This is a time of big changes for everyone in every area.

Our dearest family of the heart,

This is a time of big changes for everyone in every area. This is definitely true for us, too! It is our commitment to bring you the Messages from God and the Messages of Love to guide you through these exciting, changing times. In order to do this we are looking at what will allow us to have more of our time and focus on the Messages and our work for God.

The first thing that this means is that we are changing our email list manager. Our Messages have been coming to you through Mailer Mailer for years but due to cost, we are shifting to a new company called MadMimi. We are really loving MadMimi. It feels like a better fit because the philosophy of the company is a refreshing attitude of independence and of “thinking outside of the box”.

What this change means to you is a brief time of adjustments to make sure that you still get our emails after the change occurs. Beginning at the first of the year, we will be working solely with MadMimi. So, in the next month we want to make sure that everyone is receiving the Messages from God and the Messages of Love and any other communications from us through MadMimi before we discontinue Mailer Mailer.

To this end we are going to be sending out double emails for the next month. In other words, we are going to send everything out through both Mailer Mailer and MadMimi. This way, when you receive an email from us through Mailer Mailer, as you have been, you will know to also look for one through MadMimi to make sure our new service is working. If you don’t, if you only get the emails from Mailer Mailer, please go to your Spam/Junk folder and let your email program know to accept the mailings from MadMimi.

This way, we can all work together for the next month to make sure that we make a smooth transition to our new email management service so you won’t miss a single Message from God or Message of Love. (One thing we love about MadMimi is that it is based on our number of contacts not on our number of communications, so we can send you as many Messages and letters as we would like!)

We are also working on some new offerings for you that we are very excited about. We’ll send details soon!

Thank you for your beautiful hearts and for your dedication to creating a world of only Love. We are so honored to share this adventure with you.

With so much love,

Yael and Doug