Choose the World of the Heart

Choose the World of the Heart

Beloved ones, you can choose which world you inhabit — the world of the mind or the world of the heart. And how you make this choice each moment, how you live these choices day by day, makes all the difference in what you experience as your life, your awakening, your joy and, beloved ones, the service of your heart.

Therefore, I Am encouraging you to begin each day with a conscious choice to open your heart to Me and to feel this wondrous communion of Love. Take a moment to open as well to the truth of the Love that you are, to the life of the Spirit in which you dwell, to the joyous vision of the awakening of God that each moment is meant to bring.

As you choose the world of the heart, as you choose your reality as a being of Love, you will discover that you are immersed in the most extraordinary experience of the awakening of God in everything you see, and touch and feel. And most of all, beloved ones, in you, that you are the miracle of My open heart.

The world of Love that you experience now is the omnidimensional beauty of God, of indescribable mysteries of grace, of luminous colors beyond comprehension, of deep communion with everything that exists. That opens you, and opens you, and opens you continually to the wondrous conscious experience of life as the force of creation you are, as My wondrous and purposeful heart.

That which you experience as the world with your mind is a continual story of separation and fear. And even if you have come to a place where your mind is quiet and thinks upon Love, it is not the same as being immersed in the truth of your being, the blessings of your heart and the reality of the wholeness and Love that you are.

So take this moment and make the choice. Choose the heart as your vehicle for living. Choose the Love that opens all doors and brings you into conscious communion with Me, in and as all things.

You have barely, barely begun to touch the wonder and beauty of the life that I Am, that is accessed effortlessly through your open heart and celebrated throughout All That Is.

How does it feel to be the conscious heart of God, to experience the shimmering of the great streams of light, to be the power of the awakening of Love as the divine comes together to create, as the movement of power and Love forms the basis of new worlds of grace?

You are the heart that fuels them and the consciousness that makes them part of the unity of Love. Your heart provides you with an effortless place of never-ending multiplication of joy, of powerful forces of good, and abundance, and the deep, nourishing attunement to giving that is part of your very being.

Each element of life that is touched by your heart is awakened effortlessly into more of its Love that feeds back to you. It nourishes your wholeness, to grant you the ability to be the powerful focus for the amplification of truth, joy and beauty. Each breath allows you to commune with the whole, with the movement of life, the acceptance of Spirit.

That which the mind has seen as your boundaries is effortlessly opened to reveal the truth; that you are limitless and glorious Love. That which you have named yourself through the mind, beloved ones, is limited. It has presented you with a persona that you have believed. But it is so small. It is nothing like the truth.

Your heart, on the other hand, is immersed in the wholeness. Your heart is the ecstasy of living filled with life. Your heart is that which is in deep communion with every movement of the Love That I Am, throughout the whole of All That Is.

Therefore, you find that your awareness is completely attuned to the wholeness of God. That each movement of life is a gift in the now, to bring you awareness of the highest vibration, from which you discover your focus here, surrounded by the conscious communion of life within the whole of All I Am.

Your experience of life in the world is a miniscule part of your conscious awareness as the open heart of this glorious Love. And the message of Love’s expansion flows through your being to nourish you, and to present each next step in this movement, this dance of awakening All That Is to the full awareness of the truth of only Love.

Every misperception based on limitation is burned in the fires of your own creative heart, until you know yourself as the conscious heart of God, the two forces of creation in one glorious package, that can take in this blessing, this gift of life and allow it to multiply and to give forth its truth, here and now — always.

So beloved ones, come celebrate your limitless nature. Come feel with your heart the ecstasy of Love. Come recognize all that you are with this breath, and this one, how the abundance of All I Am is ever yours and ever being multiplied by your heart as a gift to all creation.

You are the open heart of God I Am. Our communion of life is so deep and so intimate, that at last you are fully aware of yourself, and you are aware that life is a reflection of your beliefs. As you hold the miracle of Love, creation brings you endless gifts, and grants you new abundant ways to give forth your blessings.

