Dearest Spirit Family:

Dearest Spirit Family:

Spirit is moving very fast these days, bringing changes for all of us on wings of Light. God’s Love is penetrating and stirring hearts on Earth as never before. Light Workers are being guided to new places and being asked to make powerful new decisions, that each of us may be used to the maximum in assisting in the awakening of the hearts of humanity.

At Circle of Light, we too are experiencing the acceleration in God’s call. You just received Yael’s letter speaking of her experience of almost leaving the planet and describing how that experience brought her and Doug ever closer together. Yael and Doug are now being called to a more direct involvement in the management of Circle of Light. They continue to experience ever-deepening closeness to each other as they move to fulfill their assignment in new and exciting ways as Twin Flames in embodiment on Earth and as the Messengers of God.

In conjunction with this, I, ShannaPra, am being called by God to a new and different alignment with Circle of Light. The task for which I was brought here twelve years ago has been completed. While I will remain close to Circle of Light and continue to transcribe and distribute the Messages from God as they are sent to me by Yael, God is preparing me for a different assignment which will arrive in its perfect timing.

In the meantime, I will be living in a place of my own in another part of Eureka Springs. I will be helping Yael and Doug with this transition and will always be available to them for consultation and assistance. We remain deeply connected.

It has taken all of us time to absorb what God is asking of us. Naturally this involves some restructuring for Circle of Light. Our website will continue to present everything we receive, but will be more informational than interactive. We will continue to offer Heart Activation. Our books will still be available, paperbacks now through the route of and ebooks here through our website. You will all continue to receive the Messages from God and the Messages of Love, the core of our offerings, without interruption, as in the past.

I cherish all the precious and close friendships with you, the many, many members of our Spirit Family. I hope you will stay in touch with me through my personal email, My years at Circle of Light have been the most wonderful years of my life. I am beyond grateful to Mother-Father-God for the time spent serving here; for Yael and Doug, my sister and brother; and for the humbling privilege of helping to bring God’s Messages to the world. I am also excited to serve God in new and different ways, surrendering all I am to that purpose. I send all of you the deepest possible Love from the ShannaPra heart.