The morning of January 3, 2018

The morning of January 3, 2018

Dearest Brothers and Sisters, Friends of Yael and Doug and Circle of Light,

Yael is in the process of making her transition from life on planet earth to Home with God in the Real. She has been at her home at Circle of Light with Doug during this process, being made as comfortable as is possible, and there is assistance there from friends in hospice. She has been traveling in and out of this world all day yesterday, in preparation for her final voyage back to God. At times, she was able to acknowledge those around her, but she has not been able to speak. So many friends have been in and out, helping with practical needs and surrounding her with light.

God is calling his beautiful and faithful messenger out of her pain, beckoning her for a glorious rest. Can you imagine the Angels awaiting her with open arms? We have all been so privileged to be touched by her presence, her love, her great open heart, and the exquisite Messages from God that she has brought to all of us.

Yael and Doug have modeled for all of us what a holy relationship truly looks like. Their love and dedication to each other have moved every one of us.

Doug has asked that anyone who wishes to write a few lines, do so, and he will include some of them in the eulogy. You may email those to me at, and I will collect them for him.

I hold every one of you in deepest Love. My heart is full of unspeakable humility and gratitude for the gift of our connection through Circle of Light, and the privilege of serving my sister of the heart, Yael, this great, great soul who has given her life completely to God and to humanity.

ShannaPra (for Yael and Doug)

You are ready to leave behind the limited version of yourself. You are ready to recognize your truth, that you come forth now from the moment of creation as a stream of a whole and perfect Love, ready to appear to bless the world, ready to appear as the awakened heart of God, ready to be that which reaches from above and touches every precious human life, ready to be made manifest as an angel or a guide, while appearing as a person as well, ready truly to be your unlimited self as a multidimensional being of Love.

For you know that this is what you are.

Circle of Light