April 14, 2013

Beloved ones, you are vast beings of limitless consciousness. You are the pure emanation of this glorious Love. You are the fullness of My being, expressing here, this perfect life I Am. You draw your every breath from Me, and you are nourished and sustained perfectly by this Love.

There is no such thing as past and future. There is only this wholeness, this One glorious life. Everything that you accept from Me is perfect, and just as you provide nourishment for the heart that beats within you, so, too, are you nourished directly by this Love.

You are ready, beloved ones, to accept this truth, to open up to receive it – all of these gifts – to leave behind the false thinking that there is good and something less than good, and to bring yourselves into alignment.

All That I Am you are, timeless, whole, magnificent, and perfect right now. Are you ready to leave behind the illusion of aging? To drop the false perceptions of life that is less than God? Oh, beloved ones, all that is needed is for you to accept that you are whole beyond any possibility of being other than the perfect hearts of God.

Consciously draw your every breath from Me, directly. Let this Light infuse you. Let it fill every electron. Come back into the awareness of what you really are – that everything is yours in a celebration of the experience of life. As much as you are ready to accept the truth of your perfection, this perfection is ready to be made manifest as you.

Dearest ones, you must leave behind the old world illusion of fear, of distress, of being less than the magnificent perfection of God. Accept only your heritage as the pure hearts of God I Am and nothing else. It is easy to say you’ve been programmed, to live in the world, to believe in its pain and suffering. But, dearest ones, this is only the little mind, and the glory of your being is totally untouched.

Nothing can separate you from Me and from the endless good of the Love I Am that brings forth in you this abundant life to overflow through your heart and consciousness and to fill the world with endless good.

Everything comes forth from within you, from your acknowledgement of the truth of your being, from the unity of Love and full consciousness that is then expressed as your experience of life in this world.

I call you back, back to your center, back to the experience of this joy, back to the remembrance of your wholeness, that you come forth only in this Now Moment. In truth, you carry nothing of old baggage. You come forth in an explosion of Real life, completely alive, the vibrant heart of God, endless flames of woven Love, the Source of all Creation, a Light as your consciousness. The power of all life is in your Love.

There is nothing of the truth in the world imagined by the ego. Therefore, come back to Me. Open to the Source, to the Love I Am. Your life is being made manifest, awakened as your conscious and living world that comes forth as a reflection of your heart. Oh, beloved ones, you are truly perfect. The veneer of the ego mind is so thin that you can effortlessly transform it as you breathe this Love, as you claim that you come forth again as the pure explosion of life AND NOTHING ELSE.

To accept your Real life in the timeless Now requires, beloved ones, breathing through the heart from the Moment of Creation, to be bathed in Love until you feel the assurance of the truth of God; until you feel that I Am in you, that you are My heart, that we are ever and forever indivisible.

Therefore, if you are only the expression of this Love and this pure Light that I Am, as you feel this and live in the reality of Love, the ego mind bends its knee to the truth, and pure Light that pours through you continually delights in creating symbols of wholeness and beauty and eternal Light.

Beloved ones, you are meant to transform the illusion of aging. You are here to walk beyond the line of death. There is no such thing as dying in the truth of God, for I Am only Light and nothing else. It is time to dissociate from the lie, to stake your claim as the heart of wholeness, to consciously take every breath from Me and to live as Me, as the heart of God, fully rejoicing in all the gifts of receiving this endless good from Me directly, that in you, Real life is made manifest.

Through you come the symbols of Earth as Heaven; your blazing hearts contain the two-fold energies of the Source of life. The expression of the truth of Twin Flame Love is meant to be lived ever upward, breathing to the pinnacle as living ecstasy of the Moment of Creation, alive as you, dancing in the Light as this world.

I have often said, beloved ones, this world is living you. It is held and cherished within your greater heart. You are the pinpoint of consciousness of the greater being, of pure Light and Love, that you truly are free to accept no less. If you take every breath from the Moment of Creation, then you can feel the truth. It is a revolution exploding every myth of the little mind, cracking every shell of protection, created by the belief in two powers when of course, there is only one, and it is Love.

You are here to be Love – open, sharing, reaching out and giving of the truth, not through ideas from the little mind, but directly through vibration from your hearts, that this Light may be truly blessed, eternal life expressed as you.