Creation is a matrix of pure beauty. It is expressions of Love that come forth as colors, movement, sounds and life. It is the music of the spheres singing with voices of the angels. It is overflowing Love painting your heart’s picture on the world and giving it forth to share with others. It is the gift of this breath, of this moment, of this orgasmic presence of the power of life. It is the ecstasy of creation wearing your name, in which you can see yourself as your heart, masculine and feminine, together creating a package of Love that nothing can separate and nothing can limit.

You are this very song of life, the artistic rendering of the perfection of Love. You are the heart that sings forth the universe and names it the very best creation of God.

The mind sees the world as a limited creation, filled with gravity and being birthed in a physical expression. But the heart, beloved ones, sees the world differently. It sees Love creating itself in new shapes of giving, new expressions of the artistic flavorings of God, new renderings of grace that carry your name.

Everyone who is touched by them is blessed in ways impossible to name but easy to feel, easy to accept, easy to take in, to cherish, to live in gratitude for, that you might step forth into this great, unending circle of Love that comes forth now as the world of your heart.

Let me show you what it means to make this choice. At the beginning of each day, how it feels to choose your heart. Let me give you the open-hearted blessing that speaks your name into the ethers of this creation that in return, you might see the true beauty. That in return, you might feel the awakening of Love. That, in return, you might breathe in pure life and true beauty, and give it forth as the soul’s creation of remembrance, as the heart’s tender expression of Love, as the gift of our communion made visible, beloved ones, made visible that it may be shared with all you touch.

Often you think about the world as made up of human beings. But it is so much more than this. It is the deep communion of the shared heart of All I Am. It is the wondrous, conscious expression of God that brings forth the awakening of this Love I Am in you, and grants you the ability to receive your directions, directly from this wondrous, unending circle of life that is your open heart.

Step free each morning into the realm of the open heart. Step forth in powerful celebration of the receiving of your gifts. Step forth as Love, filled with gratitude for the gift and the ability to experience true grace, Love giving of itself through the open heart of God I Am as you.

Each breath is a miracle of pure life, speaking itself into new revelations of the power of Love. These revelations become how you live, how you feel, how you speak, how you know and how you feel gratitude for this gift of life received now, for this miracle of Love that you are sure is your center.

This gift of your awakening is now available, that you might see and feel what it means to be alive as the universe to touch all hearts in their awakening to Love. To give forth in this moment the power and the beauty of God. To deeply, deeply commune through greater-self and to express the truth that you hold both the divine as masculine and the divine as feminine, the Twin Flame heart at the highest expression of the Love I Am, dancing its way forth into the world through your being.

You are the greatest of all blessings. And you are choosing which world you shall live in, which vision you will embrace. You are choosing gratitude as the way you live. Gratitude waters the fields of your sowing of your gardens of Love. Blessing, after blessing, after blessing comes forth to you again as you speak your heart’s deepest truth and live your heart’s deepest gratitude.

Gratitude as one who deserves their part. Gratitude for the truth of who you are, for the acceptance of the good that you express, for the firm, unwavering assurance from deep within, that only Love is Real, and it is yours. There is nothing else. Every other possibility entertained by the dualistic mind is an ego-play created in the fields of the little mind.

The heart opens up your vision and lets you see that even the expression of both sides of the coin, the idea of less than, and better than, is all a fabrication of the mind. And that the heart feels only the truth of Love. And the truth of Love is your Real nature.

So even in moments where you see the world’s beauty, even when your reflection is beautiful, angelic, the true awakening of God, even when things seem to be perfect, beloved ones, they are just beginning to show you that the symbols of Love can barely encompass the majestic and glorious expression of the truth of only Love that is your destiny.

As you live through the heart, be prepared for this communion. Be prepared to be astonished at the heart’s conversation. Be prepared to be touched by the consciousness of nature, to feel the unfolding of the gifts of things growing, the awareness of what it means to be the experience of Love, joy and perfection growing.

All the ways that you have accepted limitation fall away. They fall away in the light of your open heart, beloved ones. They fall away until all you see, and feel, and know, is the gift of this Love and its powerful plentitude, as it multiplies the profusion of the abundance of God and celebrates your divine nature.

