The Messages from God

Through Yael and Doug Powell at

Circle of Light




Beloved ones, with every passing moment the World of Love becomes more accessible, more visible and more alive to the experience of your hearts and the expression of the Real Home you are meant to live in – Home as the out-picture of God, Home as the joyous out-folding of Love, Home as a place that not only enfolds you but in which you are supported in constant communion. Home that is the expression of the heart of God in the magnificent symbols of your life and your world…

Your heart now moves right through all illusions of separation to feel and claim the truth of every expression of life that you see. Colors are radiant, luminous and splendid. But not only this, colors are alive in me, and thus alive in you…colors that speak to your heart to bless you with the deep awareness that everything is conscious and alive and that the communion in which you live continually is ever and always a partnership with everything you see.

The most exquisite artistry of God, and you, beloved ones, are the artists… As your heart feels into the New World and claims it, your every breath is a communion and song that opens before you this endless vista of life and the magnificent communion with aspects of life that once you believed were solid forms. Now you recognize them as streams of Light and life and joy with which you can consciously blend in this moment beyond time, living in constant wonder.

As you step, step consciously. Release your ideas of a world that is physical and engage in this most wonderful communication, this conversation of Love that is the blending of your heart with what is visible and what now becomes your experience of endless life in communion with Me.

Oh, dearest ones, when you recognize that everything is conscious and alive, that each and every life is meant to be an intimate friend…when you rejoice in the miracle of the dance of your day and welcome your heart’s interpretation of each thing that you touch, you begin to leave your life of all old images of the world as less than Love. You are ready to be the joy of My heart, ever expanded and ever rejoicing, sharing this endless moment with All That Is.

Your hearts can feel every stream of energy as it is pulsing forth and connects with every sparkling presence, every aspect of Love that shimmers and moves forth in delight to express with you the perfect joy in which you are meant to live – so alive and so in Love with life that every moment is an adventure and every breath truly is a miracle.

You can feel the shimmer of life appearing DIRECTLY from the limitless Now and you are completely alive to the wonder of your own self appearing directly from the Love I Am as the joyous and open heart of the whole of God. All around you the Light shines and the colors have such depth that if you choose to focus on them, they take you easily through the cosmos, connecting to dimensions of Love that are expressed in vibrancy and depth, and you share the song of gratitude as you honor them and choose to remember how endless My Love is.

When you allow your hearts to follow the stream of sparkling Light that beckons you to follow, you can travel between dimensions in an instant to discover parallels, universes. The richness of the life that you are reaches from infinity to infinity, all of which is here now, coming forth in trails of joy to sing your life now and to be present in this moment, this day that truly is a miracle of God.

The World of Love is right here, shining through every false perception and reaching for your heart to show you just how beautiful things are. How powerful is this moment when everything is born brand new, when the very Moment of Creation is allowed to shine forth as this world with all of its gifts included.

In your attempt to create a linear progression of days, weeks, months, years, you have unconsciously lived with blinders keeping you from experiencing the circular nature of the endless time of the birth of God and all the wonder included. You are ready to come back in, to be present for the birth of Love, to recognize that everything is conscious and every life is included in this wondrous heart of God.

You are ready to live in reverence, to let go of an outmoded past, to release every limited story of who you are, of what you need and of what you think you have experienced. You are ready, beloved ones, to stand firm in the moment that is the birth of all things and to allow this world to come forth anew, containing the whole of God…washed clean, perfect and surrendered to the Will of Love, what every moment is the perfect communion with the glorious whole of Love.

You stand in the present and recognize this beautiful world as the conscious expression of the miracle of the heart that is one, made of two; the powerful explosion of Love that blazes into view carrying you into the miracle of Love meeting Love again. All of the things you’ve believed in – limitation, fear, lack – are gone now, absorbed by this powerful Love that lifts you and provides for you and guides you as I whisper the depth of your name that reaches to the living cosmos and connects you to all things.

You have ways of communing with Nature that includes the whole universe in a tree; that brings the voices of Angels into full expression in a song of Love so timeless that it lifts you into bliss. You welcome this circle of friends that once you believed were inanimate and now, you know the truth that they travel with you, step for step, to that which you believed in as “years” but which in fact, is their endless explosion of pure and perfect Love, expanding itself as this universe, wrapped in an intricate embrace with the matrix of all life.

Let go of the things you’ve believed, the things that your mind has been taught. Let go of time and dance in the moment, free and alive and filled with joy, until you feel how this moment that you are living is truly the center of all things and you are connected to the whole of the cosmos as the vehicle of My infinite Love, fully available to allow perfection to express and bliss to find its Home in you in this endless and joyous moment.

