The Meeting of the Old World and the New

The Meeting of the Old World and the New

You are great rays of living Love streaming from the center of the All, emitting light and living in a constant and glorious movement. The vibration of Love is so pure and perfect that you truly are the “eternal song of God.” I want you to remember this vibration, this truth and to feel the freedom and the awareness of the movement of the particles of glorious light as they accept the pulse, the heart beat. Absorbing it, they become waves of Love and return to the particles as the receptive and open heart, pulse after pulse in the eternal Now.
As you bring forth this remembrance of this vibration of highest light, you will recognize this signature as the core of your being, and you will come to understand the flow, the breathing in and breathing out that is our continual communion. This pulse and this vibration are your signature. As you feel it, you will recognize that everything is living light, and only the little mind concept of limitation has created a sense of separation from this.

So as you open your heart and you say “Yes” to Love, this vibrating light becomes you. It becomes your remembrance of what you already are as the giving forth of Love flows through you. This is what you are. You are My living heart, and waves of Love are washing through you every Now Moment. Soon you will recognize these great fields of living light, the Love of which you are made and come to understand through heart perception that it is this of which you are made and of which the world is made also.
Suddenly, these bodies, this world becomes transparent to your view and you recognize that solidity is a false perception foisted on you by the belief in separation and the advent of a separate mind. That is what the little mind is, a piece that sees itself as separate from this Love when, of course, it cannot be for this is that of which it is made.  But the belief creates a wave form of its own and tends to self-perpetuate.

Now we come to a time where these great waves of Love that are the consciousness of God I Am washing through your glorious hearts and bringing with them the will to give, the expansion of Love as you. So in truth that which is being understood now in physics is the movement of consciousness and Love from the Moment of Creation as a continual pulse, moving the Will of God I Am through everything that is and moving Love through the heart that is you.
So what has been discovered through physics — that particles become waves, that consciousness has an effect on those particles when observed – is a reflection of the great and glorious waves of living Love, as the Will of God flows into the waiting fields of consciousness and make this Will known. From this comes the exponential multiplication of the glorious Love that I Am, through and as the open heart, the Twin Flame heart of God, a ray of which is you.

Now is the time where this vast connection, this continual pumping forth of life and of Love becomes so strong as a living pulse and a magnetic call that it penetrates the sub-creation that is Earth and brings to light the images of the ego mind’s belief in separation and the world it has made. You stand now, beloved ones, right on this point where the great Will of Love, as it reaches for humanity, meets the sub-creation of the ego mind’s duality and begins to reveal what was hidden, unfreeze that which was frozen and assert itself once more as the flow of Creation itself.

In order for this to occur where the white, hot, molten, explosive power of Love, the vibration of the Moment of Creation that is so high and pure meets the vibration of life on Earth – in order to prevent this from being an explosion of the sub-created world, there must be those who alleviate the pressure – who become literal chimneys, release valves, transforming furnaces for the old world view and for the clash, the resulting explosion that comes from the meeting of such divergent vibrations.
This release valve, beloved ones, is you. Just as in your life on Earth when you are observing the weather, when cold air meets warm air it creates thunder and lightning – so too, when the vibration of the Moment of Creation itself, the Will of God I Am for the awakening of hearts, touches the slower and often reversed vibrations of life on Earth, just so will a great storm occur, unless there is something to funnel it off.

So, what you have been feeling is that you were/are a living flame that in its burning is drawing forth old world beliefs and transforming them into a new substance that is lifted to the Real. This is your sense of what is happening and of your service now, as you are the transformer that regulates the meeting of the vibration of pure Love from the Real with the vibration of old heart’s beliefs that create what we call “the world.”
The time has come for the great shift to begin where there is enough blossoming awareness, enough Love flowing through opening hearts and an agreed upon shifting place where the Vertical becomes the Earthly life, where time as you know it will cease. We enter into the changing time where the vibration of the old and the New meet, and this meeting is assisted by you.

There are of course thousands of you all over the world, but you have asked for explanation of what is happening here. So I say to you that you are the living transformers that are stepping down the energies that are pouring to Earth from Me, and stepping up the old world vibration, and creating a relief valve for the resulting turbulent energy, that you are then pushing upward through your transforming hearts, until the charge, the thunder and lightning is dissipated, changes in vibration and returned to Me.
In your day to day life, the New World energies are powerfully increasing, and you, dearest ones, are to hold them, to “en-conscious” them for the world and to demonstrate them in the symbols of the Bridge World of Love. But even before that, to manage the blending as old world meets the new. To do this, we must speed up, lift up the old world energies until they can meet the new vibration coming in without causing such an explosion that no one can transform it or calibrate it at all. Therefore you now become the blending of the old world and the New, in your hearts, in your life, in the symbols all around you in your world. You are lifting up the consensual dream of duality and letting it become the great fires of transformation with you as the alchemical beaker in which the dross of the world is transformed into the pure Love of the Real.

