The Open Heart Embraces Everything 5-12-12

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell
at Circle of Light

The Open Heart Embraces Everything

Beloved ones, the open heart embraces absolutely everything. All that is encountered is taken in as part of the glory, the experience of life, the oneness of Love and the exquisite and glorious communion of God meeting God in everything.

In the heart you move beyond all concepts of forgiveness, for in Love there is nothing to forgive. There is only the truth, seen behind the illusion. Deep in the truth the divine is revealed as part of your very own being.

So the shift from the mind to the heart is everything. It changes what you would call the playing field. It takes away not only judgment but all resistance to life that is so much a part of the ego mind’s domain that you don’t even notice that it is there.

The embracing of life is how the heart operates, with no barriers to anything and of course, with no judgment. When everything is experienced as Love, there is no separation from this limitless good and from the pure experience of being present and being aware of all that you are.

The heart’s experience of life is to ever be open and extended – to be rushing forward to meet every experience in celebration and in delight. Because the Reality of Love supersedes the little mind’s imaginings, what you experience through your heart, beloved ones, is then your reality.

So rather than attempting to decide what to let go of, what to forgive, what needs transforming and how you are doing…let all of that go in the shift, that in the blazing truth of your heart, you are consumed by Love’s vibration, awakened to all that you are in this eternal moment.

The heart sees no separation, of course. It can only love and when you love with no barriers, truly your every breath is perfect Love expressed and there is no resistance to your 100% acceptance of living the Love you are, accepting the eternal exchange of Love given and received continually as the perfect gift, as the endless communion with Me, as the celebration of life beyond time, and Love beyond fear.

Oh, dearest ones, the shift to the heart changes everything. It allows you to release all the ways that you have limited your very own Love. It allows you to be free of the ego in one choice, one turn, one moment … that you might become this celebration of Love, born fully, directly in Me, in this eternal Now Moment.

How differently the world appears when your heart is your instrument of perception! I know I say this to you over and over. It is because it is so very important. Everything you are, is in Me, whole, glorious, Love extended, and truly, you can instantly live this. You can live free, whole and unbounded, simply by making the shift to your heart, beloved ones. It is easier than you believe, because Love always takes precedence over anything the little mind creates – over every belief in bad and good, over every resistance and fear, every belief that Love can hurt you.

It takes precedence over anything that stands between you and being the heart of God alive in everything, completely available to life and to Love, that each might be expressed so beautifully as you. The unique expression of Love that you are is yours eternally. It doesn’t disappear. And yet, in you is also the awareness, the ability to experience the majesty of the hologram and to discover each expression of God in all of its beauty, all of its joy, in everything you touch and in this great exploration of restoring this world to wholeness.

The open heart embraces absolutely everything, for without judgment there is nothing to interfere with this embrace. The moment anything is encompassed by the heart, its true nature is revealed, not the illusion of the mind. The joy you feel in touching that unique expression of life honors the expression that you are and creates a new weaving of the movements of Love.

The open heart embraces all those things that the little mind labels unacceptable or bad. As it does, it takes the ideas of the ego and washes them clean from resistance to the truth that Love is all there is. Your heart is not only whole and perfect. It is absolutely omni-dimensional. It can feel in this Now Moment every movement of the Love I Am in any perspective, however you choose to describe them. Holding this divine communion immediately honors the expressions of the awakening of God I Am that is the reality of Creation.

So, beloved ones, I Am asking you to live with your hearts wide open, undefended, rushing forth to embrace the whole of life, including the little mind’s definitions of all the things that you encounter – all the labels it uses to define them, all the perceptions of something other than Love, all that is less than My abundance, all that is experienced as pain or fear or lack or limitation – anything —

Rush forth, embrace it with your heart and you will be stunned at the result, for what is revealed is the power of Love being used to fuel the reversal of itself. The wellspring of life is turned backwards, the resistance to Me made palpable and believed…manifest as the symbols of separation from the perfect Love, abundant good and endless life we share.

And now in this moment, when Love is restored and your heart says “Yes” to everything, beloved ones, I cannot describe how it shall feel not only to be on course but to move beyond the separations of the mind – to breathe every breath as the experience of Heaven and every heart beat as the affirmation of unity, as the pull to include everything in the limitless Love that you are.

Real Love, of course, has no defenses and rushing forth, it is trust in expression. It is openness to life with no reservations. It is the exuberance of being born complete, fed by this atomic energy that explodes in this Moment of Creation to blaze forth as one great connection of all expressions of Love.

The open heart embraces everything, and if you choose, will then bring it to the mind to be brought into the world of thought, that even little mind can experience the wonder of being loved, encompassed and embraced and being brought into this experience of Heaven on Earth, a world with no barriers to Love.

Everything is a symbol of the open heart of God. Every breath is the affirmation of the flow of energy. Every moment is the open heart’s expression of Real life. You are stepping into this world now.