That which you’ve seen as the world now parts before you like a mist. You can walk through the cloud of illusion, that which we’ve called the veil and stand in this sparkling morning of life, gazing on the most stunning vista that contains all dimensions of God and all expressions of beauty, waiting for you to express how this Love should appear.

Energy in motion is feelings and how you feel is the engine that moves your experience of life, opens the grand ley lines of the cosmos and creates a window into this world where the greatest expression of beauty can come forth and cloak itself in these images of breathtaking beauty and a world that is only Love.

As you release your old perceptions, drop the illusion of fear, step forth to claim your abundance and dissolve into this endless Love, the power of our communion will burst forth from your heart to coincide with the Moment of Creation in its splendor to bring forth where you choose to abide.

Keeping your attention on this gift, this communion of our Love, will manifest in the world you’ve longed for, will bring you all the gifts I provide, will deepen the glory of our communion and provide the conduit for change to uplift the whole of humanity and return them to the world as I made it – a world, beloved ones, suitable for My heart, beautiful enough for you to live there, filled with the expressions of My heart which is you, pure beauty, endless grace and all the gifts of the universe.

All that is required is that you turn away from the addictions of the little mind and its stories of illusions incessant, made exciting through trauma and pain. Take a look at any drama or any guide to writing one and you will discover that it is the conflict that makes it interesting. That is the story of life on Earth. Life in God is completely different. It is pure and joyous ecstasy and the excitement is born of your communion with Me, the great gift of your presence in the miracle of the birth of Love into brand new, right now expressions, delivered in this moment. That is where the true excitement lives and that is where I want you to be looking.

All the ways that the little mind creates this world are easily set aside and I promise you, you will be filled joyously with all the things that Love provides, with energy and focus and excitement and the joyous unfolding of Real Love. Rather than challenges there will be gifts to accept. Accepting all of them will be challenge enough as there are so many.

Right now as the world takes another step over to the other side of 2012, be available, beloved ones as the conduit of a whole new perspective…a world of Love, and be willing to be present as the glorious, magnificent heart of God I Am. From this perspective…see the world, how flexible it truly is, how easily the picture, the experience can shift, and how everything is birthed in the Now.

Each of you is cherished and is so unique. You will always be loved and totally upheld. You don’t disappear into the Oneness, beloved ones, not at all. You are My heart expressed and every nuance of my Love is conscious and is eternal…which doesn’t mean you aren’t completely permeable, able to merge and to blend, to become the movement and the growth of Love, to become the arms that embrace the universe.

But always My heart beats once again and you are born completely new and endlessly and gloriously perfect. It is a celebration of Love that is a miracle – part of all and yet totally unique. This world is Love’s Home, the place where My heart abides. Can you feel just how beautiful it is and how it is meant to be honored every moment as Love expressed?

This is to be your commitment and I Am here to help you turn. You are always, always in communion with Me and the birth of Love is this moment, manifesting the gifts of your heart as this world you live in.

So as you release your belief in the physical and acknowledge that the whole world is energy, that you are fluid, flexible and effortlessly alive in every expression of All That Is…then you are the heart of Love seeing itself in everything around you. It is time to celebrate the perception of God, to make sure that this is where your focus is.

It is time to be the living circle of Love in which everyone and everything is included. It is time for this effervescent holiness to fill your heart to overflowing, to touch and fill your consciousness with a world that is the expression of gratitude appearing as many things, as Nature, as artistry, as animals, as a communion of the highest order of Love.

You, My heart, are the witness to what is perfect and eternal and joyously celebrated. Gently I turn you from gravity to levity as I have said to you many times before, but now gravity disappears. Now it loses its hold. Now you are ready to fly with nothing holding you down – especially not images of other than Love.

Instead, beloved ones, you are the crown of all Creation and now this crown of the Christos can shine as the Earth and the expression of humanity, always giving, reaching forth and celebrating only Love. Gently, turn your precious eyes away from the old images of duality. Gently love your little mind, as you clearly shift to your heart. Live, beloved ones, from the realms of Love. Anchor up in Me. Feel the truth of God I Am deep in the center of your being and allow Love, born now in its perfection to be that in which you live, the Reality of God as the world.

The miracle of our communion is the greatest gift. I am in you and you in Me and yet we can communicate, and the Light of your hearts shines through Creation creating new vistas of Love. This world is one of them. Dearest ones, please choose it and choose it eagerly as Love is born as your heart this moment.