You have, all of you, still enough old heart’s beliefs that you are firmly grounded, for lack of a better word, in the pocket of reversal for Me.  While you are accepting and experiencing the New World vibration, the freedom of a heart of only Love, deep within there is still vestiges of belief in the consensual dream and how it works to bring into your life some symbols of the old world view. But you are also so attuned with the New World vibration, bathing in it each and every day, finding this communion as it lifts you into living Love and bathing in the River of Life. Where these meet are the points of explosion, of pain or events that seem surprising because, not only are these reflections of your work, they are also your impetus for making these leaps that I Am now asking of you.

So the intensity of this time, beloved ones, is purposeful. It is the effect of burning the dross of the old world vibration through the powerful fires of your heart, and allowing and inviting the new energies in, inviting them to transform every molecule and every single part of your view of the world and of what constitutes reality. All of this must be broken down, cast away, transformed in the fires of Creation until your focus on the Real becomes your only point of view and you become the actual transformation of the old world into the New as the River of Life pours through your hearts.

As a result of your focus on the Real and your dedication and commitment to this work, the great waves of Love that now “en-conscious” the particles of living light will show up in the symbols of the world as the ability to change the firmament, the ability to shift your knowing of the truth of life so deeply that what comes into view is the truth of God I Am as living light and as particles “en-conscious-ed” by you and reflected into the world as perfect Love using the language of symbols. Nothing can break down the view of the world as solid like seeing the seeming laws of gravity and solidity transformed by these waves of Love. Your lives and your point of view, your focus, become the touch point for this demonstration. You, can already feel what tremendous shifting has taken place, simply through knowing that that which you have known in your heart was always part of this demonstration – to be as Jesus in transforming the duality view into Love and nothing else in the symbols of the world instantly.

Even knowing that this is in action and being transferred, heart to heart, and knowing it will spread and transform as that which you call the “hundredth monkey,” you can feel how much has shifted and much looser your view of the world is – how much hope and joy comes with the knowledge, the awareness, the freedom.  It is the intention to allow your heart to be the conduit of the greatest truth and to be perfect as I Am perfect – to recognize that only God I Am exists anywhere, including in this world and that particles of light create the illusion.
You now become the building in consciousness of the truth of a world that is made of light and that can be the reflection of the glory of Love – Love’s truth and nothing else.  So while the communion with the particles of living light, with the electrons as they carry it forth, with the atoms that are the center point of Twin Flame Love in everything – this communion now becomes a deeper truth, felt more clearly in your heart and held in your consciousness with energy and excitement as that which has been frozen really begins to move.

Your focus on the truth that there is only living Love, only the molecules, the electrons and the atoms, the particles of living light shall be reflected in combination with this awakening of the truth of Love and your service to humanity all at once. You will see that what shall happen as you move out of this time of being on the line, being the transformers, the release valves for the meeting of these two energies – from this point you will see that the reflection of the truth in the symbols of the world given in service will completely shift more consciousness, more heart than anything else that you could do. Certainly more than saying lots of words.

Knowing it is Love delivered directly and I Am the cause and you are the conduit, you are embarking on the exciting adventure of the leap across the divide, bringing humanity into the Real. While we build the Bridge World of symbols of only Love, the deeper truth is that everything is energy. Everything is vibrating, living Love, pulsing forth in orgasmic ecstasy, emitting great waves of light in exultation. As the shifting of the symbols occurs, if it can be demonstrated that it is because it is particles of living Love, of energy – then that which is the Bridge World is almost complete in its purpose, even as it is being revealed.

In other words, beloved ones, the working now with energy, with the All of Love, what others are calling the “quantum field,” is simply the revelation in the symbols of the world of the ocean of Love and the Real. Therefore, it is the bridge out of the Bridge World and into the Real of Love being planted firmly as the Bridge World is built – that as the illusion of time closes, humanity will be ready to take one step and then another in perfect synchronization.

So I am explaining to you as much as possible why you feel this excitement in your hearts, why you have always known that direct transformation was to occur and that you are meant to do as beloved Jesus; and how you have also known that you are to move beyond death, to recognize and transform your bodies directly into these particles of living Love. I Am life eternal, and you therefore are reflecting your truth as the center of the hologram of perfect Love, of eternal life that I Am. Thus, of course, that you are. Language may leave this a bit tangled, but the answers that you are looking for are here. That you are standing on the juxtaposition point of the energies of the Real and of the world, and you are being the literal fires of transformation that are calibrating these energies and making it work – bringing the denser, slower – you could say “cooler” – energies of the world into the container of your being, of your hearts, and bringing the glorious River of Life, the pulsing ecstasy of living Love in, from the Moment of Creation. As they meet, you are letting the fires of transformation occur.

