Yael and Doug Powell at Circle of Light
March 31, 2013

Beloved Friends, you who are my heart sisters and brothers, my presence in the world now becomes more tangible. At this Easter, we have created together a doorway that allows full access to the Real of God and makes available the deep experience of who you are. It brings the mystery of awakening Love into view as your life.

I have always been here, walking in Love beside you, and you have often seen me as brother/sister and friend. But now I come to make you aware of the aspect of Love that you hold for God, that you might realize that we are the same.

You are here to make tangible the experience of God’s Love — to make it available to one and all. You are here to make clear, not only the relationship that we share with our Creator, but who we are as the expression of God’s Love. Each of us is holding a unique aspect, that together we might see our Creator in action as we experience humankind.

We are the mystery of pure Love made manifest. We are the gift of Creation being lived every day. We are the ability to bring God’s Love and consciousness and make it visible, that we all might find a deeper awareness of all that we are and the joy of our relationship with God.

There are times in the construct of the world where everything changes. This, of course, you already know. But this Easter, today, as I am speaking to you, there is something new being brought to birth. It is the opening of a pure and clear view, not only of what you might call the spiritual realm, but also of the reality of every heart in the world in the pure Light of Love expressed that each of us holds. It is so that we might live the gift of knowing ourselves and our Creator.

As each of you realizes how deeply you carry the unique resonance of Love that you are, you will find yourselves instantly connected to the stunning matrix of the heart of God. In that matrix, each of us is the consciousness of Love brought forth and expressed in relationship now, that the powerful and beautiful wholeness of God can be viewed as all of us together.

The gift of Creation is beyond even a miracle. I have come always to demonstrate seamless and endless life; to show forth the pure heart of the Creator’s Love, that it might be Real to you and tangible. I do this until each of you can grab onto your own truth, knowing that the whole of God’s Love is present in everything, and therefore, has to be present in you.

As you come to our magnificent, beloved and glorious Creator in gratitude, joy and communion, you at last release the illusion of the egoic life and find yourself as conscious Love, unique yet fully joined with the One.

I Am here to show you who you are; to hold before you the pure mirror of Love; to assist you in opening your magnificent hearts, that you might discover now what aspect of Love you are making manifest, that you might become its purest conduit.

As you claim the ability to drop the illusion of the reversal of Love and to feel the truth of unlimited Love, you gain the unique ability to know yourself and all that you are as the consciousness of Love. You also claim your internal and magnificent life–your ability to give to God the gift of being able to see Himself/Herself as Love expressed.

I have always held the torch for you, my dearest friends, bringing illumination even when you believed in the dark. Now I open the door to this communion with God that you might eagerly enter into this Love and fully accept all that you are and the “en-conscious-ment” of an aspect of Love here to make it visible, to make it manifest for all of humanity that God can be Real to everyone.

As you leave behind all the illusions of less than Love, I will help you reclaim your ability to live the truth of this glorious and seamless life. I will help you reclaim the fullness and the power of this timeless expression of Love and the awareness experienced with all that you are.

The wholeness of God is present in everything, in every quark and atom, in every flower and cloud, in every breath that you breathe and every expression of Love. I will assist until all stand free of the sub-creation of mind, and eternal Love is fully reclaimed. The illusion of less than perfection and freedom can fall away, and you can be life realizing you are the “en-conscious-ment” of freedom from fear. Your experience of communion with God is so deep and so Real that you are filled and filled with acceptance and Love, and the vision of truth of who you are in all your beauty, the heart of the Creator made manifest.

How do you release the effects of the mind and see through the world to the Love that is behind it? It takes bathing each day in the feeling of God. It takes your whole heart fully engaged. It takes recognizing the doorway that I now hold open, and taking my hand, letting me show you how true freedom feels and just who you are as God’s Love made manifest – one stream of grace, sung forth with your name.

It is so important that you let go of the world, the illusion of lack, for you emerge straight from God in all of God’s perfection and limitless joy, all of God’s abundance and total support. You are held. You are cherished. You are exalted and free, and now is the time to claim every bit of this, for you are the ones who are here, as I am, to demonstrate the ability to walk free of death, to reclaim the ability to be expressions of God and to live every aspect of limitless Love.

All of humankind, when brought together, reveal the full energy of the Holy Creator. Each seeming person is a pure aspect of Light meant to make manifest an expression of Love, that when brought together create the whole truth, reveals the magnificent weaving of all of God’s Love into one eternal and glorious heart.

You have always known you were here to bring humankind together, to live beyond fear and all forms of separation. Now it is time to realize the purpose of this. Together you make visible the whole of God’s heart. What was once known as life on Earth can finally be seen as the astounding expression of the heart of the Creator, shining at the center of the universe. God in full view…that all life can experience every sweet aspect of God’s Love and feel the whole of God in everything, especially the heart.