There is a wave of conscious and precious hearts that now are “aging,” beginning to feel the effects, marching seemingly inexorably toward this thing called death, which in truth, absolutely doesn’t exist. It is merely the symbol of what the ego believes – that somehow you are separate from Me and that this Light that is in you can somehow be cut off in any way, shape or form. In truth, beloved ones, it cannot.

So you come to the point in this awakening, this revolution, where these archaic ideas must be transformed. There is no need to “drop the body.” In truth, you can simply carry on and consciously modulate your energy, shifting your vibration to be less physical without the coming to the seeming decay of the physical vehicle.

But to do this, it must become such a part of your being, your feelings at the deepest emotional level, that Light is who you are, and you are eternity in a package that is God, peace, beauty – that Love is bursting through your heart to create your experience in this world, an experience that can only be Light and beauty and nothing else.

So much is waiting for you to discover it. Timeless pulsations of living Love that already are made manifest as the truth of who you are, regardless of what the little mind is imagining. You already understand that you continue; that the death of the body here doesn’t affect your spirit, which you have yet to lay claim to.

This perfect Light is already here, covered over by this movie the mind is playing, and all you need to do is turn the movie off, and reclaim your expansiveness, your seamless consciousness, your dynamic heart, until continuity is uninterrupted.
However these symbols are made manifest, you live the truth of your life as wholeness, one spark of Love divine, bursting into flames beyond imagining, burning up the dross of the tale of separation, and coming forth to express the vibration of limitless life and pure Love.

Deep in your hearts, beloved ones, you have always known that you came into the world to be a revolution, to change the world in a profound way. Stepping free of the illusion of dualism is the revolution. It is what you are here to change, and transforming the illusion of death and of aging is this revolution at its most powerful.

As long as you are focused through the little mind, it is as if you are stuck in the movie house of duality. Beloved ones, you already know how to choose the heart, how to make the shift in the vehicle of your perception. The moment that you do, you see right through the lie. You are freed from the machinations of the ego. You are truly the heart of God, and nothing can limit you.
Feel how you come forth from Me this moment, and choose and choose and choose to shift from the ego, and to be the heart of purity that rejoices in receiving Light directly and being the full expression of the creative heart of God I Am.

You can live beyond the constrictions of the old story of time and the progression in time of the body. As you extricate yourself from these old heart’s beliefs of aging and the decline of life and health, you find yourselves feasting at the table of life, rejoicing in the abundance of God. You discover that you can feel yourselves come forth directly from Me, as an orgasmic explosion, an emission of pure Light and powerful Love that has nothing to do with the dream of the body but consciously can choose to share this Love as the heart of humanity.

Beloved ones, with every breath, feel your life in Me. Accept that there is only this perfect Love, that there is no past. It is simply an imagining and it is truly time to let the story go and to become the pure spirit, pure Light that you already are, but at last, acknowledged in every part of your being now.

This is why it is so important, dear ones, to take time to feel yourselves enlarging, to acknowledge the unlimited you and to celebrate the gift of eternal life, indivisible, never ending, never wavering, never becoming less than this grand explosion of life’s perfection, that you may choose to express in many ways, one of which is to appear in the world as a perfect human being. You will realize that these are images and that the truth cannot be changed. The truth is that you are whole and perfect life, and you are My creativity.

Beloved ones, please assist each other to disengage from the old world consciousness in the recognition of all that you are – not the ability to somehow lift up a body but rather, to simply claim the truth of God that is unchanging and unlimited, as the truth of your being realized. When this becomes your continuous experience, the expression of the body has to concur, and comes forth as perfect.

As you recognize your vast and timeless being and feel the truth of your heart’s ability to be the vehicle through which you live, which it already is…you just have to notice…you can feel the affirmation of life rushing forth as the conscious community that are part and parcel of your creative expression that you call your body.

The more the truth of real life is instilled, the more you acknowledge that you are emerging absolutely whole as this perfect life. Your experience is one of perfection and the open hearted Love of service.

I Am this perfect life that you express. We are One Love. And we are creative. Breathe the truth, and bless the little mind, as you affirm, “I come forth from God as this perfect life and wholeness. I Am Love’s eternal nature.”