You Are the Lights of Christmas December 23, 2011

Dearest Spirit Family. We thank God with all our hearts for the following amazing Message — our inspiration for the season and for the coming year. We wish all of you the most blessed and beautiful holiday season possible. We love you and thank you for being the open hearts for the flow of this Love onto our beloved Earth and into the hearts of all of humanity. With deepest Love from Yael, Doug and ShannaPra

The Messages from God
Through Yael and Doug Powell
At Circle of Light,

You Are the Lights of Christmas
December 23, 2011

Beloved ones, your radiant hearts shine and light the world with Love from within it. You are sparkling, effervescent in your beauty, luminous with the Love that fills you.

In this moment when all Creation is fulfilled by this Love and in this Love you are, I ask you to allow this Love to claim you, to light you up and to shine you now as the Real light of Christmas, that I might “string the world” with your precious hearts for everyone to see by… that this luminous grace may make everything good visible, that the power of your Love may shine through every illusion, that you might be the hands of peace in outreach.

You are the lights of Christmas and everywhere you look you see My face. You see the perfect precious expressions of all My many aspects and everyone that you touch with your divine presence is lit up by the source of your wholeness, this source of Love I Am.

Dearest ones, this is the very moment of the birth of Christ when perfect Love comes forth in all its glory, when the expression of the whole of God in a circle of Love is so complete that nothing is outside this Love, this holiness… Let all of this be expressed in you, as you, through you, as you are lit from the source of All, from the Love I Am, this Christmas.

Whatever words you use to express this holy time, it comes directly as the birth of Love within you. It speaks your name on the winds of joy and calls to you your avenues of service, the hearts that need your light this Christmas. You must be plugged in to be illuminated.

Let every breath return you to this moment when all Creation calls and Love answers. Consciousness becomes luminosity as together we understand this pure communion, the gift of life, of breath, the creation of all that is perfect, all that lives in your hearts now.

Dearest ones, when you allow this illumination, you become so full of Light there is no illusion. There is nothing left of the little mind that might cloud your true perception.

Instead, the heart becomes your guide in everything and you stand like a candle that cannot be extinguished, like a ray of perfect joy that sings the cosmos. Every life you touch, even those in consciousness, finds itself in the presence of Love’s perfection. Hope becomes assuredness, true conviction…that Love is everything in everyone and it is everywhere.

Love can shine through any thoughts of darkness and you are its candle. You are this illumination. You are the lights of Christmas. If you could see with the eyes of Spirit, you would see how beautiful this precious world is, all decorated with all of your precious hearts strung around it…perfectly positioned to light up every consciousness, to open up the way for Love’s remembrance, to allow the birth of perfect Love to come forth unimpeded.

In the presence of your Light, the openness of your consciousness, all dreams of separation from Me fall away effortlessly, and you become this outreach of perfect Love “en-conscious-ed,” the hand of God, the heart of Christ, the pure illumination of the endless outreach of Love.

Beloved ones, you are the world illumination. This moment you are lit from the Moment of Creation. You are the force of Love’s power bringing everyone the remembrance of what is possible when the heart is clear and open. You are the lights of Christmas and the world is so perfectly decorated as you shine.

Your incandescent beauty cannot be missed, even by those who believe themselves bereft. The softness of your presence, the outreach of your consciousness, the tender enfoldment of this Love you are is the most
extraordinary and pure illumination of the truth of Love behind every illusion, and dearest ones, I need you “lit” now by the Light of Love.

I Am asking you to come to Me and give your hearts to light the world, to become the light of the movement of Love now and now and now again… that every precious heart can see that Love is truly the Reality. All else becomes a dream in your presence as you accept the Light of Creation now that lives in this moment perfectly as you… you, the Light of the Christos, the resonant heart of God I Am, shining the truth of Love with your whole being and letting Love be the force that lives you and touches the world and makes it beautiful, soft, gentle and holy.

You know how magical it can be to see Christmas lights, to stand by a tree that is filled with joyous presence. Just so, My beloved ones, it is with you. Your presence is the gift that makes life holy and brings the magic of the truth of Love into the world. In this Light, what is revealed is this holy and endless moment when perfect Love comes forth to be the world.

For the many hearts still caught in the illusion of separation from Me, the presence of Love is the only key to changing the experience, and you are this Love planted in the world, “strung” upon the Christmas trees of Nature, shining your uniqueness, your colors and your splendor that harshness fades and remembrance comes, that the Christ is born as every person…full, whole, beautiful, NOW.

As you open to this pure and holy moment, you are claimed by Love, plugged into your true identity and I Am made Real to the hearts you touch, beloved ones. I Am made Real by the presence of your Love.

As we reach the pinnacle of the year, the power of all Creation is now made available to wash away the dream of separation from Me, that the movement of Love can burst forth in glorious ecstasy and every heart of every precious being shall be lit from this source of endless Love ignited by you, My candle, touching live, holding the truth of God as every heart, as every hand, as every longing for illumination, every prayer for change.

Beloved ones, you are the answer to these prayers as you stand as Love, as you open to the birth of Love’s perfection in you. Without ever saying a single word, this Love you are answers every question and shows the way to harmony and plenty, to the joyous celebration of the birth of Christ – Christ, the perfect heart of Love that you are.

In this time of the year, many are taken by memories and confusion and old identities that are now leaving. When these become the focus, it can be difficult. This is why I need your Light, your beauty, that you might be the truth shining clearly, the magnetic presence of the power of Love that opens up the remembrance of the miracle that the birth of perfection and holiness is right now happening.

The manger of the world of physicality is humbly blessed by Christ’s coming into these vehicles, these “physical bodies,” to rise up again and thus bring with you every atom and each electron of life in what is perceived as duality, reclaimed as Love recognizes itself in you, the lights of Christmas.

Through you the Christmas story becomes the story of the awakening of all humanity as you say “Yes,” that Love may live you, that I may light you from this source of Love I Am, that I may flip the switch as the birth of life comes rushing in, and you, such pure illumination, now become My outreach.

So many hearts, open and astounding in the power of the pulsing Love within them… Each of you can feel this, feel it living you. Rush forth, beloved ones, and say “Yes” to fully, truly being the light of Christmas, lighting up this world.