The Fairy Tale Retold: Your Heart Is Your Castle In Which You Find Your SoulMate

The Fairy Tale Retold:
Your Heart Is Your Castle
In Which You Find Your SoulMate

In the deep rich life of the Spirit, of Love, there are no separate lives. Each being, each stream of living Love’s particles is woven through the All of Love I Am. Thus every conscious Will to Love blesses every other life, feeds it and uplifts it. And, most of all, expands it because every life receives the view of every other life, all of which enriches the depth and breadth of every life.

The urge to give Love is universal, yet it is expressed in uncountable ways through the magnificent beautiful unique and precious patterns of every life that is a part of the whole of Love I Am. So every life enhances all other lives. Each life is a blessing and thus is each life honored and cherished, not to mention celebrated, by every other life. And the passionate flow of Love through every single heart is felt within the hearts of All. The Love I Am then knows itself more deeply. Every life is added to by every other life that is a part of the whole of Love I Am.

In this pocket of reversal, all lives also feel and know every other life. Every thought and feeling is transferred through the whole as well. Yet here the transfer is unacknowledged. Here the ego makes you continually focus on your little self, your separate life and all you have to do in order to get what you need. Here in the reversal, rather than operating from the place of abundance as in the Real, everything is focused on lack. Everything is focused on using up the resources, using up the life force, using up the money of which there is not enough. Here, in the realm of the little mind and ego, every life is diminished by every other life. This is the basic premise, and if you begin to gain some independence from the ego-mind you will see that even in the so-called good times, the basic belief in scarcity makes the one experiencing the good feel that at any moment the good will be snatched away.

I Am bringing to your attention something most important. It is in relation to gaining control of your thoughts. And that is, first, that you are permeable, whether or not it feels that way. The thoughts and feelings of every human being on Earth are flowing through you all of the time. This is why consensual reality is so effective for the ego-mind. It makes you believe you are separate, solid, that your mind is your own and your identity fixed – or at least fixed enough that you know yourselves from day to day and you don’t forget who you are and what you have decided to do. It really isn’t true. Everything here, just as in all of Creation, is fluid and functions on resonance. Yet fluid is a relative term, obviously.

The truth is that you really are fluid, made of free-flowing particles of the electrons of light. But by focusing your consciousness backwards, on anti-life, you essentially keep pulling your electrons in to less and less — less space, less movement, less connection with the Love they are until they are so focused IN, that there is no where else to move. This is the reason for death, then; it is when the particles become so diminished in their movement, because of the focus, that something has to give. Life then reasserts itself and blasts away the limiting human focus, the use of co-creatorship to create the opposite of life. In one fell swoop it frees itself and the expansiveness returns. Yet even then, of course, it is subject to free will. So many for whom life forces the expansion of death immediately gather up the particles and force them back into the anti-Love reversal, the return to “another” human life.

This however is not My focus for today. My focus today is your freedom from the confines of the ego-mind. For you are the ones who have promised Me that you could retain your identity as only Love even while you walked the ever-inward spiraling path of anti-Love and its enactment of the decision of humanity to believe that they are separate from life and from Me. Some of you have “fought the dragon” of the mind and won a little freedom to touch the Real of Love. Others are just beginning to gain the awareness that a dragon exists right within them — the fire-breathing dragon of the ego-mind. So truly, beloved ones, the fairy tales are symbolisms for the spiritual quest each one of you must take to gain your freedom.

In the fairy tales it is always the man, the knight in shining armor, who must go forth to fight the dragon and rescue the captive princess (or whatever the exact symbols are in each particular story). What this means is that the quest for release from the dragon of the little mind has to be actively engaged (the active principle is Divine Masculine). In other words, it cannot be accomplished by just waiting around for it to happen. It must be actively pursued – that barrier of the dragon/mind that keeps each person from experiencing the great All of Love, the truth we are, the Real, through the sacred heart, which is Divine Feminine. The castle is the heart itself — the doorway (I have called it the sacred chapel, castle will work as well). And that which is enshrined within that fortress of the heart (fortress against intrusion from the world of reversal) is the exquisite beauty of pure Love that contains All I Am and all potential of that which you are as the heart of Me: Divine Feminine.

So I speak to every one of you but especially to those now beginning the quest — the quest for freedom! Freedom from the dragon/tyrant of the little mind.

I can promise you in a million ways that the freedom you gain will be worth every effort. Training to be the great swordsman (continuing our fairy tale analogy, which has ever been a way to pass along profound esoteric awareness and place it also within the awareness of the majority of humankind), the daily practice of the great art of sword fighting is the daily work of becoming aware of your thoughts. Again and again and again you must do it, until you have strength and agility beyond that of normal men. Until you are ready for the sacred quest. Something within you will tell you. And just as the family of the knight of the fairy tale questions him and urges him not to go, not to risk himself, so will you feel from your old friends in this world, be they people or habits that comforted you and kept you pretending that you, the knight, were okay just hanging around the home castle. But something inside calls you. And something inside also whispers to you that True Love is waiting at the end of the quest.

