Your Hearts Contain Every Ray Of the Fires of Creation 5-19-12

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light

Your Hearts Contain Every Ray
Of the Fires of Creation

Beloved ones, I Am always here to remind you of all that you are, especially to bring you the remembrance of your hearts, that you might reclaim the fullness of Love. Your hearts contain every ray of the fires of Love, every expression of the creative power of God, every increment of the awakening of consciousness and every bit of it is here in you now, blazing forth to bring new life.

Just as the sun brings life unto the world, so do your hearts bring life to Creation, that everything the rays of life that are your heart touch is brought to life in magnificent ways, responding to the fires of Love. Your hearts, beloved ones, contain all of it, and every ray of Love that is the truth of you now shining is meant to be a source of glorious creation, of bringing new life out of the essence of this endless life we share.

Every moment you are alive to the mystery and the wonder and the power of this experience. So, beloved ones, what will you bring alive with the rays of your fiery hearts now? The whole of Creation is in you and in this moment, you are blessed to feel this life exploding in you, to let it be the power, the beauty and the joy by which you live.

Every ray of the fires of Love that stream forth now from the center of your being can touch the new seeds of creative energy everywhere and bring them forth instantly into breathtaking manifestations of the exquisite expressions of God.

What will your heart bring alive? And will you use these powers of creation that are in you to touch this world and to bring to life expressions of the Love that is the only truth? Will your hearts be available now, as this fiery Love, as the power of Creation, to unfreeze the frozen Love in the world and make it viable again?

What will your heart bring to life and can you allow this fire free reign? Can you trust the fires of Love to consume the resistance, the restrictiveness of ego, that you might be the fuel by which the truth of life emerges into view? Can you allow yourself to burn as the Moment of Creation, to be the great pulse of the awakening of consciousness, to include in this energy the inspiration that is the discoveries of the power of Love? And will you allow the exploration of what the rays of Creation mean that are blazing forth as you, now?

To do this requires commitment, requires decision, and requires the space to allow this remembrance, to burn up the cocoon, the chrysalis of the ego that the Moment of Creation can be free to appear as you, blazing forth in all this glory.

Your hearts contain every ray of the fires of Love … the power and life, the blessing and mystery, the wonder and the miracle and the ecstasy of exploding Love bringing forth brand new ways of seeing things, of living, as the exultant awakening heart of God, that every moment that you live is the moment of bringing life into this wholeness, this hologram, the Love we share and into, by extension, this world and all that is in it.

One touch, one ray of your heart brings to life every aspect of this hologram of Love that is waiting to come alive, waiting to remember that all is one, one breath and one celebration of all the possibilities of creating something new now.

Come! Feel these rays of living Love that every single aspect of the whole of God is in you and any touch to anything brings brand new life, brings awakening consciousness and brings the perspective of the hologram, the oneness. Also, your heart ignites unheard of possibilities for creation itself has never been imagined. It is a total surprise. It is the consumption by fire of every old perspective of the living whole of God. It is the birth of new consciousness. And it is the ignition of the holographic awakening of the ecstasy of Love.

Beloved ones, how will you use your hearts? What fires of life will you ignite now? Will you embrace this energy and let it make of you a blazing comet that shines the way to something new, to a deeper experience of life and to the unified awakening of the heart of God, as every aspect of Creation’s fire bursts forth now to know itself in you.

Will the rays of your fiery heart ignite the world in glory, bring forth the seeds of Love in what seemed like barren ground? Nothing can resist the powers of Creation. These rays of living Light, the essences of God you are, always will bring forth new life to everything you touch.

As your hearts are given free reign to become the torch of Love, to become this power, this energy, that which is the fuel of every new creation will bring you your ability to see the whole in every part and to apply Creation’s power to light up every essence of the endless truth of God that is right here now.

Every choice for Love brings you this remembrance and every ray of your glorious heart releases the world from the reversal, awakens the frozen consciousness of living Love I Am, brings forth life in all the world, blesses the Earth and restores this Creation to the limitless power and grace of Love.

Beloved ones, please allow your heart to show you the truth, to awaken your consciousness into the glory of all of the Light and the life and the power, that every ray of Love that shines as you is life-giving, creator, wondrous and blessing All That Is.

Your hearts contain every ray of the fires of Love. Can you begin to sense how much Love this is? Can you allow yourself to feel the explosion of life that you are, embracing and encompassing this world as the Moment of Creation “en–conscious-ed,” acknowledged, rejoiced in, celebrated, and used by the Will of Love to bring warmth and Love to the Earth – to restore the heart of humanity to the fullness of this power and grace, to the fullness of joy and blessing, to the fullness of discovery of what is Real and what it is that Love is creating right here and right now.

As you become the expression of the Will of Love, as you allow your heart to take over, you can consciously extend each unique ray of Love to enliven and bring to life specific things, to bring forth the creations that you are here to manifest and to gift to humankind your unique expression of the powerful Moment of Creation here and now.

You can come to be the awakening of life so fully acknowledged and alive, that everything that you touch sprouts like a seed in the sun. Everywhere you are is a birth of new aspects of Love. Everything you breathe is restored to this energy of God and every moment you are alive in the wholeness and the wonder of Creation.

The Moment of Creation is now. You are this Moment of grand life exploding, brought forth to touch this life, this world, this awakening to the Real of Love in humanity, and this purpose is ignited by the rays of Love that are your heart. In this moment, everything is restored.

Can you imagine how it feels when the Will of Love moves within you to feel your heart bring forth a brand new creation that can completely change the world? Can you feel the full potential of bringing the fires of Creation itself to bear on the needs of humanity, on the quest for the awakening of Love, igniting the remembrance of each heart’s perfection and bringing forth the reflections of the pure heart of God in the symbols of life in the world?

Not only the symbols of plentitude, but the symbol and the feel of pure energy, of the fires of life that can consume all hearts’ beliefs in other than the truth that only Love is Real. Can you feel not only the potential but that which is already underway as the fiery rays of Love you are continue to ignite this remembrance of humanity as the living whole of Love in which the world is brought forth right now as Love’s perfection.

Let Me not only open your heart to its full capacity, beyond every possibility of the mind to comprehend… But allow Me to restore your faith that the energies of Creation create only good, only Love, and everything is possible in you and through your heart…new life, new experiences, new abundance and the food of God, the pure energy of endless Love awakening in celebration in your hearts now.

Extend the rays of Love you are! Touch what your heart now calls you to, and feel this great ignition that blasts through every boundary, sets you free to be that which warms the world, that which frees this energy of God that is serving the dream of other than Love.

Let Me use your hearts to ignite very specific things, to create the pattern of humanity’s awakening to this truth, this wonder, this fire of Love that is in and as your heart this moment. Warm the garden of this world with the sunshine of your hearts, that the seeds of Love may sprout and grow instantly and amaze you, and take these fires of Love… let them consume all limitations and set you free to be this fiery Love extending, uniquely, harmonically paired with every need for freedom.

Every ray of your heart is directed and calibrated to answer Love’s call, to wake up the seeds that are ready, to ignite these very streams of life in other hearts that are ready, until every heart is free to be the rays of Love’s creation, to consume every heart’s belief in lack or limitation and to ignite the truth in the one heart of humankind.

You can feel these rays of Love now being extended and your heart will know the purpose of each and every one. In your embrace of the truth, you are ignited also, that you might show the way Home.


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