Nothing Can Stand Before the Power of Love But Love Itself 2-8-13

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light

Nothing Can Stand Before the Power of Love
But Love Itself

Beloved one, nothing can stand before the power of Love. Love is the one true power, and everything that you have imagined that your life can be other than Me, has to dissolve when Love is fully present.

Every time that you believe you see a world of discord and strife, open your heart and let the power of Love blaze through. Trust Me with every step – that nothing can stand before the power of Love except for Love itself.

You have dreams of a world of pain and suffering, and you have made it into something very individual. Now it is time to remember the truth. There is only one false decision, one moment of turning away from My Love, and all that must occur to rectify everything is for you, My precious heart, My holy and beloved one, to turn back and choose Me.

Every time you believe that something has power over you… Every time you allow the false dream to have the upper hand, you continue the promulgation of every possibility as life as separate from God. But now, beloved ones, your hearts are called back. You are here now to remember the truth. Let it flood you; let it lift you up; let it be your exaltation. In the moment when you give Love with your whole heart and soul and being, give it precedence over everything that the mind has designed. In that moment everything but Love disappears.

This is the threshold upon which you stand now. Humankind is ready to turn back and to remember that the only thing here is God and the only truth is Love. It is bubbling up from within you and every heart is according it. Every soul is singing in joy, remembering itself as this one whole being, the truth of God standing forth in joy and accepting the true and only power of Love.

It is time to let your heart sing in gladness. There is no reason not to and there is no necessity for elaborate rituals for dissolving the dream, unless, of course, you want to. Anything you need to shake free from the illusion that you are less than the whole of Love I Am is fine, beloved ones, and I totally support you.

But I Am here to tell you that Love is blazing and I Am reaching for your hearts. Nothing else is needed but the end of this separation, the remembrance of your merging with Me and the recognition of the truth of your being as the whole, as the perfect heart of God I Am.

As you allow Love to be your truth and your priority, as you open your heart and become this blazing Light, the movement of Love, then every illusion of separation has to fall away and you are lifted up to live in joy every moment.

It is time, beloved ones, to stop the individualization of this dream of separation from the truth of Love. It is time to stop believing in a billion stories, stories of all kinds. It is time to bring it back to the truth of one choice to turn away and one solution only and that solution is to turn back to Me.

Let yourself release your part in the weaving of this story of other than Love. It is time for you to give Me your heart until you recognize that there is only one heart here and it is the heart of God. It is everywhere. It is astounding in its beauty, and it is always and forever based in the power of Love and nothing else.

The life of all Creation is one life, expressing itself in joyous creativity in countless ways. The one dream of separation from God is just that – one dream, and it is time for it to be over. It is time for you to recognize the truth that as you stand in the power of Love, there is only the heart of God here, and only the truth expressing it as this which you call your life.

So I Am asking you to turn and to remember deep within you this great vibration, the power of Love – to feel it so profoundly and to rejoice in our communion that whenever the world of the mind arises, the power of Love goes before you and instantly transforms it.
I Am here reaching for you, drawing you back into the truth of this wholeness, that you are not separate from Me, but rather, are My expression of the unique and beautiful aspects of My heart that is the whole spectrum of humanity manifesting the beauty of God in profound and miraculous ways.

As you become this beacon of Love, beloved ones, you will watch the illusion dissolve before you instantly. You will be amazed and filled with gratitude, that what unfolds from that point is the vista of joy and beauty that speaks of the truth of Love in the symbols of this world. This, just for a little while…until in a great blaze of Light, that which believed itself a separate life and a separate humanity is once again encompassed completely and fully in the glory of God and the song of Love is one song again…

It is time to nurture the power of Love, time to recognize the presence of your heart, beloved ones. Time to allow it to take precedence over everything in your life, that the power of Love may dissolve every story, may heal every truth that you believe has been broken, and may restore your everlasting oneness with Me that is one life. We may rejoice continually for the gift of this circle of giving and receiving that is the beauty of My heart.

