Dreaming Mind – 6-25-13

The Messages from God
through Yael and Doug Powell
at Circle of Light
www.circle of light.net

Dreaming Mind – 6-25-13

Beloved ones, when you rise up into the Real of Love, heart open, present with Me, then the whole sub-creation of duality falls away, and you are free to be the presence of Love giving itself to the world. When you are living in the heart and not the mind, there is no separation between you and the experience of Real life, and you are free to be the movement of God I Am — reaching forth to love the world and to bless it, however the world seems to be appear through the vehicle of the ego mind.

You can live in this Reality of Love alive to the blessings of the immersion in life. And you can be fully functioning in the world but instead of seeing it through the eyes of the ego, interpreting everything in relation to “me” (your ego self), you are rather seeing with the single eye of Love and aware of yourself as My movement, My outreach in each joyous opportunity to give, and to bless, and to see right through the idea of separation into the Real and ever-living bliss of this Now Moment.

It is a shift in perspective that is very real and powerful. It is lifting out of the limited identities of ego to become, beloved ones, the embracing heart available to hold everything within it and to joyously celebrate life — whatever that experience happens to be. For without any interpretation of the ego, life is life, and experience is experience, and every moment is a miracle. Every moment is a blessing.

Take a moment to be present with the Reality of Love and feel what it means to be present without the little mind ever saying to you, “This is bad, I don’t want it” or “this is good, I want more”. Rather, feel yourself as the welcoming heart alive to every opportunity to be this Love, and nothing else. When you live through the heart like this, there is only Love looking to be useful and to bless. There is only the over-arching grace that makes everything unfold to the greatest good. And that greatest good is that Love be made conscious as the world rising from within each precious life to cherish every moment as the breath of God and to rejoice in being the living conduit for the expansion of this truth: only Love is Real.

Without the mind pushing things away, every experience is an opportunity to be giving of the full blessing of the open heart, acknowledging that all life is a gift from Me. For the heart pushes nothing away. It simply loves. It loves that which the mind would label “difficult”. It loves that which the mind calls “pain”. It loves every experience, each precious opening, each moment of discovery as the waking heart expands its awareness of the good and rejoices in the ability to be My outreach in every way.

If there is no resistance and no withdrawal from the up-close experience of the heart, there exists in you this majestic silence that creates the space to recognize the meeting place of God with God in the reality of the heart, every moment. Every breath is leading you inexorably to the truth — that you are ever here with Me receiving good, being Love and being My expansion touching the world and naming it perfect. In the mirror of your heart all life may see itself and know that it is blessed and fully alive in My presence.

When your heart is awake in this moment, you are expansive, vital, and fully alive. And what happens in the dreaming mind – the ego – is exactly like a dream you dream at night. It continues to play out each scenario until you wake in the realization there is only Love. And when you do, beloved ones, resistance falls away and the basis for duality is gone. And you are free. You are free to be the joyous and open heart of God I Am celebrating life that has no limits. You are free to let this Love move you perfectly, trusting every moment to place you for the highest blessing, not only for yourself, but for everyone, that you might be, for other hearts, the recognition of the Reality of Love.

Every day you get to choose how you approach your life. Will you immerse yourself in drama and interpretations of the little mind? Will you live your moments in the sub-creation that is the playing out of every thought of “other than God”, “other than Love”? Or will you leap beyond the dreaming mind into the atmosphere of grace where your heart soars and opens to the miracle of who you are — the living Christ, the open heart of the Creator. The heart reaches, truly, through eternity holding the vibration of Love’s purity even while the mind continues dreaming for a little while. The heart’s power is truly magnetic and sends out its heartbeat as a call, waking hearts effortlessly, easily, until the power of Love fully recognizes itself. Then that which comes alive as your experience is at last the experience of only God, and the dreaming stops.

But even while you dream a little longer, beloved ones, the Reality of Love is so strong here, that when you focus on Love’s truth, the dream recedes and the shining rays of Light begin to penetrate the images of the little mind until even when you try to hold your story still, even when you cling with all your might to your identity as a limited human, even when you pretend that you are suffering, the Light comes and shines on everything until even in the dream you can see that what is Real is the Light of God, and the dream is insubstantial.

This is why I call you now to focus here as the open heart in sweet communion with Me. For the more committed to this practice you are, the more aware you are of our holy communion, the more the Reality of Love is present here. Even in midst of the the dream, love fills you and the dream can’t hold you anymore. That which you used to fear is filled with rays of Light. And the images of the nightmare, if they come at all are insubstantial, laced with images of beauty until even the ego mind can’t hold on to pain, can’t pretend to value its own suffering over the powerful upliftment of Love.

Does this mean that your experiences of life in the world will stop? Or does it mean every experience is only beautiful? The answer, beloved ones, to these questions comes when you realize it’s not about you or about your ego, but totally about where you can serve this Love. Where Love is calling you to touch the heart’s awakening. And when you see with the expanded vision of the open heart then that which is lived for the giving and the Love becomes for you the greatest blessing and the little mind releases its selfishness and opens to become the vehicle of grace. Present in this place of living Love, you experience only beauty and truth.

When your heart is wide awake and you are centered here in Me — when you are filled with Light and lifted into wonder, then even if, for a moment, the dream seems difficult, you will find that Love, as its allowed to penetrate, will transform not only your experience but your perspective — until you are the living prayer of gratitude for being allowed to serve Love in the form of humanity. And yes, when your heart is open and you are resonating with the truth, then that which comes before you is the reflection of your open heart and will show you images of the world of beauty and peace. But suddenly that becomes less important than being able to be Love’s outreach, to be the hand of God I Am touching a precious cheek, giving a smile of reassurance to one who’s lost their way. Then you are standing firm in the resonance of unity until that which is dry tinder in human hearts, left from the ravages of the ego, sparks into flames of living Love through the gift of your ability to be My presence holding Love here.

Beloved ones, the heart is the expanded vision that sees the vision of Love and holds the whole world in it. You will know that you are living as My presence here when you are not thinking about you, no matter what is happening. Rather, you are awake to the power of
Love, joyously held in Love’s consciousness, taking every step through the heart that you become the heart’s perception, rather than the experience of the little mind that is focused on the limited self.

When you are free of the interpretation of the little mind, and free of its resistance to what it doesn’t like, you are also free to be where Love guides you. You are free to be available as the presence of Love. Let the details of your life be lifted into Light as you stand in My presence, as you live this communion.

Without judgment, every moment is a miracle no matter what seems to be happening. You have often heard stories of the rapture where people are lifted up and leave the world behind. This isn’t about the little mind, the human identity, the personality. It is about the experience of being the heart of Love until you are truly Love’s consciousness, here with
Me, in this moment that is eternal. Present from the pinnacle of life reaching out as the heart of Love into the world without any judgment; present in Love’s ecstasy as the heart of God.

Each of you has moments of this experience when there is nothing separating you from the truth of your heart. Now you are called to expand this truth until even the mind is filled with Light and every experience is met by the heart of God I Am knowing itself as Love’s perfection. Awake to the hologram of Life, you receive, with clarity, exactly why you are gifted to the world this moment and how every life is sparked and blessed in the flames of Love. Become a conflagration that lights the consciousness of all humanity and the recognition is complete: that only Love is Real.

Beloved ones, let your focus on the ego go. Shift your awareness to your open heart. Let the dream recede even while you are living it, that the Reality of Love may become more present and more real to you than the stories of the mind. Beloved ones, you are Love’s presence and Love’s blessing…Now.