And you see your Love lift up the results and bring it to Me, becoming the very River of Life, becoming the fires of Twin Flame Love that allow your heart to be emitting this new and blended vibration that is the connecting point of the old world and the New. Because you are stacking in your Twin Flame heart, you are handling the whole spectrum of vibration and moving into the demonstration of the New World on Earth, including the bridge from the Bridge World into the Real of Love. That is the direct manifestation of the wave of My Will to Love coming forth through the conduit that is your open heart and appearing instantly in the symbols of the world.

Meaning, that which was before you in one moment showing forth the imperfect symbols of the old, of duality, of the belief in Love and something else –when touched by this great wave of Love from the Moment of Creation coming through your hearts is transformed in an instant into a symbol of perfection that reflects that you are perfect as I Am perfect, and I Am only Love.

Therefore, as you become able to maintain this “en-conscious-ment” of the Bridge World and the bridge to the Real, of the energy of living Love as you truth – anything you focus upon that is reflecting the old world view or that which is not perfect, will be “righted,” will be reclaimed by the great Vertical axis of light, and therefore will be Love in its perfection made manifest.
Whether this is a stunted tree, an appearance in Nature of an animal in ill health, even the symbol of the trees losing their leaves – all of these things will simply become expressions of the perfection of Love in the Now Moment and every Now Moment forever. You simply become once again that meeting point for the Real of Love to make contact with the symbols of the world and for My Will to occur.

So while it is true that of yourselves, your ego selves, your little minds, you do not do this. It is also true, beloved ones, that you are My focus here in the pocket of duality, and therefore it is of deepest importance that you allow Me to change your point of view. Allow Me to direct your focus so that you are anchoring or focusing the wave of Love, that it may be reflected before you in the symbols as I Am perfect. As God is perfect, I Am as God is.

Because this world is within your heart and is a creation of your own heart’s beliefs, your willingness and ability to hold this truth, to become the “en-conscious-ment” of this awareness allows everything that is the world to be able to shift. But it does take your involvement, just as it took the involvement of our beloved Jesus and his Twin Flame, Mary Magdalene, to create the bridge for Love, to create the bridge across duality, to close by his own life and its expression in the world the separation that had been chosen by humanity. He created the bridge  — from the decision itself to believe in Love and something else, to believe in separation to the awareness that there is only Love. You are taking it from there.

So please, beloved ones, remain conscious as you go through this current intensity and as you see the symbols around you of old heart’s beliefs, of old world, of duality, simply open as the conduit and place your focus on that symbol. Simply become immersed in the Vertical and moving beyond ego mind, wait in the stillness for the great wave of Love to connect and to create that which is perfect out of the old world duality.
As you feel yourselves burn as the transformers, as the fires of Revelation embodied, simply keep lifting up into the joy of this amazing Love. Consciously consciously give to humanity, that in your tenderness, your devotion to them, your deep deep commitment to service, you are being the focal point, focusing on them and asking Me to pour Love through your conduit that their lives may effortless be transformed into the Real of Love.

You are doing what you are doing, Yael, to save many others from this intensity, and particularly bringing together the vibration of the world and the Real, and letting them blend. In you it becomes a New World, the Bridge World of Heaven on Earth. As for those things around you that are reflecting old heart’s beliefs, the old world vision of duality, once again simply be the conduits of this Love and simply hold your heart open and place them in your focus until you are able to connect with this pulsing Love and with your intention to allow Love to be the reality in the symbols of the world – until the symbols transform before you.

So, you will come to understand and experience how it works as Love instantly transforms individual symbols of old heart’s beliefs. Then, once accomplished and comfortable, we shall move on into larger things, until, as you are now, being these fires of transformation – as you can feel it, constantly burning and lifting beyond you through the magnetic power of the Real, the Moment of Creation itself, lifting and transforming this energy – so too will a point come when you become this same transformer, and that everything that is occurring is the transforming of the whole world in the Now Moment, out of duality and into the one whole of only Real Love.

I am showing you this as energy points on a matrix of the world. There is no necessity to translate it into words. Just know that you enter into a corridor of juxtaposition of one energy with the New. This is the beginning point and the end point, but in the experience of the world, it will be a period of time. Every moment and every step will be exciting. I want you to pour all of yourselves into it. Every moment in every interaction, let yourselves be this conduit, that I may explain to others the larger view. Keep your awareness of humanity, beloved ones, so close and tender in your hearts, and let every moment of discomfort or intensity or even agony be for them, as you transform it into Love.

Rise up into the glorious dawn of the Real as it washes the world and brings forth soft colors, luminous and magical that have never been seen before on Earth, and let them paint for you new images upon the great sea of living light that is the ocean of Love and pure consciousness, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, coming together and creating even more Love, far more… than could have been without this. Without the world there would not be the returning Home, and without the returning, there wouldn’t have been this expansion.

So the depth of the joy will be beyond all imagining as the New World embraces the Real and My heart is Home at last.