Opening the Gifts of Love 12-7-13

Opening the Gifts of Love

Beloved ones, each moment is a gift from Me overflowing with Love. Each moment is yours to unwrap with your heart, that you might experience the truth of God – that you are one with all I Am, and all I Am is One with you.

In this time, this holiday season, which is in truth a parting of the veil of time, it is easy for the mind to take jurisdiction and to happily involve you in the chaos of the ego’s version of the giving of gifts. But deep within the one gift comes. It is the gift of the truth of your heart. It is the gift of the awareness that you are this Love. You can never be separate from the truth, the great gift that I give you forever, the moment that you choose to open your heart.

So in this season of busyness make the time to receive your gifts from Me. To open to the real flow of Love. To experience the communion of hearts directly, powerfully and beautiful beyond words, a living conversation that continues while the mind is busy looking elsewhere.

It is a time when the ego often takes control. The ego-mind loves holidays and bringing in the past to mix it up with nebulous dreams of a future that somehow continues the projection of what you think you are. But for every moment that is spent in ego, perhaps remembering old slights, or bringing up old feelings, the gifts of the heart are present and alive calling you to quickly unwrap them that you might remember this endless well of joy and the purpose of your life, which is giving Love. Giving the gift of love to every being that you perceive as outside of yourself, for the union of your hearts as part of the whole expression of Love blossoming as the world.

It is a season of gifts and you are ready to receive them. Ready to receive what is real and what is endless. If you live in the heart’s reality of this Love, opening your gift from Me in the moment, then everything you touch will be healed of the illusion that there can ever be anything against you or against another. Family is much deeper than the body and the genetics. Family is the endless circle of living Love that is the divine.

So as you sit down to participate and partake of your holiday meal, remember that you are really eating Love. Remember that every breath you breathe, and even every thought, each and every atom that whirls around your center, all of it is a communion of your heart. And your journey of discovery of the truth that this Love I Am is what you are, and you are one with all you see.

Deep within the heart the message is received, that this one who you might call your brother or your father, is simply a reflection of your beliefs, that that which is whole and the most exquisite mandala of grace can somehow be separated and perceived as separate egos. It doesn’t mean that your gifts are not unique. But it means that Love is the substance of which all is made. And just like the Earth expressed as nature, there is one rich and teaming life that blazes forth in countless ways to create the vision of humanity while hearts commune in eternity, deeply always knowing each other.

This time is the remembrance of the Christ, the Christos. That place where time is gone and eternity reigns. The awareness of this Love in its perfection going forth to bless and express the beauty of all I Am made visible to the heart. Offered as a communion of the Spirit. Rejoiced in as a dance that is exciting and invigorating, as the circle turns within and you remember that you are one with this Love of which everything is made.

So the brother, or the sister, or the mother, or the uncle are just ways to observe the refracted light that comes forth from the moment of creation to express the experience of working with your creativity, that you may understand the truth of Love you are and the heart’s reality.

So beloved ones, in this holiday time, take your moments and live within them in the place where eternity meets the world and you can unwrap My gifts to you of perfect Love. That you might be the shared breath of life with one another and understand what brotherhood or sisterhood really means.

The family of Love is My heart and each of you are its perfect expression. When you shift to what your heart sees you will remember that this is true as well for your family of origin. For when you look within to the heart’s communion what you will find is eternal Love that is unwavering, indestructible, and continues on forever.

The ego-mind loves to cloud the truth with issues great and small from the story that it has created. And oh beloved ones I know just how deeply you are affected by the stories that you’ve perceived that you’ve lived. But it is time to unwrap the gifts of eternal life. To share the moment that goes on forever. To look into your brother’s eyes and to see yourself, the great heart of living Love of which you all are a perfect expression remembering that the gift of time can end, and what remains is what lasts forever – perfect Love.

I will give you the strength of the heart as you receive and accept My gifts of Love. I will give you, beloved ones, the heart’s vision of your families. I will show you what exists deep within, beyond the seeming boundaries and stories of the little mind. You will be stunned by the power of a Love that is so great it exists beyond time and has carried you through eons of dramas, playing the roles that you needed to bring you to this moment where at last the gifts of the heart are ready to be received.

When you unwrap the gifts that you receive in the physical world, do not forget to unwrap the gifts of Love. Make sure you are attuned to the undercurrents of real communion that heart to heart are happening all the while. Even if egos are involved in drama there is a deep connection, a communication of Love, that is happening all the while.

There is something that is so pure and so powerful about those with whom you’ve travelled through the land of ego. There is a deep respect and commitment to playing the parts that have brought you here to the moment and the truth of God. Therefore, beloved ones, be aware of your heart and rejoice in its continuous and indivisible message of Love that can see just how beautiful you are, expressed as the heart’s reflections that you call family.

And if perchance you find yourself alone without a family with which to celebrate the holidays, unwrap the gift of the moments and discover the Love that you are intimately connected to with all that is. You are part of the family of God and every heart is yours to worship, and to accept into the great family of Love that is the awakened heart of humankind.

You are never alone. That is a dream of the ego-mind and the greatest trick that it has perpetuated on any of you. Because you are surrounded, you are filled, you are part of all I Am. And everywhere you look your heart is connected to the wondrous and limitless family of God, the mandala of Love that is the refraction of this one light, the perfect circle of grace in which all you see is truth and beauty and limitless unity.

So if the ego can’t show you that you’re not alone, look to your heart and you will always find that you are lovingly surrounded with those who assist you. And you are part of so much Love that it always fills you up to overflow in joy that you might share the truth that the Love I Am is here for you in the myriad gifts of the moment.

Love, Real Love, is experienced only through the heart beloved ones. Every time the mind imagines Love it is simply a shell. It is an idea of what Love is supposed to be, and of course what it is supposed to give you. But the heart knows the truth, that this Love is forever. It is that of which you are made and you are interwoven with everything. And with this simple awareness, the “yes”, the shift to the heart, you are free from every misperception of being separate and alone. You are the glory of this endless communion of life ever and always loved by Me and all that is alive within Me.

In other words, in the heart everything you encounter is My Love coming to bless you, to fill you, to exalt you, to lift you, to celebrate your life. And as soon as you acknowledge it with your open heart, then even the ego remembers this inclusiveness and you are full to overflowing with support, with life, with endless joy.

Your awareness of the moment’s gifts allows this gift to be given also to others. That each and every precious heart can remember this overflowing Love and joyfully accept it. In this place of Love ideas fall away, concepts of people and cultures, of individuated egos and bodies shift until you find the heart’s communion in which all life speaks with the voice of Love centered in your communion with Me. Beautiful, eternal, and strong, nothing can interrupt it.

It takes remembrance to return to the moment’s gifts, rather than allowing the little mind to focus you on the future or the past. As you focus on your heart, what will be revealed is the truth of your family – that only Love exists and it is always for your blessing. Part and parcel of your awakening to Love and your acceptance of your heart as the expression of the Christ, the pure and perfect center of the Love I Am. The vortex of power and energy through which the world is made manifest as a symbol of our unity.

Unity is a many-splendored thing far beyond the simple idea of joining or oneness. You are rich with all the gifts I bring you but they can only be opened in the now. And thus, beloved ones, let it be your holiday practice to accept the moment’s blessings and to open the gifts of Love I bring you. Do this that you might experience with new eyes the gifts of Love in every area of your life.

Unwrap the gifts of Love carefully, beloved ones. Cherish this moment and the gifts I bring. Thus can you pass them on through your gratitude and your joy, attuning every heart to this communion and to this joyous celebration of the awakened Christ as the living heart of humankind opening the gifts of Love.