Dearest Family of the Heart,

Dearest Family of the Heart,

This has been a year of big changes at Circle of Light. As you remember, a year ago this time, Doug and I had recently returned from our two-month hospital stay due to my burst aneurysm and the resulting hemorrhage stroke. Your prayers were absolutely instrumental in my miraculous recovery. I went from being barely present on the physical plane, hooked up to a feeding tube and having almost no memory (I couldn’t even remember where I live) to a full recovery over this last year. I have felt your prayers with me, especially during the hospital time, so clearly. There is no way I can ever thank you enough.

Then, in the fall, my illness precipitated a regrouping at Circle of Light, since Doug and I felt the desire to be closer to each other. Shanna felt called to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a move she only recently completed. We are so grateful for her time here with us and for the wonderful and amazing work and love that she put into Circle of Light. It is because of Shanna that the Messages from God are available for you. Please join us in our prayers that her new adventure in Santa Fe will be filled with joy and abundance.

Doug and I have been very busy taking care of all of the details of Circle of Light. We have had a busy wedding season and doing it all ourselves has made it a bit of a challenge for me to manage all the wedding details and be able to get Messages out to all of you. On top of this, I’m not able to use the computer because of my disability. I was exploring working with a speech recognition system to try to take the Messages from God from the recording that I make when I meditate into the typed version to send to you.

Then, another miracle! Our dear friend and heart brother, Brad Randall, from Austin, Texas, stepped forward and offered to transcribe the Messages from God. So he and I are working together to get the Messages typed and edited and out to all of you.

I want to apologize for the gap that you’ve experienced in receiving the Messages from God, but I want you to know that our commitment here is stronger than ever to getting the Messages from God to all of you as quickly as we can.

You will shortly be receiving the first Message from God that is our collaboration, Brad’s and mine, with Doug’s wonderful support. Then, we’ll be back on track and you will be receiving the Messages from God regularly, hopefully closer and closer together as we get all of the kinks worked out.

Doug and I would like to ask for your prayers to help us discover our next endeavor beyond the weddings that we do here. It has become clear through this spring that it is more than we can handle to do weddings and still have time and energy to get the Messages from God out to all of you and to spend the time that we are called to in prayer and meditation. So we are going to be exploring new possibilities and asking for guidance to find a way to keep our spiritual life and our commitment to all of you front and center in our days.

We are also going to be exploring some new ideas for getting the Messages from God and the Messages of Love to you. One of these is to make them available as recordings. I have always felt that the energy of my communion with God comes through clearly in the recording that I make as I meditate. So we are exploring how to make these recordings available to you as well as the written version.

Each of you are so very important to us. We cherish your hearts and we feel your spirits. Thank you with all that we are for your being part of this amazing Circle of Light and Love. Thank you for your dedication to shifting this world to only Love.

As we look at what comes next for us here, we would like to receive feedback from you. What would you like to see from Circle of Light? Would you be interested in Telephone conferences or workshops? Obviously we don’t know what is going to unfold, but we would like to hear your vision for this work.

Doug and I continually hold all of you in our shared heart. It is always our prayer to truly be totally transparent to God’s love.

We are filled with gratitude for your beautiful hearts.

With so much love,

Yael (and Doug)