This moment your heart is filled by the communion of life. It is filled with the conscious awareness of plentitude. It is filled with your experience of awakening to your own heart and being absolutely amazed at the beauty, the plentitude, the effortless ability to say yes to receiving the gifts of Love.

This communion is what it means to step into the All of God, to embrace the wonder and miracle of life, to recognize that all you touch rushes to you, to help you feel every gift that comes from your ability to choose Love. Every breath that you take is a miracle, beloved ones. Through your prayers of gratitude, it is multiplied and brought forth as more and more gifts of Love.

That which I Am is that which is yours to give.

Oh beloved ones, give your whole heart, give everything, give all that you are, all that you have learned, give all the beauty and then give more.

Allow the heart to understand the awakening of God and understand the conscious communion with all that I Am. This blessing, and this one, and this one, are yours. Every moment is part of the continuum of the gifts of giving your heart and the awakening of All I Am.

As you accept the gifts of this Love, recognize that there is yet more to receive, and thus to give. Recognize, beloved ones, that you are My blessing, that there is only Love expanding itself and your heart is ever-saying yes.

The whole of life is awakening now. As you leap into the moment beyond time and beyond thought, as you feel the gift, the blessings of God, All I Am is multiplied in you and all I give is amplified through your heart – and it is beautiful.

The open sky, the beautiful birds, the symbols of a life of freedom and beauty, come to you from Me as a conscious gift, that you might accept the awakening of your heart in the symbols of this world.

Truth and beauty have a resonance beyond compare. They will speak themselves with your voice and love with your heart. They will dance their way through the beautiful and heartfelt days of your giving and they will fly on the wings of your prayers of thanksgiving.

I Am here with you endlessly, for you are My Love expressed so perfectly. And I Am here as you, as the heart of God I Am, loving all things one-hundred percent, regardless of the stories of the little mind.

I Am you and you are Me. We are one life with all the nuances of Love exploring this grace, exploring what it means to be perfect Love, exploring how it feels to be the giving heart of God, exploring what it means to be Love in outreach, allowing the laws of resonance to bring forth the expression of All-That-I-Am in this moment.

Let us share this time of commitment to giving, to keeping the heart open and shifting up into the realms of Love. Let Me show you how it feels to be alive to the Real of God, alive to the blessings and the prayers of gratitude.

Thank you that I Am seeing Myself as you and that the mirror of the world is functioning perfectly. Let every breath that you breathe be a miracle of Love, that you won’t forget what it means to be alive as Love.

This life, this moment, this gift of reality, the Real of Love, the heart of God, the miracles of giving, beloved ones, please accept that how you begin your day, each day, each choice, creates a miracle of endless Love. And you will see as Love sees, give as Love gives. You will be the gift of beauty, the grace of the awakening, and the power of the expression of the open heart of the Love I Am.

As I breathe, the whole of creation breathes with Me. As I give, all of life is giving one-hundred percent. And as I accept the unlimited good, that which is unlimited sees itself in Me now.

I Am the awakening of every blessing, the outreach of every heart, the gratitude of the heart encompassing the mind, and the blessings of Real Love as humankind experiences the truth of its Love now.
Let us spend our mornings together, though truly the experience is timeless. But as you are yet experiencing your life in days, let each beginning be a gift of creating more Love, of living more gratitude, of being more awake to the wondrous circle of life and power of creation that is your heart.

Note: As most of you already know, God called Yael Powell home on January 3, 2018. The Messages from God that were her life’s work remain as her profound and voluminous gift to us. So that her life purpose in bringing through these Messages will be realized, we will continue to offer The Messages through this mailing list. Each month two full length Messages will be sent, and each week, two brief excerpts, The Messages of Love, will arrive. It was her greatest desire that these Messages reach as many brothers and sisters as possible. There is greater need for their content now than ever before. Please feel free to share them in different venues, and when you do, please include recognition of their source (Circle of Light, Also please do invite others who show interest to sign up for the mailing list at the website. Any questions or comments may be directed to

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