It is right, of course, this feeling, because True Love, the SoulMate or Twin Flame, can only be experienced in the Real, which is only accessed through the castle of the heart that the dragon is guarding. And whether you yourself, brave knight, are male or female, you have within you both the active principle and the passive, open, inclusive principle.

Now to weave our fairy tale together with your daily life. Beneath the surface whispers all the voices of the others — voices coming not from their mouths, but from their thoughts. Voices that say, “Give it up,” or, “You won’t succeed, it’s crazy.” Voices saying, “You’re not a knight, you’ re really nothing,” and of course, voices that say incessantly, “It’s not worth fighting the dragon. The castle is really empty. The princess is already dead and certainly you are the biggest fool for believing you’ll have Love as a result of this quest, and eternal Love at that! Aren’t you mixed up? You think you are a knight when really all you are worthy of is being the court jester. You are a fool. Why do this and look ridiculous?” That voice, My beloved ones, is the collective consciousness. It is the sum total consciousness of all who live here in the world. And it affects you daily, hourly, unless you choose to stop it by giving your Will to Me.

As long as you can see yourself failing on your quest, even if most of the time you believe you will succeed, you are still a house divided against itself. As long as the whispered voices of fear and failure, pain and negativity hold any resonance within your consciousness, you have to give Me your Will. Only so can you overcome all the obstacles, travel through the swamp of fear bravely, even in the dark. Only so can your vibration rise above the quicksand of the mass consciousness. And only by asking Me to lift you back into your truth as Love victorious can you possibly see your way to the castle each moment as if led by an invisible hand. Using your sword of truth with its shining blade of pure intention, you cut through the jungle vines, dodging the man-eating plants (which are the major consensual beliefs of humanity that you must cut through in order to free yourself).

The closer you get to the castle (of your heart) the more fiercely the ego-mind lays the traps of negativity, using fear as the substance from which it weaves its disguises of things “for your own good” and “helpers along the path.” Ah, but the closer to the castle (the doorway to your true Love and your freedom from the dream), the more clearly you hear the signal from your Love (which is your heart’s truth, your Twin Flame and Me). So symbols appear just when it began to seem impossible. The clouds part, you see a shaft of light. There is a rainbow, and an eagle. Birds appear whose wings are gold. They show up in the darkness of the forest of impediments and the darkness of duality. You know you are getting near!

You also know there is a key – a secret you must find in order to make it to the castle. Without this key the dragon doesn’t matter because you will never find the way across that last great chasm that protects the dragon’s lair.

You reach the edge of the precipice. You can feel the dragon’s searing heat. You feel as if hell itself is breaking loose before you as you sense the dragon’s lair. You see the castle, shining, upon the top of a great mountain of silver rock. Its turrets look golden and it seems to disappear right into the glorious sunset whose colors are magnificent, like none you have ever seen.

Yet before you is a chasm as wide as the very castle itself, plunging into darkness as you look downward, standing on the edge. Despair begins to rise in you. Oh, the dragon is too powerful. It is hopeless. There is no way to make it across that gaping chasm – the divider between the knight you are and the knight you long to be — free to claim your Love at last, free to kiss the beautiful princess. Free to find heaven itself in her eyes, once you have entered the castle. But it now seems impossible. All the people were right! Whatever moved you to do such a thing as this? Then, quaking, you realize your deepest fear – the dragon is coming after you! And with your every thought he is closer and his horrible roar is almost unbearable. It drops you to your knees in agony; you hold your ears but nothing shuts out the noise. It is as if it is within your own head, roaring inside your brain — such shrieking that you feel your consciousness fading away. Falling face down on the edge of the precipice, you realize that with one movement you could be over the side, falling to your cruel death. Oh, but then you think, how much easier it would be to die now than to face that horrible dragon.

You reach out your arm to push your body, knowing the gravel will make the roll easy, when something moves inside of you. A distant voice. So beautiful! Oh, so beautiful it holds every angel’s voice within it! And then a flash of deep awareness, breaking through the darkness of your thoughts and their hold upon your heart. You recognize your SoulMate. It is she! It is she! You lift your head. And suddenly you know you must go on. If you fall into the precipice of darkness, if the roaring dragon (of the ego-mind) destroys you at least you will know you died attempting to reach her! Slowly, with much effort, you back away from the edge. Suddenly you realize: the dragon’s roar has decreased by many decibels. It is a level you can tolerate. So you decide to sleep and plan your strategy tomorrow.

When you wake there is a golden light in which you are floating. It is a light so bright it takes your breath away, so comforting you feel upheld by it. And deep within the golden silence you know: you have the key! You know that God (the Love I Am) has given you the golden key. You sense it is the silence. But how are you to use it? Something tells you that you must wait, and watch, and it will be revealed.

