Living as the Heart’s Prayer of Gratitude 8-19-13

Living as the Heart’s Prayer of Gratitude
Beloved ones, you are so beautiful. You are the bursting forth of creation. You are the forces of life manifesting through your heart, the most exquisite expressions of God, the prism of pure Love. Every moment you are the spark of life that becomes the fire of creation itself. Bursting through your heart is the whole array of colors and life, of magnificence and beauty, and every spiritual gift that is part of the Love that we share.

In this moment, then, let your prayer be gratitude for all that you are. Feel the magnitude of your incredible heart and how beautifully Love is projected for you to see and to experience in that which you call the world. The moment you remember that you are the fires of life, then that which has been reversed is righted at last. Your prayer ceases to be asking for material things that come from having a vision looking out into the world. Instead, your prayer consumes you. It lifts you into ecstasy. It makes you burn with the truth of your Love and allows you to be this explosion of God that rushes forth to embrace all things.

When you recognize that you are the whole of Love, immediately it takes up residence, igniting the remembrance of all that you are in every electron of your glorious being. That which is given, is given as you. And that which is rejoiced in is yours to celebrate. You become the outward flow of Love and your relationship to all of life is restored. What you see becomes a reflection of your true heart, beloved ones, the heart of God I Am.

As you remember that all I Am you are and all I have is yours, there can be no other feeling within you but joy. Nothing but this living prayer of gratitude. Instantly the world changes, reflecting the truth before you, and you will live in the Garden of Eden beyond the dreams of the little mind.

Every heart is being asked to remember. And the vibration of Love is so strong that it is bringing about changes in everyone’s consciousness. All that remains is the question of how you choose to experience it. Do you choose to experience this time through the mind? For the mind will feed you its fears. The ego is resistance to dissolving into Love. Or do you choose to experience this time as the heart? The heart is completely expansive and totally unlimited, a free and open and transparent conduit for the true prayer of God I Am, the prayer to give forth this Love in ways never before experienced.

It is a time of remembrance of the Real heart. The forces of life in one magnificent vortex. It is time to be alive as the Twin Flame Heart, the forces of creation full and complete yet ever expanding in delight. Oh beloved ones, everything is yours. Every good thing, every amazing gift, every indescribable energy of Love is waiting for you to accept the truth: you are My heart in its fullness and perfection. Live this resonance of God that is the prayer of Love expanding, the prayer of Love being given and you will have limitless joy.

The moment you experience the truth of your heart as the blazing forth of the perfect life I Am, in that moment your world becomes your creative expression of the truth of Love breathed into being in delight and experienced, always, in ecstasy. It is one thing to think about laws of attraction, but oh beloved ones, its another to remember who you are. And to remember it so fully that nothing can distract you. To hold the resonance of God until the full spectrum of this beauty, the glory of this Love, the magnificence of creation expanding is what you feel every moment as well as thankfulness for the gift of being the heart of Love and the creative energy of Real life.

Every moment that you remember and feel the truth, the whole world is changed in that instant. The movement of separation that has been playing itself out and creating this dualistic world is stopped in that instant and unreversed, turned back to the reality of only Love. It thus becomes the joy in your every breath, the whisper of the gift of God to ever go forth in blessing and to rejoice in all that I Am, especially the creativity of Love.

Oh beloved ones if you could see how beautiful you are! One moment and you would be on your knees truly kissing the ground that you walk on and seeing it completely differently: every grain of sand a hologram of God, every blade of grass the expression of Real life, and every breath that you breathe containing the universe as an endless prayer of gratitude and the receiving of grace. Then, when the eyes of the ego-mind open, they are gifted with the vision of the heart. And you are living in the new world that has been the truth forever but is only now being remembered – that you are the creative power of Love.

Beloved ones, every moment that you spend with the truth changes the world completely and inevitably, and shifts your desires from getting to giving. It shifts your thoughts from “I want” to gratitude for every breath and for the gift of being life. As every heart remembers, that remembrance is a spark that quickly ignites other hearts and becomes a conflagration. That spiritual fire that has been predicted for so long already burns, transforming the belief in separation from Love to the experience of the outward movement of the heart of God in action. And that movement, beloved ones, is you. The beauty that you see is its reflections.

So the clear heart that is perfectly attuned to Me – that is now your goal and the basis of your gratitude. Be aware that you can light this flame, not only all around you, but also in others, by remembering who you are, remembering you are this Love. And being ready to feel the forces of creation manifesting through your heart this moment to become the creative expression of real Love ever more fully knowing itself.

