in loving communion. Through this doorway and you look back into all that is included within yourself. Through the heart you have access to the glorious unity of only Love I Am, where every part is woven in Love together, as Love’s sweet consciousness with every other. And through the doorway of your heart there you find your beloved Twin Flame, the rest of your heart, the rest of the vehicle of giving Love you are.

These experiences are felt by you at first. A higher Love a greater joy; a tender Love of every part of All the Life I Am. Everything I have given to you, all the images and all the lengthy explanations, everyone of them is leading you to this: the decision to return to only Love and nothing else, and the deep and powerful recognition that nothing in Love is ever separate. Not for a moment. Not one little flash; not one electron can know itself without knowing its inclusion with everyone else and knowing what its consciousness embodies of My Love.

For you will come to know this truth: since All I Am is Love, then at first there was no way for there to be relationship or for Me to give the Love I Am. Thus did I call forth consciousness of the parts of Myself (just as you do, in a way, in your inner work in therapies of various types). In a moment of great unprecedented desire to give the Love I Am, I understood that I must have that to which to give. This is the ongoing decision, the moment of Will upon the Deep, the ocean of Love I Am. And in this moment each part of Love within Me became conscious of itself. Knew itself and I knew it and each and every consciousness knew the glorious part it played in receiving My Love and giving it forth again. Yet all were still within Me.

To use the idea of therapy again, when you identify a part of you it does not suddenly “step outside” of you and become a being separate from you. So neither did the streams of Love within Me. Instead, they knew themselves in Love with everyone else, filled with ecstasy in every Now that each could hold a part of Love within the consciousness it is and thus be able to give and receive Love again and again.

This is the moment when some of you, the cells within the Heart of All I Am, chose to perceive you’d been pushed out and turned away to look outside of Me. Since nothing is outside of Me, you could perceive nothing as you strained to see. Seeing nothing you decided the impossible and asked the question, “What exists outside of God, Creator, our consciousness, our life?” Looking into nothing you chose to see yourselves reflected there and all the rest has been your musing consciousness, imagining the answer to your question. Can this be darkness? Are we alone? If God is Love and we are outside of God then this must be not Love. And from these musings of your consciousness this “world outside” began.

Though unheard of and unacceptable within the Love I Am, My heart is as Myself, and thus its consciousness creates. I have explained how Lucifer, bright shining stream, great living star of Love gave his sweet consciousness to embody your decision.

I say all this as I call you back. I say this now to show you ever more deeply that you are consciousness. And that everything you see here, outside of Love, thus outside of you, is the symbols of your question and the chaos that it made.

Nothing but Love is real. Love is of the heart. Consciousness resides within, not outside of Me. Every time you decide for Love, for only Love and nothing else, for that Now the Earth, humanity, is returned to the inclusiveness of Love. Every time that you believe that which seems outside of you, and especially anything of anti-Love, you create the fall again

Looking outside yourself and attempting to heal, to bring humanity back to Love is an oxymoron. It cannot be done. Because the belief that “they” are separate and that anyone is “afflicted” with something else but Love is to re-create duality, the backward world, the reversal of life once again. Yet for awhile I know you are walking on a tightrope. This world before your eyes still seems real to you. Your heart still holds beliefs in Love creating pain. You see a past and a future, as separation and its experience creates time once again.

So somehow we must “circle around” using what you still see before you to begin to fill your consciousness with only Love so that is what your decision is, what your heart believes and thus what you create as the Moment of Creation pulses through you again. Until now, each pulse was flipped around in you and split into a prism in which you see the One I Am as two, see Love as anti-Love and see everything outside of you again. We must change this, even if you have not made the background/foreground shift.

How we do this, beloved ones, is for you to ask Me what things are. First by saying “Yes” to Love and then accepting we are joined in consciousness each moment through your heart. The truth of Love, of All I Am, is accessed through your heart. So if each and every morning you choose Our Love, Our unity, then you can ask throughout the day what each thing is and I will share the truth with you once more.

