You are the Light of the World 12-15-13

You are the Light of the World
Beloved ones, you are entering into the most powerful time of the year. It is the time of the held breath, that space between the out-breath and the in-breath. The release of the old year and the advent of the new one. It is a time when the veil of time is ended briefly and you are naked to the light. It is a time when you are brought fully into the remembrance of God you are. A time when you recognize yourselves as the living and glorious Christ, the pure heart of Love.

In this time between the celebration of the Christ-Mass, that great hymn of Love arising from every human heart, to the advent of the new experience of the calendar and the forward motion of the wheel of time once again – in that space between, you are free to remember the light. In this place of deep silence and pure Spirit, the only thing keeping you from the experience of your God self is the thin illusion of the ego. The ego has to work harder than ever in this time to keep you from noticing what is really happening.

This is one reason why so many of you find the holidays difficult. Although you have many ideas of what brings on these feelings, most of them having to do with memories, the truth is, only when you are turned away from what is happening can the ego keep control of your idea of who you are. For all around you the light is blazing and the cosmos is yours to touch. You are alive to the limitless wonder of being the heart of God. And everything that you believe that earth is disappears into the reality of particles of living and extraordinary light.

This is the space where what is Real comes to meet you and to lift you up to bring home to you the truth: That those words that were spoken by Jeshua are deeply true of yourself: “I Am the light of the world”.

This is the time where the light is clear, the veil is open, the reality of God I Am is shining into your consciousness. This is the moment of the held breath where activity ceases, where nothing is happening but pure unadulterated Love and the light that it generates.

So as you enter into this sacred space as the wheel of time is turning, in that moment where one year falls away and another is about to begin and the light of the Christos is shining clearly as so many hearts remember it, beloved ones turn to embrace the experience, to feel what it means to be free. Even if that freedom is for one second, you will never be the same again because the constructs of the ego that have created this duality will never be able to hold you again in the same way.

You are the light of the world. This shining, limitless luminosity is who you are. This crystalline, exploding, spectacular awakening of the great consciousness of God is yours. This, dearest ones, is what is happening in this moment of the turning of the year.

The song of Love is in every heart now and the reality of what has come to earth to live once again. The pure availability of the Love I Am alive as every heart and the pure light awake as every glorious consciousness. These are the things that are calling you to be clear about what is happening. To stand firm in the presence of what is holy and limitless. To be alive to that which is eternal within you. And to refuse, beloved ones, to miss this because of the ego mind’s busyness.

Whether or not you celebrate holidays or acknowledge the Christ as it manifested in Jesus, your heart knows what is being celebrated here. And what is celebrated is the truth of Love that you are and the light that you are ever more shining. This light is so clear it reaches into all that is and brings to you the ability to see and Love the whole of God. This light is making itself known once again in the world, as the world, illuminated by your hearts.

Come into the moment of stillness beyond time that is made available to you with the turning of every year. But beloved ones, this light is so much stronger now than ever before and it will not be denied as it blazes through your being and illuminates the truth of Love you are that you might never pretend, ever again, to be less than the glory of God.

The song of Love knows itself as your heart, beloved ones. It sings out in celebration of the Love that is ever more deeply present, making itself known in every precious life. It blazes forth to the light the fires of God in every consciousness on earth.

You do not need a bridge across this gulf of time, though it might seem that you are called to focus on so many things that need your attention. Let this be instead your spiritual practice: to deeply connect to the period where the light is fully available and the veil of time is non-existent though the mind might pretend otherwise.

From the moment of the advent of the Christ in acknowledgment of hearts opening, to the moment when the new year begins turning time forward for everyone here in the construct of linear time, in that space between that which you name Christmas and that which you call New Years is a deep and powerful awakening of the pure light of God. It is alive in you as your consciousness and your ability to see Me and the whole of Love, everywhere in everything, and to acknowledge it deep within you as the truth of your being.

You are the light of the world. And this light can never be dimmed. Right now it is time to remember that you are the vehicle of freedom. That the light that shines in you now can see the truth in every illusion, open every construct of armoring, bring you into the whole that you might be the blazing comet of the awakening of Love.