Yet, even now as you stand on the cusp, you continue to evaluate the world and to set up barriers to this Love. Beloved ones, I am pushing you over the edge… that you might be like divine birds, spreading the wings of trust and faith and letting yourself soar into freedom where there is nothing other than Love.

The limits of your heart are infinity. Everything you experience is the truth of God I Am. Every moment is a new miracle, every second the pulse beat of trust.

However, there is no need for this definition. Your hearts know nothing else, beloved ones. It is difficult in words to explain this – that even the discussion of what the heart brings when it is open and unimpeded, through the mind is described as opposites — by trust instead of fear; opening instead of closing; rushing forth instead of holding back or resisting. And yet, the open heart doesn’t experience anything other than unimpeded Love.

So, in the world you define everything through its opposite. You understand what Love is by experiencing its seeming lack and you understand your definition of what is divine in contrast to your experiences of difficulty, of other than truth. Your experiences that could be labeled “hell” make you believe that you understand what Heaven is, the word we are using for the experience of what is Real.

In truth, these concepts are limiting and are always in the arena of the thinking mind. The open heart has no concepts of contrast. This is one of the most amazing differences. The open heart is only the experience of Love, of joy, ecstasy, wholeness, communion – the experience of grace which is that movement of Love unimpeded.

When you make the shift into the heart, the little mind can’t track it and therefore you must be ready to go where you can’t define it, where the mind has no control and beloved ones, no references for where it is or where it is not. This losing control is ecstasy, though to the little mind, of course it is terrifying. It is the dive into the ocean of pure Love in which you recognize that you are all of it and there is nothing you can possibly define.

You are pure, raw experience – the Moment of Creation “en-conscious-ed,” the ecstatic appearance of orgasmic Love; the total immersion in Creation, the song of endless “Hallelujahs;” the resonance of Love now playing, playing itself as you, as your heart and as this moving and passionate expression of the endless Love of God that you are.

The shift to the heart is not easy for the mind. It is like jumping off a precipice with no parachute and yet, beloved ones, when your heart soars, you recognize this flight into freedom. It thrills you so deeply that you become the very song of freedom itself, the touch of Love, the embrace of God I Am, the fearless heart rushing to encompass everything, and to notice with the consciousness of Love the endless interweaving of divinity, expressed uniquely in these streams of living Love that are the gift of what I call “both/and.”

You are expressed as this pure, unique aspect of God and the one life, the one breath that is the hologram in which every expression is honored and each one contains the whole. The hologram is something to feel, to get a sense of what it is you are moving in. Every tiny particle of life contains the whole of God I Am and each particle has its own perfect dance…the way it moves, the song it sings, a place where it meets other expressions that creative Love may overflow and be multiplied.

All of it holds the consciousness of reverence for the amazing gift of life, because the open heart is the experience of life with nothing held between you and it.

The communion that you have with Me is your director giving you the awareness and the key to taking the leap into your heart, leaving behind the familiarity of the living mind, being willing to be in freefall, to be the tremoring of God. It is to be Creation bursting forth as this hologram – every movement pure holiness, every merging real glory, every extension the outpouring of My excitement, of so much Love.

There is so much life that it has to be expressed, multiplied by this energy of joy, until everything is more…more Love and more of each unique expression of the beauty and the awakening of God I Am, the astounding revelations of communion…communion with the whole of life.

You are what you could call pioneers, being willing to go beyond the ego mind to become the living breath of Love, to be the whisper of the living spirit, to let this Love restore you to your awareness of the perfection of the expression of Real life, once believed to contain two powers, restored to the truth of unity, the open-hearted embrace of everything because everything is life.

When the heart that is open embraces the world, the power of Love dissolves the illusion, and what was even one moment before — something that seemed through the mind unacceptable — in the energy of the heart of Love you are becomes true beauty. It is so incredible that you become a song of praise and you don’t even see the melting of the illusions of duality because the heart sees only Love and Love is the essence of it all.

Let your heart now explode wide open. Take this leap. Rush into life embracing everything with impunity, especially the old resistances of the ego mind. Nothing to define or to forgive… just the experience of God, for this is all the heart can comprehend.

The melting of the illusions of the mind in the fires of the open heart become the call to the precious hearts of humanity, the call to be the unequivocal truth, the call to rush boldly into life as the open heart of God embracing everything. Nothing is between each precious one and pure unlimited good.

However in the past it has been defined — awakening or Heaven on Earth — beloved ones, it is yours now, coming as you open your heart and embrace the whole of life, the whole world and every definition of the mind, until all you encounter astounds you with this shining, luminous, effervescent and pure Love.

Will you let Me bring you here to experience no barriers to your Love? I can promise that when you allow this, every moment becomes a miracle and everything you experience becomes pure good. Are you ready?