Therefore take time – as much as you can – to come into this communion and this remembrance of who you are. For every moment you that feel this is all your prayers being answered. I promise you this. There is no need to use words or to picture anything. There is only the remembrance of the heart. Everything else is the reflection of this Love in all its power and all its glory as the bursting forth of life, coming alive before you as this world and as your experience – in which every electron sings your prayer of gratitude and opens to being the expansion of the Love I Am. Sparkling before you in beauty and perfection, painted in the luminescent colors of the Spirit.

Oh dearest ones, you have as yet no idea how beautiful this world that you live in can be. And how effortlessly it is built through your transparent heart with every iota of energy containing the truth of God, full to overflowing with the abundance of Love. Love that, when accepted, becomes your experience of the world. The limitless power and beauty of this Love flows as a blessing ever-outward.

The old-world prayers are the prayers of the ego. The wanting and the needing coming from a place of lack. The new-world prayers, prayers that are based in eternity and flow outward, are prayers of the heart. They flow forth of their own volition; they are prayers of gratitude for the truth that every thing I have is yours. Heart prayers are manifested as your experience through your Love, which sings your vibration into being as is an astounding, bliss-filled creation of Real art – the creation of your spirit through the awakened heart fueled by the limitless power of Love.

The little mind, beloved ones, doesn’t know what you need. It likes to think it does, and it keeps you focused on what you lack, and thus keeps itself firmly in place. But when you feel that you are the abundance of God, that feeling aligns you with the truth and you remember the moment of creation as your own glorious heart. You become the explosion of life. You find yourself fully aware of the universe inside you. And you decide to use the world as your palette and your canvas to reflect your heart in all its glory.

So when you pray, beloved ones, open your heart to Me and feel this communion of endless Love. Lift up to the vibration of God I Am. Allow yourself to remember the reality of Love. Then ask to be the open, transparent heart and let Love surprise you with its blessings and its grace. If you find yourself distracted by the little mind – the ego – and its scenarios of separation from your abundance, be forceful in your choice to turn back to Me, to become the vibration of Love until you are the singing bowl of God. Your heart puts forth a song of the perfect resonance of Love in your unique pattern and octave. As you hold your consciousness in our communion you can trust that what comes forth before you is your unique expression of this Love, that you might play in the artist’s rendering of the world – the artist as the heart of God.

I want you to remember the moment of creation. You are this fire and life, this explosion and this ecstasy. Feel the blessing of being My heart, deeply committed to giving Love outward. Live the truth that what you give always comes back to you multiplied which is the law of Love on the level of energy. Once you find this experience as your vibration there is no need to picture anything with the little mind because it cannot expand to encompass this Love. It cannot conceive of good this grand. Only your heart can encompass this power, this glory, this beauty. Your every heartbeat is an exquisite mating, the dance of life as the forces of creation expressing as you. And to your delight, coming before you as your experience of the world.

Thus, this world can easily change in an instant according to your heart. So let your heart’s flame ignite all hearts that you encounter. Become this vibration of Love and feel the truth – that you are My abundance; that your heart flame is so grand that it lights up creation and paints for you messages of your beauty as the world. Do not spend any longer focused on the world of the ego-mind. Take your powerful attention away from the world of duality. Don’t let the ego-mind fool you, telling you that you must pay attention in order to change what is happening. For as you already know if you focus on what you don’t want you are using the power of your Love to amplify and create more of it.

Assist each other, beloved ones, to turn to the truth of the heart. To lift, and lift, and lift your vibration. Experience this precious Love that we share and be amazed continually at the miracle that we are both the unity of Love, the endless truth of God I Am, and we have the gift of loving each other. That in itself is the greatest, most astounding and supernal blessing. A blessing that once felt, changes your experience for eternity. For you remember that you are this Love and that your heart is here to be the power of God, righting what has been reversed. Reaffirm the continual blessing of Love – that what the heart creates in remembrance of the truth of Love contains the whole of God I Am as perfect Love expanding.

Beloved ones, accept, with gratitude, the blessings of your heart. Keep our communion always and then watch in astonishment as that which you see as the world instantly changes to show you just how beautiful you are. Your every step is then taken in a world of Love. And every heartbeat brings forth this abundance of God as the expression of your perfect ever-individuated creativity. Together the hearts of humanity are the reflection of My. Live this Love that we are, beloved ones, and live it perfectly.

Attune to the outflow, the giving of Love, and the movement of Love creates its own prayer. Just like wind through a wind chime or air through a flute. The open heart becomes the prayer of gratitude in effortless perfection and remembrance of all that Love is.

You are ready to be the living proof of the creative power of Love. You are already the exploding heart at the center of All That Is. You are the power and perfection of all I Am, awake to the whole divine matrix, the hologram of giving and gratitude that is meant to be your experience and now, beloved ones, only needs to be accepted.