The End of the Known World

The End of the Known World

Beloved ones, you are bursting forth as hearts of Love, whole and perfect like a star?eld of energies of Love ?lled with true potential and the creative power of Love. Until now the vibration was too strong, the gap too wide between this birth of energy and what was possible on the physical plane. But now in this time, in this year the gap is gone and you can open to the truth of your being, to all your possibilities as Love.

Effortlessly in this moment now you are bright life. You are miracles of Love already underway. And you are ready, beloved ones, to at last fully align with what is yours, what is possible, what is already true in the heart of your being. And you are ready also to allow Love to live you fully.

What this means for you, beloved ones, is that as you open your heart you can feel the reality of your whole being. You can allow the fullness of this Love I Am to live you in all its truth and beauty, to manifest its wondrous wholeness and to reach into the world to Love it free.

So it is no longer valid to attempt to visualize your future, to picture what it is you want it to be, because the mind truly cannot comprehend the gifts of Love. The mind cannot open itself wide enough to receive the power of Love. The mind cannot fathom what it means to be one with everything and yet to hold this arrow of the truth of God I Am as your unique perspective and act of service.

And yet you can use what you can visualize as a place to begin to open new lines of possibilities, as long as you are willing to leap beyond the known and to surrender yourself to the vision and the reality of Love. As long as you are willing to become that which cannot be known but can only be felt. As long as you are willing to surrender into the heart to be this joy, this life that comes forth now in all its fullness.

Shift into your heart and let Love live you. This might sound like a good idea and things that you’ve heard before but the surrender to Love now, beloved ones, must be total. You must be willing to be in the space of watching to see what you become. How Love makes itself known through you. How deeply you are what is holy and real. That the core of the world may recognize itself as the power of creation.

This is the time for leaping off cliffs. For you have reached the end of the known world beloved ones. You are explorers of the universe of the heart just as fully as those explorers that sailed into the new world with Columbus. They were aware that they could drop off of the edge of the known world and had no idea what to expect. So it is with you now. If you can live in this place of curiosity, of excitement, of wonder, of conviction of the heart and if you can stay centered in the energy of love you can become the fullness of God right here in what you once called the world.

It is time for every de?nition to fall away. Every idea of what is the best for you, for the best you can imagine is far less than what you already are. I Am here to peel away the veil between us that has kept you from being this clear explosion of Love. And beloved ones an explosion it is! The whole power of life is here – held in you. That which you are is a miracle and your heart is the beginning of it all, the incubation chamber, the womb where the energies of Love are birthed and more Love is born through the center of creation that you are.

It is time, beloved ones, to let go of the known world and to shift to what the heart feels so intimately. It is time for you to observe what it is Love brings to you. And to take every appearance in perfect trust that it is the perfect unfoldment of what you are as the pure extension of My heart.

When you live in this moment of becoming, allowing Love to live you in its wholeness and its holiness, then each moment is a brand new beginning. It is your birth as the perfect heart of Love where you already are – everything you could become. When you hold this resonance of joyous acceptance of the sweet surrender of the view of the ego mind, you truly do become the power of entrainment. That what is birthed as the world is Love’s perfection.

As you hold this, as you feel it living you becoming, it will not matter what is happening to the symbols of the world around you because you are alive at the center of all creation. You are the heart of the alchemy that turns the world from physical to the perfect expression of Love’s energies – and does it effortlessly.

What is Love asking of you now? What is ready to be made manifest in the world through you and as you? When you allow the questions to be answered only by Love, at ?rst it may seem dif?cult because you are used to plotting the future using the mind’s information from the past. But when you release this and simply become the Love it will be exhilarating – pure discovery as you wait to see what is born. How this rich unending goodness will provide all that you need. And how powerfully the Love you are is given forth by Me that every precious life may be blessed.

There are wonders which the mind can’t comprehend but the heart knows them intimately and well. There is a mystery to life that is so deep that it whispers the truth in your every cell – your energy ?eld – and carries you blossoming as the heart of God I Am made manifest for all creation.

You are timeless, beloved ones, and as you live in this eternity the whole of Love is brought to you in an instant. Everything that the heart feels you recognize as your own energy and it is exhilarating living as Love’s outreach. The deep creativity of God I Am making itself manifest here as the world that is so much more than you ever imagined.

Give birth to yourself and all that entails by surrendering, beloved ones, to this process. For just as with the birth of a physical infant, that which is natural – part of the energy – simply takes over and Love is brought forth in all its perfection exactly as I Am.

The whole of Love is in your every heartbeat and all of life is in your every breath. And that which you are is so strong, powerful, so stupendous that you have to let go of any preconceived ideas, any feelings or thoughts, any former experiences so that you can truly be a blank slate upon which Love is writing a new awakening for the whole of humanity.

So beloved ones, rather than visualizing your ideal physicality, your perfect body, your limitless income, or whatever else you think you need, open your heart, feel the hologram, feel the ball of energy that is your fullness. Step into it and let it burst forth as your heart until in your surrender to Love you truly are Love’s fullness and the expression and experience of what is perfect and eternal.

In this time of opening and discovery it is an important exercise, through the power of real feeling, to feel the resonance, to become the matrix of the perfect heart of God I Am as you now. The moment of creation in a package of grace that moves into place to bring the whole of Love into view as the perfection of humankind.

Each moment that you possibly can, open your heart to feel this – to feel your heart of perfect Love and all that means. It speaks to you as you absorb it, as you recognize that you are already one with this perfection, that you are this Love now. Surrender to Love’s wholeness, that you might spend every moment ?lled with the joy of discovery. Discovery of the perfection of Love as it lives you in this world as the open heart, the vortex of Love in endless joy and glorious ecstasy.

Even if the little mind continues imagining the things that it has learned to see and to create based in the separation from this Love, the heart brings true alignment. It restores your awareness of being birthed now as the perfection of My heart. The world truly is your oyster because it lives within you. And you can Love it free.