Christ Mass December 22, 2011

Dearest Spirit Family: We here at Circle of Light are truly honored to have been given the gift of being the conduits to bring forth these Messages from God for humanity. We hope that you will share these Messages as widely as possible, including with any groups or lists you feel appropriate. We only ask that you retain our identifying information.

In this season in which the world celebrates the Christ, we offer this Message of Christ Mass and hold each one of you in deepest Love. We thank you for being pathways of God’s Love on Earth and wish you joy and blessings never ending. May each of us live the Love and perfection that is given forth through this Message and may you enjoy in every way the beautiful holiday season we are given.

Yael, Doug and ShannaPra at CIRCLE OF LIGHT

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell at
Circle of Light

Christ Mass
December 22, 2011

Beloved ones, we now come to a time that is the pinnacle of your year. It is the opening of the veil. It is the moment of remembrance when all that you are is available and you can feel the glory of Love in all of its fullness, right here, in the center of your being.

It is the time for the celebration of the Christos, the pure heart of God, the resonance of Love and the Star of Light that is the matrix of Love’s eternity, radiant and perfect that comes to shine in all its splendor in the sky of your deepest being.

It is the time, whatever your perspective…whatever words you use to describe the awakening of Love… the movement that comes through all humanity to reach for peace, to find the truth of being in which all are joined.

This time in this moment of history is the awakening of the Christ as you. It is the remembrance of the Love that is your purity, that is that which is being born anew in you and as you, right now.

So I invite you, precious hearts, beloved ones, to the holy Mass of the birth of Christ within you. I invite you to be present in this Now Moment as the universe is stunned by your beauty as you burst forth as the affirmation of the heart of Love in its ability to hold the radiant truth that Love is everything, is everywhere, is indivisible and is received with every breath of the whole of God.

It is the time, beloved ones, for you to see you as I see you, as this perfect Love, and it is time for you to look upon the star within you and see just how perfectly you shine, how you hold the radiant splendor of Creation so perfectly and powerfully within you.

When you step into this moment of real acceptance of the Love you are, of your pure Light, then you shall also become aware that all Creation sings a hymn of joy at the presence of your Love, holding this heart of all Creation that it may be experienced, known and celebrated in new ways for all eternity.

It is the time for you to feel this song of Love rising from within you and moving outward, touching all of life in wonder, that that which you are –this perfect Love — can shine before you as everything you see, as all you do, as you ability to meet your heart again in everything you see and all you touch.

There is a reverence for the perfect heart of God I Am bursting forth in glory, ever new, a song that fills the universe and brings the truth that Love is all you are. Your experience of the living Christ is now available in all its fullness, in all its splendor, that you might taste the truth of the Love you are this year.

Beloved ones, I invite you to this Christ Mass that you might be the experience of the holy heart of God, that you might recognize the birth of the living Christos and hear the voice of Christ in tenderness, in mercy with the whole of Love, living as you and gently extended to encompass not only the world but all of life.

Your every breath is celebrated throughout the cosmos and your heart beat, the one you share with humankind, holds the most astounding revelation of what it means to live as perfect Love expressed in the endless Now.

So, beloved ones, it is time to turn within to this endless space of pure communion, that you might hear God, hear the hymn to the Christ, to the radiant heart of splendor that is your truth … that you might experience the limitless sky of your perfection and in it, the luminous heart of God that is your heart, your truth, your identity, the one it is now time for you to live.

Every celebration of Christmas, of high and holy holidays, whatever the mind definition might be, is totally originally meant to acknowledge the heart of God I Am as humanity. This sweet acknowledgement gives voice to all that is holy, peaceful, beautiful, that such Love may be allowed to work its miracle, to lift every consciousness into the truth, so that you might hear the song of the whole of Creation singing in celebration of you, you – the heart of God, the truth of Love, the center of Creation in its giving, the powerful expression of the birth of Creation and this ability to be the truth of Love expressed.

In this moment, all of you are present, honored and washed in this River of Grace, that every old heart’s belief, every misperception of who you are, of what life is … can fall away. You can hear the celestial song of the whole of Creation celebrating you, the truth of your heart, the glory of your being, the expression of Christ which is Love’s perfection here in the world as you.

What you feel when you connect with this radiant star of truth that is the pattern held of Love expressed in all its holiness, purity and its unity – its ability to encompass anything else not aware of the truth of only Love… This resonance which is the Christ, the heart of God, is the pure magnetic presence of God expressed. It is All That I Am born in this Now Moment as the majesty of your true heart and it is the time of the world for this experience to be fulfilled in you now, if you will simply allow it.

Allow this Love to show you the birth of your Christ heart, and step into the center of who you are, that you might meet in this place of unified splendor the star of your heart, the birth of the Christ, here, now, in its fullness as you.

As you come into the present to this Now Moment, you become this celebration of Real Love and you hear, in the fullness of your being, just how beautiful you are – not the small, carefully-constructed egoic identity – but the vast and majestic Love that you are eternally.

You are the Christ and this is your Mass where all of life celebrates you – sings songs of gratitude, whose chorus is all of Nature and whose hymns are filled with shining Light. Come, beloved ones, and let Me show you the truth of your heart, the joy of your being that you might be the wholeness of this song of worship that is Love expressed so perfectly as you and is Love as the whole of life as well.

Both are born as you now and you become effortlessly the entraining presence, that the veil of ego can at last be stilled, become transparent in your presence, that the birth of Christ may be experienced by every life in every moment of the world.

It is no longer a celebration of what is outside of you, though there have been many who have held Love well, have given you examples of what it means to feel the truth of your being in every moment. These glorious, magnificent beings are holding for you the resonance of Love that calls from within you and that receives this life, this birth of Christ in gratitude in this Now Moment again, until only Love is what you feel and you become this very song of gratitude.

It is the Mass of Christ that fills the cosmos. It is the universal celebration of this heart. It is the harmony of all your prayers together, meeting this celestial song of deepest acknowledgement of that which you are in this Now Moment. The matrix or the template of your luminous heart is now so fully alive within you that you have to find it. It pushes through every illusion of other than Love, fills every void, transforms every story and speaks the name of the heart of God unveiled as the heart of humankind awake…awake and celebrated.

Beloved ones, it is the end of time and mind as you enter into this celestial Mass, this endless song of perfect acknowledgement of you, the Christ, the heart of God I Am, made manifest.

The cathedral of your heart is the whole of Creation. Your hymnal is the Moment of Creation. Your countenance is the splendor of Light awakening to the truth of Love as it goes forth ever giving more of itself.

That which has been the experience of duality, that which has been life in a world with possibilities other than Love, that which creates separation from the whole, that which has been stories and attachments…now becomes doorways to Love. Each such experience is an opening to the cathedral of your heart.

Come! Experience the Moment of your birth, your Creation. Be this Love and you are Home forever.

Beloved ones, this world you live in, when seen through the eyes of the heart, the heart of Christ, is nothing but the hymnal, the chorus of Angels, your supporting cast. Everything the heart sees is a miracle. All that you touch is revealed as spiritual gold and the world around you, through the heart, is an Eden. All of Nature is singing your song, acknowledging the luminous heart of the Christos, the birth of Christ as you.


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