To do this, you must make the space – first to ask and then to feel the answer, deep within your heart. Remember that your heart is where you access Me, the whole, the Love, Creation, joined together sharing Love. The truth then will register upon the heart, a package of vibration that your heart alone can feel. Feel just like an instrument whose strings are plucked by angels. You cannot ask your mind yet because it splits the truth.

(Soon you will move to consciousness; to the awareness of what these feelings mean as the living truth makes its entry to your life. And some of course already can accept and translate these packages of vibration. But be careful. The mind is a tool of duality and nothing will change this, which is why we shift to the heart.)

Anyway, sink into your heart and wait until you feel the answer. Without thinking, you will know what it means, what I said. You will feel it deep within your heart and no longer that which is outside of you. And you will feel your heart’s elation as you realize you can give Love to that which is real within. That which you see in the world. You will also feel our unity, a communion of Love so beautiful that you cannot believe you’ll ever be fooled again. And together we shall give to that piece of My consciousness its truth as only Love.

“What is this?” you ask Me, while looking upon the person standing in front of you. Then deep within your heart, joined with Me forever, you will feel them as a part of you, a part of All the Love of which you are a living part. It is harder to describe than to do, for I will show you the package of the truth of them. And when you feel it and choose it as the only point of view you’ll have of them, then it is done. In that moment they are healed, returned to Love and only Love. This is how I encourage you to pray, beloved ones. Then if their free will accepts the way that you have seen them, right there in that moment they have returned their world to Love.

The trick, of course, is ego and its enticement to turn you back to look again upon the world as “me and you” or “us and them.” And doing so, re-choosing to create this world of good and bad, anti-Love as well as Love. But, dear ones, every time someone turns, that moment when Love is healed creates the world of unity. And every such creation makes that world more real, more present – through the heart’s beliefs of those who know it is true. Until soon it exerts a magnetic pull and draws unto itself all hearts with a similar resonance. And pretty soon it gets easier to do, this turn, and others “take the chance,” make a switch, take a moment to consider, find themselves asking what if there is only Love? The question brings an answer, and for a moment they experience it. They will never be the same. Suddenly the belief in loss of Love, in lack, in death as well as life seems crazy. “Of course there is only Love!” comes the wave of feeling from the heart.

Let Me live in you, dear ones; bring us back together through your heart. You will know Me then and know the joy and ecstasy of a life returned to only Love again.

It has only been a moment. Then another moment. And another. Moments in which you, My precious heart, My child, decided to believe in anti-Love, to look outside of Me for who you are. But in those moments, billions of answers, stream after stream of possibilities have flowed forth. Thus the lives you’ve lived. They are gone in an instant, the moment you return to Love and only Love as your one choice.

This is why you need My help, because there have been so many lines of possibilities of Love and not Love that you have traveled down in answer to your question. It has created a whole “reality;” a web of “what ifs,” as you say. Every life you’ve lived is exactly the same as those “what ifs” you get on some dark night. They are only in your mind, but you know how hard they hit you; how suddenly you’re there, seeing every scene, every possibility of “what if something bad happens?”

Dear ones, your many lives are exactly this: a child of God staring into nothingness, cozy in her “house” but passing through her mind every single scenario of “what if there is evil, if God is not enough, if God were to push me out and send me forth alone?” Meet your world: the “what ifs” of the child of God.

Thus, this truth can ease you: the “what ifs” end the moment you remember they haven’t happened yet. They are just your mind wheeling out its fantasies because you let yourself get scared. You forgot your trust of God, of Me. Thus, in any moment, you can return your trust to Me and I’ll return your truth to you.

Give Me your life. Say “Yes” to only Love and gently tell yourself to stop the “what ifs.” Suddenly (or slowly), you’ll come out of your daze. Your SoulMate Twin is right with you, and all around you is a cosmos full of Love. “Oh, what terrible thoughts,” you’ll say with a shudder as you turn to kiss your Twin, remembering you’ve always been safe within that Love. And all throughout your consciousness, as you resume your Making Love, you feel Me holding, loving you, shining all around you, opening the StarGate of your Twin Flame heart and pouring My Love through it, heightened by your ecstasy, so every part of All I Am is sweetly washed in waves of Love forever.

Only Love is Real.