Living in Heaven

Living in Heaven

Beloved ones, you are deep in the midst of a most wondrous shift, where everything about your life is going to change. Where you leave behind how it used to feel to live in a world created by thought – flat, linear and focused
outside of you, and you enter into the hologram of Love where everything is rich, multidimensional and so beautiful. It is as if the whole of creation is present with you and you are moving as an ocean of Love. Everything is filled with inspiration and upliftment. And everything you touch is filled with joy. Your world is soft and Love is available, as present as the air you breathe, as powerful as your heartbeat.

As you take the gift of life from Me each moment when you live in the world of the heart, every moment is a gift fulfilled. Love comes to you in every form that the heart can feel and the light of God create. You live truly in heaven where the focus of the heart brings everything to you, that you might give the gift of Love. And the community of Love grows around you organically as you open heart and hands to receive My abundance. Everything is effortless and easy and you can feel the living resonance of pure unending Love.

The difference in these worlds is truly phenomenal. You are poised right on the point between the two. Your heart is calling you to come home to the reality of Love, to open to receive the truth of all that you are. To allow this Love to ignite in you the most all-consuming joy, the most all-inclusive gratitude and the deep unending communion with Me.

You are meant to be the heart of this relationship, to be that which acknowledges the gift of life, returning to Me in the deepest awareness of what is received in the now. How magnificent is the gift of life? Can you feel, literally, the fires of creation within you? You can. And as you do, you remember that the life I Am is coming to fruition in you, as you, as the heart of God you are. All the power, all the Love, all the energy of the hologram is focused in the center of the heart you share with Me, with all of humankind and with the powerful reflection of your Love that has been named the Twin Flame.

When you get, even for a moment, that the explosion of life itself is the essence of your being, you recognize in a flash of intuition that nothing in the ego’s world can hold you, for you are the power of Love. You are the power of God I Am. And you are the powerful force of life giving of itself always.

As you take this leap into the open heart and live each moment in perfect trust, when you allow the energies of Love not only to enfold you, but to be expressed as the essence of your life and being, then how you move in the world becomes completely different. You move as Love. You bless and heal the illusion simply by your presence. And the Light and the Love pouring through your heart opens every doorway to unfold the great out-picturing of Real Love through you.

This world of Love is not only where you belong, beloved ones, it is what you are here to create. Where every step is truly supported and your heart is alive with the true feeling of joy and wholeness and trust in the gifts of each moment.

You already live in heaven. You have only been looking the other way. It is time to turn back, time to share the gifts, time to allow other hearts to find sanctuary in yours, time to create your own circle of Love within which all are attuned to Me – attuned effortlessly to the remembrance of unity and the abundant life I Am.

Each moment lived in the heart is heaven. Quickly the mind is embraced and returns to the beauty of true consciousness. Consciousness that is the arrow that points to the moment of creation where we forever connect and where you make the choice to see only Love. Only through this turn can the error be erased, the misperception of other-than-Love be healed. Every choice you make to live this communion brings back to Love an offshoot of time and those stories of separation.

It is time to practice living in heaven. Time to take back your true power and your focus, regardless of what the world outside is saying to you. And regardless of how strongly the illusion pulls your mind. Be clear that you choose the heart’s reality. Stand firm as the heart of God I Am. Then watch as your world comes back into alignment with Me. Effortlessly it becomes the full out-picturing of living Love in the symbols of this life in the world.

Those places in your life that have seemed to be recalcitrant, that have been difficult to return to Love and wholeness, bring them back into the fold of this Love between us. Let them dwell in the place where our hearts are one until every limited energy, every linear personality, every old-world storyline is dissolved. And everything that seemed sharp, difficult, angular, based in the illusion of time is softened and returned to Love. Then the purpose of your heart will mold the energy and create the experience of the heart of God limitlessly blessing the world.

So whatever it is you see as limiting you, recognize that it may have something to give. Something that can bring a change of perception from the judgments of the little mind to the inclusiveness of the heart of God, where everything is part of the hologram and every life fits just right. Then what once seemed to be a confusing puzzle to be solved becomes a gift of Love to be expressed – without even needing to be understood by the ego-mind.

As you move into the experience of heaven and you focus on the good and the joy, that which once seemed separate from the perfection of the Love is simply another stroke of the artists brush painting the way back to heaven. Creating the outreach and the places to connect which you might overlook in your analysis but might find to be powerful upliftment for the shift in humankind.

Beloved ones, don’t try to figure it out. Just feel the Love and go with it. And any moment that you don’t feel the softness, the riches, the wonder, the beauty and the Love, stop, take a breath and slip into our communion. Return to Me to accept who you are and to feel your way to heaven.

I use the word heaven because it is evocative. Because deep within you already know the experience where everything responds to the movement of your Love instantly and Love is completely available, dancing into the most wondrous forms and colors of life. You understand (at least somewhat) that when the body is gone you can out-picture yourself in any way youchoose. You can feel the need for home and instantly it is there to shelter you. You can romp through the fields of God with your joyous heart companions and dress yourself in streams of living light or wraps made of living rainbows, sharing the gifts of heaven and fully alive in Me.

There is nothing to keep you from living this here and now except the old beliefs in physicality. So when you attune your heart to living heaven on earth, it brings you to an already established matrix of the experience of only Love. It therefore becomes a bridge and the shift is easy.

Trust in Me. Trust in Love. Trust, beloved ones, in your own heart and beauty. And if the world outside of you doesn’t yet out-picture this, turn within to feel it. Feel how it lives within, this heaven that you dwell in. Open every channel to your abundance and give unstintingly as your heart guides you. And trust that the energy of Love will support you. For you receive your life from Me whole and perfect – and this has never stopped. You have imagined that is has but your heart knows it is impossible. It is impossible to be without the gifts of Love since Love is your very nature. Therefore, when you allow your heart to show you the truth, you become the resonance of perfect, unlimited abundance that then has to show up before you as the world you live in.

Giving is the key, as I have always told you. And this giving is about energy, not about things. Giving starts the engine of your full and glorious awakening to the perfect life of God I Am that is your truth already.

So if, beloved ones, your abundant flow is unsteady, give more. Give more Love. Give more and more upliftment. Give more of Love’s outreach. And join with others, for every heart amplifies the giving exponentially.

Trust Love! Trust Me, beloved ones, to provide for you as you live completely in your heart. Look around, feel your heart, ask Me to show you what you have that can bless others. Then give all you can in perfect trust while opening up every avenue to receive abundance.

Accept each gift with gratitude. This doesn’t mean you completely disregard the old avenues of letting others know what you offer. It does mean that you continually monitor the feeling. Are you walking in a cloud of Love, heart open, reeling from the beauty? Can you feel how every breath you breathe takes it all in, the whole of the Love I Am and all of it is for you? When you are completely open, with no boundaries, the Love can move in and out of your energy field effortlessly.

Beloved ones, feel the Love until you are absolutely, joyously aware that you truly do already live in heaven. That the world of Love is already here. That your heart is part of the unveiling. The more powerful your Love, the more powerful your heart’s entrainment, bringing others into the experience of living in heaven with you.

The focus of your Love lives within – in the place where we meet.