In the Face of Old World Images of Tragedy, Make the Choice for the Truth of Love and Endless Life 12-14-12


In the Face of Old World Images of Tragedy,

Make the Choice for the Truth of Love and Endless Life


Beloved ones, in this time of great change that is the advent of the world of Love, the images of the dream that you have been in, the dream of anti-life, the dream of anti-God, the dream of death and suffering and separation from all that is good and right and beautiful, rise up before you with images that will catch your attention, asking you dearest ones what it is that you believe.

Do you believe yet in the world now passing away? Do you believe in the images of the nightmare? Or do you believe in Love? Do you cast your vote for the truth? Are you willing to stake everything on the truth of your heart? For if you are, it is this choice that is everything. It is the power to change this world, to grab hold of this shifting point and to open the way back to the truth of God.

Until now, this world has been everything I Am, reversed – at least the obvious parts, the parts that you see with two eyes. But now comes the heart, and the heart sees right through all these images and absolutely knows the truth of Love, of God, of beauty, of everything that you are here to bring.

So, in this time of seeming tragedy, don’t, beloved ones, give it your attention. Don’t cast your vote for more of the same. Tear your precious eyes away. Turn off the television and close the magazines and come, beloved ones, into the silence with Me. Let the truth of this Love bathe you and fill you with such joy and gladness that there is absolutely no death. The world of Love is here and it is your hearts that get to see this.

You might feel that your hearts are broken by the current tragedy because its images are so strong, so powerful. The death of children… And yet, what could be a better ploy to grab the attention of the ego than images of a heart that is broken and separated from Me. I promise you that these whom you mourn are flying free in joy and ecstasy, rejoicing in the full experience of endless Oneness and full co-creation of the exquisite beauty and Love that each one represents.

From the realms of the Spirit, the realms of Love, the dream of life on Earth is easily ended and even more easily left behind. I ask you to trust this and to celebrate not the images of lives cut short but the feeling of freedom that your hearts can accord when you reach for these lovely spirits and know that you make the connection. It comes with absolute certainty.

So I call you to go beyond the usual response to tragedy, to the miasma and confusion of the world and to seek only the truth of Love which your hearts show you unerringly – that you might stand in certainty as well as safe in the truth of Love.

I can tell you this – It is a time of great clearing, the transformation of all these old images of life that have literally held your consciousness captive for eons and made the truth almost invisible. But now the strength of your heart has come to be fully present as brought to bear on all those things that have obscured the glory of your own lives as part of the whole of Love.

Now you are ready to stand strong, to be fully aware of the choosing each moment, the choosing of life rather than anti-live, the truth of life eternal rather than the lie of death, and the truth of these hearts that are singing in joy and harmony. The time has come for Love to take precedence on Earth and for the dream of separation to dissipate. This is exactly what it is doing. In order to do so, you must no longer believe in it. You must, instead, bring all your Love to bear, to wash it in grace and to look with the single eye of the heart that sees right through the mesmerizing images of duality to feel the truth of Love.

I Am calling you, beloved ones, to do this — to do this now in this time of seeming tragedy, to recognize what it is that is before you. It is the images of the old world, the images of death. The truth of the heart is endless. The truth of life is eternal and glorious. I promise you your hearts can show you this right now, this moment. If you allow this, you will fly right through the veil into freedom and joy, holding the pure vibration of the world of Love that is being born, brought forth, co-created by all of you together because you are willing to choose it and stand firm in your choice.

As the flood of Love continues to amplify and to fill the world, your attention becomes ever more powerful. Where you place your focus, beloved ones, is critical, and so it is that the world of ego, of separation and the belief in pain and suffering pours forth its images to touch you once again and to keep you co-creating more of the same — when your hearts are open and ready to choose differently, to make Love Real and to bring it forward quickly into the world as the world now.

This time is the time of the rising up of Love, and the gathering of humanity for this purpose is phenomenal. Place your attention on this. Cast your vote for Love. Of course, you are not without compassion, for in every part of what is happening in the world, especially in stark images of tragedy, of the amplification of the old world’s view of life, it is important, potent, imperative to seek the truth of the heart and to let it show you the truth and to cling to it for all you are worth.

Quickly you will be immersed and you will feel this rising joy. You will feel the assurance that I Am what is Real and that you are My full expression – that your hearts are beautiful beyond description and your hearts are in alignment with the truth, choosing every moment to affirm this Love and to allow it to be fully expressed right here in the world in you and through you into the images that create your experience of the moment of your life that every one may be filled with joy and plenty and great waves of Love.

The Love that you bring to these images that are right now flowing in the ethers will give succor to the parents of these children and will lift these blessed ones themselves, acknowledging the service they have offered to bring in making the choice visible on Earth.

Do you choose eternal life and the truth of God I Am or do you choose the illusion of a world of tragedy, suffering and death?

Oh, beloved ones make the choice for Love and stand by it every moment. Let this Love be what you give to the old images that as yet still arise in the mass consciousness. Let Love be all that you are willing to bring to this moment because in it, lies the hope of the world — the absolute assurance that the truth of God is now being made manifest and is becoming a world of Love

I Am here to remind you, to fill your consciousness with Me, to walk through you like a great balm of healing Light, to release you from the dream of duality, of less than the whole of everything and to give to you the full assurance, the remembrance of your hearts that you are the inheritors of the whole of Love, that you are the recipients of endless good, that you are literally the heart of God and the time is now to know it. Are you willing?