As you allow Love to go before you and to walk as you, your every step is supported by the whole of Creation, and if for a moment, you believe the mind and take back your identity as a limited human being, all that is necessary is to return to the open heart, to come again into our glorious communion, to feel the truth of God singing as your essence, to rejoice in the power of Love as the one truth present eternally. Then, you may take your next step and feel the continuous elevation and the ecstasy you are meant to live in.

I Am calling you to return your whole focus to Me and to this discovery of what it is that lives within you…this point of pure Light that is the center of all Creation that explodes forth in continuous celebration. As you accept that you are the very movement of Love, then as I said before, you become the power of life that moves and creates the world before you, no longer believing yourself to be the victim to that which you have believed is outside of you, recognizing that this joyous space within is the full expression of the truth of God I Am right here as you.

When you feel the power of Love and allow it to be your one truth, the Light is so strong that all that existed in shadows must be gone in an instant. As you allow this remembrance of unity to hold sway, then all of life communes with you as part of your very self. There is a new depth to your being. It is expanding all limited boundaries, dissolving everything that kept you separate from Me.

Every moment that you thought that something was Real that wasn’t Love… in this place that is the presence of our hearts, the truth of Love is revealed to be your Home and the power of Love is magnified with your every breath. That which the mind has called miracles become the way you live, raising you up to experience life that recognizes only one power, the power of God.

You can call on this power of Love, knowing that nothing of the world of ego can stand before it and allow it to be your continuous experience. The vibration of Love is undeniable, and because it is the one true power of Creation, it entrains all life unto it and does so effortlessly. The more time that you can spend in this vibration, the more moments you can sink into eternity, the more you can allow the heart to love the mind and thus transform it, the freer you shall be of the illusion that there is anything other than Love and that there could be anything Real other than God, including, beloved ones, yourselves.

Every moment I Am here living you, giving you the vision of your truth. So, every moment, Love is available to take charge of your experience. If you will let it dissolve all stories of believing in anything else, you will recognize the truth of your being. If, as yet, for a little while you need convincing that you can release this story of a life separate from Me…a life in which you experience anything other than perfection and joy…whatever you need to let it go, beloved ones, I Am with you.

But I promise you that ultimately all you must do is turn and open your heart to Me, letting yourselves remember that this Love that is the only real thing has always been the truth of your being and the power of Love never fails you. Nothing can stand before it that isn’t Love and beauty, that isn’t the power of God.

As each of you becomes this vibration, becomes the open and shining heart of Love, then that which you see as the world is transformed without a thought, since the power of Love takes precedence always over any and all illusions, over any heart’s beliefs in Love and something else.

You can call on the power of Love any time that you choose and you will feel the response blazing forth right through your precious hearts to dissolve the illusion of a life separate from Me, to release the stories of a world based on two powers. If you allow Love to do its work, you will stand free, effortlessly and joyfully free to remember that you are God and that this life is the expression of My heart.

The power of Love is the only power that is Real. Deep within you it is blazing at this moment. So, anything that has made you believe that you are less than the perfection of God, place it within your heart and let the power of Love transform it, until you feel the truth alive in your every breath that you receive your life directly from this grand explosion of Love, propelling you into the experience of pure and limitless good and wonderful exploration of this limitless creativity and endless beauty.

As you come to feel your heart as the pulsing heart of God I Am, you will also see that the world of illusion can only exist on the periphery of your being. It has never touched your core. It cannot, for there is nothing else above present as the truth of your being. As you feel and live this, whatever comes into your vision of a world created of the belief in two powers, you will be able to feel the power of Love transforming, until the way before you is clear and every step is taken in grace. Every moment is alive in the abundance of God. The truth of your being will be accepted at last.

There is only the power of Love here and it is you. Beloved ones, use these words, if the illusion seems to take over. Nothing stands before the power of Love and feel the truth of God I Am as the I Am of you.

Recognize, beloved one, that you are this power, and step forth whole and perfect. Allow your heart to blaze its light and remember this truth. Call on it. Come to live it. Nurture it deep within you. Remember it with every breath and use it to dissolve anything that stands before you that isn’t this limitless power of Love.

Nothing stands before the power of Love, the one force of the universe, the only true power, the power of God, and it is who you are.