The world of course is not what it seems. But the consensual dream is firmly in place except for this time of the year, this opening when the veil is non-existent and you are naked to the light, totally free of the dream of duality, alive to the shining experience of the eternity of your being.

You are the light of the world. And as you choose to be free of the ideas of time and egoic consciousness, you are that which shall bring illumination. Not only as the pure light of God but to the ego-mind as well. That penetrated by pure Love, the veil can fall away and every precious heart return to the truth of Love once more.

You are the light of the world. And beloved ones these are words of power. They assist you to take back within yourself that which you have projected outside. That rather than looking to Jeshua and to other enlightened ones who have carried this message of light and Love across the ages, you can at last bring it back within, as you must do with everything that you’ve believed has been outside of you. When you take back the reality of the light of God it blazes up from deep within and you realize that everything that you have named in another is true of the pure light in you as well. When acknowledged, this light within truly does light the world and illumine every human consciousness, returning it to its divinity.

You are the light of the world. Let this truth light your way to stepping free from every idea of being limited, of searching through time for your awakening. Let the light truly shine that you might see what is already here.

While it is always possible to make this turn, to become the fully conscious illumination of God, there are also certain times of the world, of the year, in which all of the energies of creation are with you, assisting you to this end. And the turning of the year is one of them. Begun by the Christos, the conscious heart of God I Am that is your deepest truth, propelled by your deep commitment to live this Love for the world, to actively be of service in the remembrance of the truth of Love.

Now you burn with intensity. You are pure light fueled by life. And beloved ones, how you shine and how easily the little mind is returned to the pure consciousness of God I Am. That one little piece of the consciousness of the whole that has been pretending to be separate from Love and from the light it is always generating is now illuminated, beloved ones, effortlessly and you are free to be this purity, to be the light that shines forever, bringing everyone the ability to truly see what is within them, and thus before them, as their experience of the world.

This truth has made its home in you. That which you live in the world is the reflection of what is held in your hearts. In this time, beloved ones, between the ending and the beginning, between the acknowledgment of the light of Christ that is all of humanity and the forward motion of creation that has been perceived as time, in this space you can easily reach into the truth of our deepest communion and joyously become the star of My heart illuminating all that is.

Each year this time is sacred and powerful but there is a building of momentum now that will not be stopped. That which has begun as your beautiful heart’s remembrance of Love creates such a resonance, such a movement of joy, that it generates the light that illuminates the whole and certainly can illuminate the world.

Be clear and strong in your choice for Love and your willingness to stop and to experience the now. To not get caught in the incessant movement of the little mind as it scrambles to create a bridge across this moment of true power so you don’t notice what is happening. Stop and feel, beloved ones, feel the Love. Experience the illumination that is the result of its awakening in you.

Let your consciousness distill the truth until it fills the space where the ego has dwelled and echos through the whole of your being. The truth of Love you are and the light inherent in it becomes the words, “I Am the light of the world”. When you acknowledge this and feel it, you realize true responsibility: that it is you beloved ones, who are here to show the way. To be the light that others see by. To illuminate the shadows until the story of darkness can no longer be seen anywhere.

“I Am the light of the world.” This truth is alive in you now. The more deeply that you proclaim this, the more powerfully it is felt. The more wide awake you are to the miracle of Creation, the more available you are to serve humankind in stepping free of the illusion of separation from Love and the constructs of the ego that support it. Until humankind can see clearly because the light is everywhere and every precious heart sings the hymn of the Christos, “I Am the light of the world”.

“I Am the light of the world.” As you feel this truth deep within you, you can experience every part of of your being remembering that every quark, every electron, every conscious heartbeat is clear, illumined by the light you are, joyously accepted and consciously wielded for others.

Oh beloved ones, when you say these words and let our communion expand them to the true volume that is completely holographic and eternal, that rockets through your being and shines everywhere, at last you are powered from within, creating the world now, to be clearly seen in the light as the vision of perfect Love — the great heart of the living Christ that is humanity, making itself manifest now.