Foregoing everything else, such as searching for food and water or even sharpening your sword, you move to the edge of the precipice and you begin to pray:
“Oh, Great Love, Creator, I love you.
Let your Love be the access to the castle
And to this new Love I sense that I Am.
And please help me find my beloved, My Twin Flame.
I know she is real.
I can feel her.
And I know she is within the castle.”

A deep peace settles over you and a sense of expansion. You realize in that moment that you are vast and powerful. Not as the dragon is powerful, but as the Creator, with a power of Love you never have experienced before. There are no thoughts within, no sense of a body. You can feel yourself as beauty, and you reach out from your center to the center of the castle. Suddenly you find her. And for a moment you are joined! You are as great rays of light rushing forth into the sky. It is as if you can see or feel yourself as the magnificent Love you are sharing with her, and as the knight standing all alone at the edge of the gaping precipice. Above the castle you are flowing light – one golden flecked with iridescent white, and one white alive with shimmering specks of living gold. Oh, how to get all of you there with her?

With that thought you find yourself back on the edge as the knight. Sadness and frustration well up inside and suddenly, for the first time that morning, you hear the dragon — more terrible a sound than you remember. You feel fear rise. The dragon’s roar gets closer and louder. “Oh, My God,” you moan, “so close, and now I’m about to fail!” With a roar like an explosion, a great stream of fire comes rushing toward you, easily crossing the great chasm and landing right before you on the edge. Your whole body is shaking in fear. “God, help me!” you cry out. Nothing. But then a sense of Love. You grab it like a drowning man grabs a life preserver (although you are not drowning but about to fry any moment). Yet you push away the thought of frying, of roasting to a charred crisp, and hold on to the sense of Love you felt. It begins to take hold in your heart.

You focus on it – on your heart – and the feeling of Love that has rooted within it, and pour everything you’ve got into the intention of keeping this focus no matter what. You realize that the dragon’s roar is fading! Then rising from your heart you get the whole awareness. The dragon becomes stronger whenever you are thinking and becomes almost able to reach you whenever you feel fear. But more than this, there is now growing within a sense of joy. As it grows, your heart fills with Love beyond thought, yet somehow you understand it completely in an instant. Becoming very still and open, completely focused on the sense of Love, something begins rising in you. It is those same streams of Love that you experienced before — filling up your heart, expanding in a burst of joy way beyond your body. Joy rises in intensity. You feel a pulsing wave of ecstasy so glorious you realize that this is who you are! Oh, but what is this? Suddenly, there is tenderness. A sense of golden purpose. And the two streams become one golden white cascade of Love. Gold-white and white-gold, embracing, woven forever together yet ever aware of the deep embrace, Twin Flames, atom to atom. When the Love becomes all, a song of gratitude comes forth from the very particles of energy you are. Then, most amazing of all, a greater Love gently covers the two who are one and you feel it — the gentle touch of wonder that is the Creator, filling the Twin Flame stream of light. And in an instant you are there – across the divide, into the castle, suddenly beyond it all. And written across the sky of eternity in particles of light:
Love is All
And All is Love
Ever in relationship.
Love God and your Twin Flame
With all your heart
Until only Love is Real to you
And you are Home
(and free)

This is the truth of the fairy tale, the quest to still the dragon of the mind, to overcome the traps of the reversal, to lift beyond perception of (and belief in) good and evil. It is a quest that every person alive on Earth is on. Once you have made it across the divide, having tamed the dragon and thus found the entry to your heart – your heart that is the castle in which you find your SoulMate – then, through you, I continue the fairy tale and you will find what is contained within those words you have always heard, “_and they lived happily ever after.”

The whole of Love is alive in those words! The whole of the service to Love of a glorious Twin Flame heart. There are adventures in giving that will thrill and amaze you. There are glories of Love you can barely imagine. And a hint of what is to come: the whole world, every form of life, finds its Twin Flame, for all are given life by you. “And the whole world is dancing and all are Making Love_” Stay tuned, then, for the second installment and the details of heaven on Earth. Once the dragon is gone, all the wealth and the opulence once held within the castle can pour out into the world. And all can share in the remembrance that Love is all there is.

Note: As most of you already know, God called Yael Powell home on January 3, 2018. The Messages from God that were her life’s work remain as her profound and voluminous gift to us. So that her life purpose in bringing through these Messages will be realized, we will continue to offer The Messages through this mailing list. Each month two full length Messages will be sent, and each week, two brief excerpts, The Messages of Love, will arrive. It was her greatest desire that these Messages reach as many brothers and sisters as possible. There is greater need for their content now than ever before. Please feel free to share them in different venues, and when you do, please include recognition of their source (Circle of Light, Also please do invite others who show interest to sign up for the mailing list at the website. Any questions or comments may be directed to

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